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Student Testimonials

2426 real testimonials... and counting! We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

“The instructor was absolutely wonderful. She very thoroughly went through each facet of digital marketing, was engaging and descriptive, and left me with a much better grasp of digital marketing generally. I would absolutely take another class with her!”

Khadim Dieng


Jan 10, 2019

“This class gives an incredible overview of digital marketing in a day! Highly suggest this class for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of these topics. A+!”

Emily Carter

Development Coordinator

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Jan 10, 2019

“This class is perfect if you're looking for an easy, but in depth introduction to After Effects.”

Danny Menendez

Video Producer


Jan 9, 2019

“Enjoyed this learning style of: evaluating/action -- being guided then doing”

Frances Rather


Jan 9, 2019

“Kalika will get you up and running and feeling like you've been doing this for a while.”

Matt McLaughlin

Jan 7, 2019

“Kalika was such a good teacher. She took baby steps and I was able to track with all the information she was teaching. She took her time so that we could keep up, she defined terms so that we could understand Premiere. I would take additional classes at Noble Desktop. Such a great school!”

Jamie Cohen

Head of Production

Manhattan Place Ent.

Jan 7, 2019

“Great learning environment with a super helpful and patient instructor. Came out of this feeling well informed on Premier and confident to apply it to my work tasks.”

Samantha Henderson

Production Assistant


Jan 7, 2019

“Premiere in a day gave me the foundation I needed to get me ready to use top-of-the-line editing in just one afternoon!”

Brandon Cohen

Jan 7, 2019

“Great class that helps you quickly develop editing skills”

Aliza Chudnow

Jan 7, 2019

“This class will give you a more nuanced understanding of many practical applications of Adobe After Effects in real-world industry scenarios.”

Ian Moran

Video Producer and Editor

Serino Coyne

Jan 2, 2019

“I learned a whole lot about GreenSock in just two days. It's amazing how much cool animation can be done in so few lines of code.”


Production Designer

Dec 29, 2018

“I feel like I can now go and make webpages.”

Adriano Medina

Dec 27, 2018

“Whether you're a visual learner or a do-it-yourself learner, Noble Desktop's courses will cater to that and make information easy to understand.”

Krystina Salerno

Graphic Designer


Dec 20, 2018

“Great class and workflow! I feel more confident in my ability with AfterEffects and the instructor was interactive and really wants you to learn the program!”

Liberty Mayo

Dec 19, 2018

“Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional just wanting to beef up your skills, Noble Desktop is the premier choice for computer training in NYC. I'll definitely be coming back for more courses.”

Steven Gant

Art Director

Dec 19, 2018

“Nicole is an extremely thorough and knowledgeable instructor. You can learn so much from this Google AdWords Class in a Day. Nicole always is a master in this area of knowledge. It's amazing how much she knows and I value her expertise and love taking all of her classes. She is so inspiring and willing to help in any way she can. I also took her SEO class and since then I have built a client base with that knowledge.”

Victoria Greiss

Creative Director

Dec 17, 2018

“Nicole covered a wide range of topics in a day in a very understandable format.”

Vedapal Manohar

Dec 17, 2018

“Photoshop in a Day is your one-stop shop for the fundamentals. You will want to keep going and continue to practice!”

Courtney Savoia

Communications Manager


Dec 14, 2018

“Very Engaging - Day Flew By - just the right amount of listen and do.”

Maureen Comiskey

Private Consultant

Dec 14, 2018

“Photoshop in a day is easy to follow, I would recommend it to any beginners!”

Joseph Gasso

Dec 14, 2018

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