Digital Marketing is a constantly expanding and essential component of any brand. Developing and executing robust Digital Marketing campaigns takes a unique set of skills that industry professionals are increasingly asked to perform. 

You’ll also learn the website fundamentals needed to increase conversions, email marketing strategies, and how to develop and execute a successful content marketing strategy.

Students are provided a proven framework for creating a successful Digital Marketing strategy, and are guided by an industry expert through lessons on website fundamentals. Learn to convert website visitors into leads and sales. Turn your clicks into scrolls as you convert viewership into subscriptions, and sustain your brand through robust email marketing initiatives. For more information about the topics covered in the course, please refer to our syllabus below.

This course is designed to give beginners the practical skills they need to jumpstart their digital presence or grow their existing brand relevance. Examples and exercises will emphasize how these techniques can be applied to real-world situations and use cases. Previous Digital Marketing experience not required.