Zoom Access for Live Online Training

Many of our classes are available live online using Zoom. View this 1-minute clip of a live online class in action. You'll work on the same hands-on projects as our in-person courses while interacting with the instructor.

How to Request the Live Online Option

  • For courses available online, choose the "Online" option at checkout.

How to Get Setup

  • The day before class, we will send each online participant the Zoom meeting link as well as any class files.
  • You should download any required software prior to class. Email hello@nobledesktop.com if you don't have the software.
  • Online participants should log into the meeting at least 15 minutes beforehand so we can help with any issues.

What Can You Do with Zoom?

  • Watch and hear the instructor's screen real-time
  • Speak to the instructor using your computer audio, phone, or external microphone
  • Chat with the instructor
  • Share your screen with the instructor
  • Allow the instructor to temporarily take control of your computer

Is this like Pre-Recorded Training?

While our live online training can be taken anywhere, it has several key benefits compared to on-demand courses:

  • Throughout the training, there will be a live instructor present to perform demonstrations and guide you through class projects.
  • Unlike most pre-recorded training, our live online training is completely hands-on; you'll be working on real-world projects with guidance from the instructor.
  • You can ask questions, share your screen, and chat with the top experts in real-time.
  • You will receive class files and PDF manuals as supporting materials at no extra charge.

Concerns About Live Online Training?

We offer several solutions for those new to online training:

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