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Student Testimonials

2596 real testimonials... and counting! We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

“"I feel like I am well prepared to embark on my Premiere journey"”


Graphic Designer


Sep 11, 2019

“This course is both an excellent introduction for beginners in web development and a handy refresher for intermediate coders or coders with rusty skills. I highly recommend it. ”

Dawn Cavalieri

Sep 7, 2019

“Dan did an incredible job covering the basics! I left the class feeling so much more comfortable about using inDesign in the future. Can't wait to put my new skills to use.”

Kayla Young

Special Events Manager


Sep 5, 2019

“The UX Design Bootcamp is a MUST for anyone pursuing the field. You will learn step by step how to create and make a case study, which is essential in this field. Michelle Boisson is the perfect instructor and I appreciate her sending us helpful documents and related articles. Glad I chose Noble Desktop!”

Paul Lafreniere

Sep 4, 2019

“Noble Desktop is a wonderful resource for aspiring graphic designers. I would recommend the immersive certificate course to anyone who is looking to brush up on their Adobe Creative Suite skills and get a jumpstart on compiling a portfolio.”

Anna Otis

Scholarships Support

Sep 4, 2019

“One's idea always starts with UX and this class helps how to go about it! ”

Tanuja Pulakhandam

Sep 4, 2019

“Great bootcamp, I highly recommend for the price if you are looking to learn UX for the first time and the processes involved in creating an app or website idea. You get to leave the course with your very own prototype project if you are willing to put in the time and effort.”


Digital Marketer

Sep 4, 2019

“This class teaches real world uses for computer science languages”

Soham Bafana

Aug 30, 2019

“I learned so much in just a span of two weeks. Very awesome experience.”

Isaac Amar



Aug 30, 2019

“Noble Desktop is fantastic 100% of classes (I have taken 4) have been well-paced and extremely real-world relevant.”

Trudy Appling

Aug 29, 2019

“Great class, will give you all the basic knowledge you need to understand keyword choices and metrics, optimize your website and increase traffic, create links and more! ”

Pablo Mena

Writer & Assistant Editor

Aug 29, 2019

“Easy to follow even online. Great place to start for basic understanding of web page structure and coding.”

Tika Tsiklauri

Aug 26, 2019

“The Visual Design bootcamp is a must for anyone getting into the UI field. Dan Rodney is a great instructor with lots of knowledge and enthusiasm. I learned a great deal in a short period of time. Very happy I decided to go with Noble Desktop.”

Paul Lafreniere

Aug 21, 2019

“If you want to break into web / digital design, this is a great way to break the ice and dive in.”

Mark Maltais

Art Director

Aug 21, 2019

“After Effects in a day pretty much gets you up to speed fast. It is like a bullion cube of condensed knowledge that expands into a tasty, filling broth.”

Jeff Faerber

Advertising Design


Aug 20, 2019

“Photoshop in a Day is an apt title. You learn all the basics you need to start experimenting on your own!”

Nathaniel Jameson


Aug 16, 2019

“I learned a lot in the class. Eugenio is a fine teacher. I recommend it to anyone interested in editing photos. I work with many old family photos and enjoy touching them up and inserting them into family videos. The family really enjoys the results. Thanks Noble Desktop.”

Mary Moss


Lycee Francais de New York

Aug 16, 2019

“Overall, I enjoyed my time at NextGen Bootcamp. Joe was a friendly teacher while also being able to teach a wide variety of topics in Computer Science. The class felt extremely laid back, there was no feeling of negativity at all when my code was not working properly from the TA's or the teacher.”

Aaron Z.

Aug 16, 2019

“The instructor was really interested in the material he was teaching, and he was really skilled at teaching it. I learned a lot from him. The class was great, and I enjoyed learning all the new information. ”

Ilana P.

Aug 16, 2019

“The class was a very good introduction to Java. It started with the very fundamentals and built upon them. We covered a vast scope of material in-depth in a short period of time. ”

Abigail G.

Aug 16, 2019

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