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Hands-On in NYC or Live Online

Digital Marketing Courses NYC

SEO, Google AdWords, Analytics & Social Media Marketing Classes

Learn how to build a powerful online presence with Search Engine Optimization strategies, Google Pay-Per-Click, Local Search, Social Media Marketing, other digital marketing services, and online marketing techniques.

In our digital marketing courses, you’ll learn strategies to boost your organic search ranking, gain a strong social media presence, position yourself in the “local pack”, and effectively use Google Adwords.

Learn more about the various strategies we'll explore in our digital marketing primer.

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Which Digital Marketing Class is Right for You?

Digital Marketing Certificate

Digital Marketing Bootcamp in NYC

Learn digital marketing skills you need to promote your business in 2019. This certificate includes classes in digital marketing strategy, SEO, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing.

30 Hours


Next Class: Apr 3–Apr 16, 10am–5pm

SEO in a Day

SEO Classes New York City

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical marketing skills this century. We'll reveal the secrets to SEO in this one-day course, through lessons and labs where you will actually devise your own keyword strategy. Learn how to get any website listed higher, if not at the absolute top of search engine rankings.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 4, 10–5pm

SEO Mastery Certification Bootcamp

Comprehensive SEO Training, Mentoring & Certification

Learn to outrank your competitors in this SEO Certification Bootcamp. Master keyword strategy, link building, Google tools such as Ads & Analytics, mobile optimization, and learn strategies to deal with Google updates. This program also includes 6 months of free mentoring from a top SEO expert.

35 Hours


Next Class: Jun 10–14, 9–5pm

Google Analytics in a Day

Google Analytics Classes NYC

In this one-day class, you’ll learn how to use Google Analytics, interpret its data, and make better business decisions. You’ll learn how to set up an account, understand what you should be tracking, and how to interpret Google Analytics reports and data.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 8, 10–5pm

Google AdWords in a Day

Google AdWords Training NYC

Google AdWords provides businesses with the opportunity to show up at the top of search engine results, drive traffic to their website and generate leads and sales within hours through paid campaigns. We’ll cover setting up and managing a successful AdWords campaign, how to generate leads and sales, how to track conversions, and maximize results while saving money.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 9, 10–5pm

Digital Marketing in a Day

Intro to Digital Marketing Course in NYC

Gain a solid understanding of digital marketing and techniques to develop a successful strategy to increase your business, including email marketing, Google Ads, and Google Analytics.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 3, 10–5pm

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Classes in NYC

Social Media Marketing has become one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Learn how to build, target and convert leads from the major social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, through paid and free marketing techniques.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 16, 10–5pm

Digital Marketing & SEO Basic Class

Beginner SEO Training & Certification

This 2-day class is taught by a leading SEO expert instructor, and is perfect for small business owners trying to improve their site. It goes over all of the basic strategies you’ll need to begin getting qualified traffic to your website.

14 Hours


Next Class: Jun 10–11, 9–5pm

Digital Marketing & SEO Advanced Class

Advanced SEO Training & Certification

This 3-day class is great for those individuals or companies that already have a good understanding of SEO basics and are looking for additional ways to move their site ahead of the pack. It covers many of the latest strategies and techniques needed to help you compete even for those sites with very competitive environments.

21 Hours


Next Class: Jun 12–14, 9–5pm

SEO Secrets Revealed: Optimize Your Site

Optimize Your Own Website in this Hands-on SEO Training

Ready for more traffic and better rankings? During this 2-day hands-on workshop, Steve Scott, a leading SEO expert, will show you the techniques needed to rank better on search engines and then guide you while you update and modify your website to improve your rankings in Google.

14 Hours


Next Class: Not currently scheduled

HTML Email

HTML Email Classes in NYC

In this hands-on HTML Email class, you will learn how to code rich, graphic emails using HTML and CSS. Work with different layouts to create effective emails blasts and newsletters.

6 Hours


Next Class: Apr 4, 10–5pm

NYC's Top Digital Marketing Classes & Certifications

Our digital marketing courses are taught by top digital marketing experts with a proven track record of increasing online presence for scores of businesses. Get the industry’s best secrets in our SEO in a Day class, or become your own digital marketing guru in our Digital Marketing Bootcamp. Watch your online traffic soar as your organic search ranking jump above your competitors.

  • “Nicole covered a wide range of topics in a day in a very understandable format.”

    Vedapal Manohar

  • “I highly recommend this course as starter for SEO.”

    Louis Nesbitt

  • “Nicole from Noble Desktop is a brilliant search marketing expert who completely expanded my understanding of Google AdWords in a short period of time.”

    Lauren McGrath

    Attended the Google AdWords in a Day course

  • “I came away with lots of great information, feeling energized to go back and make positive change for our website!”

    Kyle Avery

    Kyle learned the fundamentals of search engine optimization in our SEO in a Day class.

  • “I really enjoy this class. The information taught was relevant, and the instructor was very knowledgeable in SEO.”

    Michelle Tsai

    Attended the SEO Secrets Revealed: Optimize Your Site class

  • “The SEO in a Day class was packed with useful content, tips, and insights. I found it very helpful and it motivated me to keep learning more.”

    Valeria Gonzalez

    Learned the keys to SEO in our one-day search engine optimization class

  • “The SEO in a Day class was a great overview on the subject. Nicole was an inspiring and enthusiastic teacher. I left with a thorough understanding of the subject. I am very excited to apply the knowledge in my future work.”

    Victoria Greiss

    Victoria attended our SEO in a Day class

  • “I was so psyched to be in the flow, to be learning, and to LIKE what I was learning! Nicole has the perfect blend of up-to-date technical know-how, pedagogic prowess, and people skills. A winning trifecta!”

    Hope Killcoyne

    Learned SEO in the SEO in a Day course

Learn From Digital Marketing Professionals

All of our digital marketing classes are taught by industry professionals who have worked with clients globally. Gain valuable knowledge and digital marketing secrets from their wealth of experience.

Digital marketing instructor teaching social media strategies

Hands-on Training

Learn through hands-on labs and lessons designed to give you practice in implementing digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, Google AdWords and Analytics, and many more useful tools.

Personalized digital marketing class at Noble Desktop

Upcoming Digital Marketing Classes in NYC


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Digital Marketing in a Day Next Class: Apr 3, Wednesday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
SEO in a Day Next Class: Apr 4, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
HTML Email Next Class: Apr 4, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Google Analytics in a Day Next Class: Apr 8, Monday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Google AdWords in a Day Next Class: Apr 9, Tuesday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Social Media Marketing Next Class: Apr 16, Tuesday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
SEO Mastery Certification Bootcamp Next Class: Jun 10–14, Mon–Fri, 9–5pm Duration: 35 Hours Price: $2497
Digital Marketing & SEO Basic Class Next Class: Jun 10–11, Mon–Tue, 9–5pm Duration: 14 Hours Price: $1097
Digital Marketing & SEO Advanced Class Next Class: Jun 12–14, Wed–Fri, 9–5pm Duration: 21 Hours Price: $1497
SEO Secrets Revealed: Optimize Your Site Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 14 Hours Price: $650
Digital Marketing Certificate Next Class: Apr 3–Apr 16, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 30 Hours Price: $1495