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Student Testimonials

2346 real testimonials... and counting! We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

“Excellent web design school! The staff and teachers are all enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and super helpful. In addition, the class manual is really well laid out so that I am able to work on things at home and solidify the subject. Take a class!”


Sep 20, 2018

“Nice organized HTML and CSS class to start developing websites.”

Shajada Mamun

IT Support

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Sep 20, 2018

“As a complete novice entering the Web Design Certificate courses, I can confidently say that the content learned and experience at Noble Desktop has surpassed my expectations on all levels.”

Matt Wright

Executive Director

"I Have A Dream" Foundation - New York

Sep 20, 2018

“This was very helpful - it gave me the foundational information I needed to communicate effectively with clients and developers.”

Faith Deutsch

Creative Director

FinMark Partners

Sep 14, 2018

“After Effects In a Day gave me a great foundation to go off of, after having no previous experience with the program!”

Julia DiMarzo

Junior Graphic Designer

Roundabout Theatre Company

Sep 14, 2018

“Taking a class in a comfortable environment with like-minded professionals was a great way to spend the day out of the office.”

Katrina Doell

Social Media Manager


Sep 13, 2018

“Much better than other Photoshop classes I've taken elsewhere. (Which shall remain nameless.)”

Bridget Hoyle

Sep 13, 2018

“You will not walk out of this class without learning something new!”

Austin Easterling

Associate Product Manager

Moody's Analytics

Sep 13, 2018

“Noble Desktop always finds the best of teachers! Thank you for making my time and money worth it. Thank you!”


Interactive Design

Casoji Design

Sep 12, 2018

“The UX Design bootcamp was a good experience and helped jumpstart my learning in user experience. All concepts were explained clearly.”


Jr. Developer

Kenneth Cole Productions

Sep 12, 2018

“Loved Photoshop in a Day with Dan- he is a superb teacher, and the class structure/workbook/environment/pacing were all perfect. Thank you!”

Erica Sweany

Sep 11, 2018

“As a Microsoft Paint designer, I am so excited to take my work to the next level using the skills I learned in just one day!”

Ashley Hall



Sep 11, 2018

“This class was great. It was a great introductory class to Adobe Illustrator. I am really excited to continue on and learn more. I want to be able to create illustrations myself so I don't need to ask my coworkers for simple illustrations.”

Chelsea March

Milk Makeup

Aug 30, 2018

“Noble Desktop is by far one of the best, if not the best experience I have had in a classroom learning environment for Adobe Creative Suite. Their teaching method of observing then doing is the most effective way in learning a computer software program.”

Jason Williams

Aug 29, 2018

“Highly recommended!!! If you don't know anything about the Adobe apps or if you want to master your skills, this is the right place to do so.”


Aug 29, 2018

“I walked into the class as a motion graphics lost soul and left with the confidence that I can now tell people, ‘I know motion graphics.’”

Seth Olenick

Aug 28, 2018

“This class gave me the strong foundation I needed to firmly grasp the application.”

Aaron Steinfeld

Senior Art Director

Prosek Partners

Aug 24, 2018

“Definitely recommend Noble Desktop over taking a semester-long Continuing Ed. class at an expensive art school. This class covers techniques in a practical manner and you can get started on your own after 3 days of intensive learning. The teacher is fantastic, friendly, and engaging.”

Sara Kliti


Aug 22, 2018

“Great intro class, lots of information and practice time, with an exceptionally clear guidebook and recorded lectures as well.”

Harteg Wariyar

Software Developer

Aug 16, 2018

“This class is taught by someone who is not only an expert at coding, but by someone who is a fantastic teacher. Those two things are often mutually exclusive skills, however Noble Desktop has managed to find an instructor with both skills at a very high level. If you are thinking of learning iOS development, look no further, as this class will be a great springboard for your success in the field.”

West Kraemer

Aug 16, 2018

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