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Adobe InDesign Classes NYC

Page Layout & Design Training Courses

Adobe InDesign Bootcamp

Get a solid understanding of InDesign so you can create page layouts with type and graphics. In this class you’ll start with the basics and then move on to intermediate and advanced features. You’ll work on a variety of projects such as books, magazines, and advertisements... learning about paragraph/character styles, colors, master pages, baseline grid, hyphenation, tables, and more.

18 Hours


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InDesign in a Day

Get up and running quickly with the fundamentals of InDesign: text, pictures and pages. You’ll soon be able to create page layouts, control typography, add photos, create/use colors, and more!

If you want to learn InDesign in greater depth, check out our 18-hour Adobe InDesign Bootcamp.

6 Hours


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Graphic Design Certificate

Learn about design, typography, photo retouching, vector graphics, and much more as you study Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. You’ll explore design concepts in our project-based Graphic Design Bootcamp, where you’ll work on designs for your portfolio that you can show to prospective employers.

72 Hours


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Adobe InDesign is the industry-leading page design and layout application, used to create and publish books, ads, magazines, and more.

Start learning InDesign in our 6-hour intro workshop, or take our more comprehensive 18‑hour InDesign Bootcamp. Take the bootcamp with other classes and earn a New York State-licensed Graphic Design Certificate.

Rated NYC's Best InDesign Courses

Noble Desktop’s InDesign classes use a unique “learn, then practice” teaching method that’s been fine-tuned over 29 years! Our Adobe certified instructors are all industry experts who will teach you to create professional page layouts and print designs with Adobe InDesign.

  • “Great class to get you up and running with the basics of InDesign and the different features that it offers. 5/5”

    Josie Washburn

  • “Sneha was a fantastic, patient instructor who made things really easy to understand. I haven't used InDesign in over 10 years and it was a really easy guide to jump right back in. I would definitely recommend taking a class with her - she knows what she's doing and helps you along the way!”

    Molly Mengual

  • “A great class if you're starting from scratch or need to brush up on beginner skills. The workbook provided with the class is also an excellent step-by-step reference that could easily be used as a guide to help with independent projects. ”


  • “Dan did an incredible job covering the basics! I left the class feeling so much more comfortable about using inDesign in the future. Can't wait to put my new skills to use.”

    Kayla Young

  • “This class provided me with a lot of applicable knowledge. I am a graphic designer whose weakest program was InDesign. I was able to brush up on the basics while also learning a fair amount of more advanced techniques. I would love to take a Noble Desktop class in every category now!”


  • “The Adobe InDesign Bootcamp is a great way to pick up new skills in short time. If you're interested in learning Adobe and graphic design skills without the rigors of academic classics at a university or college, this is a great place to come. ”

    Nicole Siciliano

  • “The InDesign class at Noble Desktop is really worthwhile. It gives you hands-on projects which you can continue to work on after the class, using the basic skills you've learned. It gears you up for a lifelong of learning with InDesign by teaching you the fundamentals of the software.”

    Sneha Shah

  • “Fabulous intensive technical class showing the ins and outs of InDesign. The instructor was super informative, was great at keeping everyone involved and interested and most importantly had a lot of patience. The workbook that we got to take home at the end was very helpful. ”

    Sari Mizrahi

  • “This is my second time attending Noble Desktop's classes and I had a lot of fun from start to finish. They really helped provide me with the foundational knowledge needed to get started with my creative interests!”

    Austin Easterling

  • “Even if you don't know anything about InDesign upfront, this bootcamp will really upscale your level of working with InDesign, by providing a balanced course consisting of detailed instruction and in-class assignments.”

    Anthea van der Velden

  • “I had Eugenio for Photoshop and InDesign, he is very patient and knowledgeable. I had a lot of tools to take back to work. ”

    Traci-lea Dixon

  • “This class was amazing! I would absolutely recommend it to a beginner in InDesign, I can't wait to use the techniques I learned in real life! ”

    Taylor Cobb

  • “I've taken many courses at this school (NYIM/Noble Desktop) and am signed up for more. The instructors expertly and patiently completely convey very comprehensive material on each subject. I would not go anywhere else to learn these programs and have recommended the school to many friends and associates.”

    Stacey Brody

  • “InDesign in a Day gave me everything I needed and wanted to learn for my job (and more!). The syllabus develops from topic to topic to give you a full understanding of the application. ”


  • “Adobe InDesign in a Day was a terrific crash course. A plethora of material was covered in a very short period of time, the instructors are articulate yet fun which makes the class fly by! ”

    Jackie Olson

  • “Adobe InDesign in a Day was the perfect class to get me started on using the software for work right away! We learned how to lay out text and images and create practical and fanciful pieces, relevant to both professional and personal interests! Michele was engaging throughout the entire day and really kept the pace of the class up. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a jump start to getting the most out of Adobe Creative Cloud!”

    Robyn Wolin

    Learned InDesign fundamentals in just one day

  • “I really enjoyed taking the InDesign class at Noble Desktop. I took it for both professional and personal reasons, and I'm happy I'm able to add another skill set to my resume.”

    Kate Yung

    Can now add InDesign to her resume

  • “I can't believe how much I learned in three days with Michelle. I feel confident about taking InDesign files and tweaking them on my own, without having to go back and forth with someone in the art department. Invaluable!”

    Ann Treistman

    Attended the InDesign CC 3-day course and is now an expert

  • “If you want to walk away knowing InDesign, this is THE class to take! The entire 3-day course was captivating.....and the exercises were both very practical AND humorous, which kept things lively. No fear of losing interest or falling asleep during class! Kudos to Noble! I would take any class with you guys.”

    Susie W.

    Attended the 3-day InDesign course

  • “I can’t overestimate the value of this course. With the personalized, hands-on training and step-by-step guide, I gained a much-needed proficiency with InDesign’s core features. From creating brochures to books, these “real world” projects gave me the tools to advance my professional career. Very comprehensive and expertly delivered by the instructor!”

    Jennifer Edwards

    Loved Noble's teaching method to learn InDesign

Learn then Practice

In our InDesign classes you’ll learn through projects. First by watching a short demo, then by actually practicing on brochures, magazines, and books. Our instructors are all industry professionals who draw on their experience to teach you practical, professional skills.

Brochure project created in InDesign

Custom InDesign Workbook Included

All of our InDesign classes come with a custom step-by-step training manual sold to universities and schools around the world. Recreate the class projects and refresh the InDesign materials anytime after the class. 

Each InDesign class comes with a training workbook created by Noble Desktop

Personalized, Hands-on InDesign Training

“With the personalized, hands-on training and step-by-step guide, I gained a much-needed proficiency with InDesign’s core features. From creating brochures to books, these “real world” projects gave me the tools to advance my professional career.”
Jennifer Edwards, Communications Specialist

Adobe certified instructor teaching student InDesign

Upcoming InDesign Classes in NYC


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Adobe InDesign Bootcamp Next Class: Jan 21–23, Tue–Thu, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
InDesign in a Day Next Class: Feb 13, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Graphic Design Certificate Next Class: Jan 21–Mar 13, Tue–Thu, 10–5pm Duration: 72 Hours Price: $2995

Learn more about InDesign & our courses

InDesign is the industry standard design app for print and digital publishing. It’s used by designers to edit layout flyers, books, and magazines just to name a few.

InDesign Articles

Learn to create ads, magazines, books, master pages, & PDFs in InDesign

Adobe InDesign
  • InDesign is the standard application used for creating professional layouts.
  • Use master pages, paragraph and character styles to layout ads, brochures, books, magazines, and more.
Page Layout
  • Arrange all text and design elements together
  • Set up margins, columns, spacing, etc.
Books & Magazines
  • Setting up multiple page documents
  • Keeping consistent styles throughout a large document
  • Combine text and images, headers and footers
  • Table of contents, Index
Flyers & Short Documents
  • Combine text and images
  • Create a precise layout
  • Text wraps, color, text styles
Paragraph & Character Styles
  • Keeping fonts, font size, spacing, indents, etc. consistent throughout the document
  • Saving different text styles for different uses
Master Pages
  • Keeping consistent design elements on each page
  • Such as having a consistent header, footer, or logo placement
Packaging Files & Making PDFs
  • Packaging is saving files along with images in fonts so it can be sent to the printer in a bundle
  • PDFs can be sent through email, as a presentation, or to a printer