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Adobe Photoshop Classes NYC

Learn Photo Retouching, Color Correction, & Graphics Creation

Adobe Photoshop is an essential app that designers and photographers use to enhance their photos and graphics, design website interfaces, and create animations. Noble Desktop offers a wide range of Photoshop courses led by the top graphic design professionals, from retouching and creating graphics, to web design and animated GIFs. Each class comes with our custom Photoshop training workbook used by universities and institutions around the world, as well as a free retake within six months.

Photoshop in a Day

6-hour Adobe Photoshop Workshop

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of Photoshop: retouch photos, improve contrast and color, save files for print or web, and more! This 6-hour class is meant to get you started fast. If you want to learn Photoshop in greater depth, you should check out our 18-hour Adobe Photoshop class.

Next Class: Jul 20, 9–4:30pm

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Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Learn to Retouch, Create Graphics & More

Get started using Photoshop to retouch and color correct photos, create graphics and more. In class you’ll work on everything from color correction to photo retouching, moving from a scanned image or digital camera shot to final output for print or web. You’ll learn about layers, masks, paths, filters, type, and more!

Next Class: Jul 23–Aug 8, 6–9pm

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Photoshop for Web Design & UI

Create & Optimize Graphics for Websites & UI (User Interface)

Learn how to use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and UI design. You’ll create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. You’ll learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and so much more.

Next Class: Jul 12–13, 9–4:30pm

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Photoshop CC Advanced Retouching

Improve Your Retouching Skills

Let us take your Photoshop skills to the next level. In this training you’ll learn how to make complex selections and color corrections, practical uses of blend modes, how to smooth skin and many other tips and tricks. We’ll also explain color management so you can maintain proper color from input (camera/scanner) to editing (on a monitor) to output (print/web). You’ll end up working faster and more efficiently!

Next Class: Aug 27–29, 9–4:30pm

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Photoshop Animated GIFs

Animations That Work Everywhere

With the rise of mobile devices, animated GIFs have regained popularity because they just work (unlike Flash animations which do not work on mobile devices). In this class you’ll learn how to create animated GIFs for websites, ads, or even HTML emails.

Next Class: Jun 28, 9–4:30pm

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Graphic Design Certificate

Design and Create Graphics & Expand Your Portfolio

This Graphic Design Certificate Program includes classes in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and our project-based Graphic Design Fundamentals. Learn to design, retouch photos, create vector graphics, and walk away with designs to show to prospective employers.

Next Class: Custom Schedule

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Photo Retouching Certificate

Learn Retouching Techniques with Photoshop & Lightroom

Improve your photos by removing unwanted elements; use Adobe Lightroom to download, organize, and edit your photos; and learn to adjust color, contrast, and more in our Photo Retouching Certificate Program.

Next Class: Custom Schedule

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Upcoming Photoshop Classes in NYC

Course Next Class Duration Price
Photoshop for Web Design & UI Jun 23–30, Saturday, 9–4:30pm 12 Hours $650
Photoshop Animated GIFs Jun 28, Thursday, 9–4:30pm 6 Hours $325
Photoshop in a Day Jul 20, Friday, 9–4:30pm 6 Hours $325
Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp Jul 23–Aug 8, Mon & Wed, 6–9pm 18 Hours $975
Photoshop CC Advanced Retouching Aug 27–29, Mon–Wed, 9–4:30pm 18 Hours $975
Photo Retouching Certificate Create a custom schedule 48 Hours $2000
Graphic Design Certificate Create a custom schedule 72 Hours $2995

Learn Photoshop at NYC's Leading Graphic Design School

From step-by-step Photoshop training workbooks to a “learn then practice” teaching style, Noble Desktop’s Photoshop classes are proven to be the most effective. Noble’s Adobe-certified instructors also work professionally as graphic designer, bringing real-world experience and portfolio examples to the courses. For beginners, start with our one-day Photoshop workshop, or 3-day comprehensive. We offer Advanced Retouching and Animated GIFs classes for more advanced desginers, as well as a NYS-licensed Graphic Design Certificate Program.

Students learning Photoshop in NYC training class
  • “After using Photoshop for a number of years, I realized I could probably work more efficiently and effectively. I discovered so many new tricks and features in Noble's Advanced Photoshop class that the first 1/2 day alone was worth the tuition. In addition to enhancing my technical expertise, I learned to analyze my projects first to determine which method(s) and tools would work best in that instance. This was awesome!!”

    MaryRose Devine

    MaryRose learned advanced retouching techniques in our Photoshop Advanced class.

  • “Noble Desktop makes it so straightforward and easy to learn Photoshop, even if you have never opened the program before. Their watch and learn first approach is excellent as the instructor will guide you step by step through each exercise before then going through it yourself. This allows for each lesson to really be covered twice, helping you to take in each aspect of the program better.”

    Alan Perlman

    Enjoyed Noble's teaching method in the Adobe Photoshop CC course

  • “Noble Desktop, as always, provided a great class, instructor and materials for the Photoshop in a Day class. I had taken the Illustrator class 2 years ago at Noble and was extremely pleased with that class as well. You wont be disappointed taking any of their classes. The quality of instruction and materials is consistently excellent!”

    Jean Mellano

    Attended the one-day Photoshop training

  • “I'm fairly new to web design and found that Photoshop for Web Design & UI was the perfect way for me to start.”

    MaryRose Devine

    Attended the Photoshop for Web Design & UI course

  • “Don't assume that because you know Photoshop you know how to design for the web. This class goes through various exercises that show the processes on design and optimization for exporting web-ready images. As always, all of Noble's instructors are great, know their stuff and are always helpful with troubleshooting and providing resources to take with you.”

    German Hernandez

    Attended the Photoshop for Web Design & UI class

  • “I've used Photoshop for many years, yet this class taught me advanced functionality in the software that I had no idea existed. And the instructor, Ethan, provided excellent instruction on applying retouching techniques to real-world examples. This will help further my career, for sure.”

    Adam Coti

    Attended the comprehensive Adobe Photoshop CC course

  • “Even if you know the basics of creating a GIF in Photoshop, this class is worth checking out for the time-saving tips and creative ways to enhance a GIF within Photoshop's boundaries.”

    Emma Waters

    Attended the Photoshop Animated GIFs class

  • “Even though I have used Photoshop from the beginning, I had no idea what I didn't know, until I learned it at Noble Desktop.”

    Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul

    Took the Photoshop for Web Design & UI class

  • “I have been inefficiently fooling around with Photoshop, usually feeling intimidated by the program, for years. In just three days, I have learned to edit my photos with confidence. Noble Desktop rocks. Now I am ready to tackle Illustrator...”

    Michelle Ganon

    Attended the Beginner to Intermediate Photoshop class