This comprehensive workshop takes a deep dive into Google Analytics and its many applications.

Learn how to set up an account and understand what you should be tracking. Leave with a solid understanding of the tool and how to optimize its wealth of data towards your advantage.

A Google Analytics account is not mandatory. However, if you already have one, please make sure you have access to it during class. For more information about the topics covered in the course, please refer to our syllabus below.

New: Introduction to GA4

GA4, short for Google Analytics 4, is Google’s latest version of Google Analytics. In this course we will provide an introduction to GA4, as it’s still in development and many of the features in Universal Analytics are still not available in GA4. The changes in GA4 are exciting and include a new interface, a new data model and new methods for tracking events that matter to you. This will help you get on a path for success once GA4 is ready for full adoption.