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Adobe InDesign Classes NYC

Page Layout & Design Training Courses

Adobe InDesign is the standard for creating print designs such as ads, books, magazines, and more. Noble Desktop offers the industry-leading courses with Adobe certified instructors and comprehensive training materials.

Adobe InDesign CC

Create Professional Ads, Magazines, Books and More

Learn how to use InDesign in this 18-hour comprehensive class. You’ll start with styling text and adding photos. You’ll then learn to create colors, add multiple pages, and thread text frames. By the end of the training, you’ll understand how to create page layouts for books, magazines, ads and more. You'll also be able to package your files to send them to be printed, and generate PDFs for print or web.

Next Class: Apr 30–May 2, 9–4:30pm

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InDesign in a Day

Get Started Creating Layouts

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of InDesign: text, pictures and pages. Learn how to layout pages with text and graphics. In no time at all you’ll be able to control typography, add photos, create/use colors, and more! This 6-hour class is meant to get you started fast. If you want to learn InDesign in greater depth, you should check out our 18-hour Adobe InDesign class.

Next Class: Feb 20, 9–4:30pm

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InDesign Style Spectacular

InDesign's styles are easy to use yet incredibly powerful. In this seminar we'll demonstrate all they have to offer from the ground up. We'll cover paragraph styles, character styles, nested styles, GREP styles, and even object styles. We'll reveal tips and tricks you won't find anywhere else, including text styling strategies that will save you hours and hours.

Next Class: May 2, 6–9pm

Class Details

Upcoming InDesign Classes in NYC

Course Next Class Duration Price
Adobe InDesign CC Apr 30–May 2, Mon–Wed, 9–4:30pm 18 Hours $975
InDesign in a Day Feb 20, Tuesday, 9–4:30pm 6 Hours $325
InDesign Style Spectacular May 2, Wednesday, 6–9pm 2 Hours $50

The Premier InDesign Courses in NYC

Noble Desktop's InDesign classes use a unique "learn, then practice" teaching method that's been fine-tuned over 27 years! Noble’s Adobe-certified instructors are all industry experts that will teach you to create professional page layouts and print designs. Get started learning InDesign essentials in our "In a Day" course, or advance from a beginner to intermediate level in our 3-day InDesign CC class.

Students learning InDesign in NYC training class
  • “Adobe InDesign in a Day was the perfect class to get me started on using the software for work right away! We learned how to lay out text and images and create practical and fanciful pieces, relevant to both professional and personal interests! Michele was engaging throughout the entire day and really kept the pace of the class up. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a jump start to getting the most out of Adobe Creative Cloud!”

    Robyn Wolin

    Learned InDesign fundamentals in just one day

  • “I really enjoyed taking the InDesign class at Noble Desktop. I took it for both professional and personal reasons, and I'm happy I'm able to add another skill set to my resume.”

    Kate Yung

    Can now add InDesign to her resume

  • “I can't believe how much I learned in three days with Michelle. I feel confident about taking InDesign files and tweaking them on my own, without having to go back and forth with someone in the art department. Invaluable!”

    Ann Treistman

    Attended the InDesign CC 3-day course and is now an expert

  • “If you want to walk away knowing InDesign, this is THE class to take! The entire 3-day course was captivating.....and the exercises were both very practical AND humorous, which kept things lively. No fear of losing interest or falling asleep during class! Kudos to Noble! I would take any class with you guys.”

    Susie W.

    Attended the 3-day InDesign course

  • “I can’t overestimate the value of this course. With the personalized, hands-on training and step-by-step guide, I gained a much-needed proficiency with InDesign’s core features. From creating brochures to books, these “real world” projects gave me the tools to advance my professional career. Very comprehensive and expertly delivered by the instructor!”

    Jennifer Edwards

    Loved Noble's teaching method to learn InDesign