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NYC’s leading design & coding school

For  years, we have perfected the craft of teaching. We use our own time-tested curriculum and custom workbooks we wrote. Noble’s “learn, then practice” teaching method results in students learning and retaining much more than traditional “follow along” classes.

  • “Reading all the positive testimonials you think to yourself, ‘No class or instructor can be THAT good, right?’ Wrong. The instructors at Noble are the most knowledgeable, experienced, patient and skilled teachers you will find anywhere and the learning methods and training materials they employ will have you designing, coding and creating in no time.”

    Darrel Somoza

  • “I spent a lot of time researching different schools and couldn’t be more happy that I went to Noble Desktop for the Web Design Certificate. The instructors are great, you cover a lot of material and best of all—you get to keep the workbook so you can repeat exercises on your own!”

    Kathy Hallock

  • “After taking the After Effects class at Noble Desktop, I was able to create an animation immediately following completion of the course material—now I have the tools to continue using After Effects in my personal projects and beyond.”

    Blake Drummond

  • “As with everything Noble does, the combination of lecture/demo/book/exercise gives a wonderful grounding in the material. The HTML email class illustrated the nuances between email and webpage application and how to make them work for you. Kudos.”

    John McCarthy

  • “The teaching method at Noble Desktop is perfect and the classes provide you with infinite knowledge that makes you eager to take all of the classes they offer. The quality of the instructors and exercises is unmatchable and of the highest quality. I love Noble!”

    Ivonne Ackerman

  • “Outstanding. Highly recommend the course and Noble Desktop overall. Instructors are the best, exercises and manuals prove helpful long after the class has ended. The only place I would consider to take a course. Continues to help me grow in my design career.”

    Peter Carey

  • “I think this class was the perfect amount of content & taught in such as way that it was easy to understand, especially for those like me who are designers & not used to code. It was very easy to understand and follow and I felt excited at the end of each day about FINALLY understanding how HTML & CSS work together to create a site, and how simple it can be once you understand the basics behind code.”

    Kimberly Korpics

  • “I was so impressed with this class! Our teacher Ethan as incredible, and his teaching style was perfect to take in a lot of info but also keep us moving, no matter the level. Was truly impressed with the amount I took away and feel it was worth every penny. I’ll be back again and will definitely recommend to friends!”

    Sharon Taylor

  • “The course is broken down and explained in a way that makes it very easy for ALL user levels to understand. It takes the stress out of learning a new program and makes it very enjoyable at the same time!”

    Melissa Perez

  • “If you want to walk away knowing InDesign, this is THE class to take! The entire 3-day course was captivating... and the exercises were both very practical AND humorous, which kept things lively. No fear of losing interest or falling asleep during class! Kudos to Noble! I would take any class with you guys.”

    Susie W.

  • “Noble has always been my “go to” for Adobe training. After taking most of the classes in the Web Development program, I’m convinced that Noble should be everyone’s first choice for these, too. It’s amazing how easy it is to take what you learn in class and immediately apply it to your own projects.”

    MaryRose Devine

Upcoming Design & Coding Courses in NYC


Next Class


InDesign Intermediate Next Class: Oct 21–30, Mon & Wed, 6–9pm Duration: 12 Hours
Premiere Pro Intermediate Next Class: Oct 21–30, Mon & Wed, 6–9pm Duration: 12 Hours
Adobe Lightroom Classic Next Class: Oct 22–23, Tue–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 12 Hours
Git Going: An Intro to Git Next Class: Oct 24, Thursday, 10–1pm Duration: 3 Hours
Sketch in a Day Next Class: Oct 24, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours
Coding Tips & Tricks Next Class: Oct 24, Thursday, 2–5pm Duration: 3 Hours
HTML Email Next Class: Oct 25, Friday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours
JavaScript & jQuery Next Class: Oct 26–Nov 9, Saturday, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours
After Effects in a Day Next Class: Oct 26, Saturday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours
Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp Next Class: Oct 27–Nov 10, Sunday, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours