In this certificate, students will learn how to use analyze financial data using Python. The program starts with the fundamentals of Python and data science, including data types and data structures. You'll learn to work with SQL to query databases. Participants progress to building sophisticated statistical models using machine learning where you'll complete your own final project. In the last course, you will learn advanced libraries and applications of Python specifically for financial analysis, including SEC filings, stock prices, portfolio and risk management, and financial ratios.

This program prepares students for entry-level positions in data science and financial technology and provides valuable programming and data analysis skills for any financial analyst or professional. 

Open to Beginners

This course is open to beginners with no prior knowledge of Python, programming concepts, or data science. However, participants should be familiar with financial concepts such as NPV, IRR, financial statements, and stock fundemantals. Those without a background in finance should contact us after registration to access a free on-demand supplemental guide.