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Hide HTML Attributes in Sublime Text

Collapsing sections of your code lets you get a better view of the overall structure of your file.

To hide all HTML attributes in Sublime Text, hit Cmd–K then Cmd–T in quick succession (Mac) or Ctrl–K then Ctrl–T in quick succession (Windows). To show the attributes again, hit Cmd–K and Cmd–0 (Mac) or Ctrl–K and Ctrl–0 (Windows). 

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Quickly Delete a Word in Any Text Editor

Hit Option–Delete (Mac) or Ctrl–Backspace (Windows) to delete the word to the left of the cursor. This is an operating system feature so it should work in any text editor. 

This same technique can be also be used in the opposite direction. Hit Option–Fn–Delete (Mac) or Ctrl–Delete (Windows) to delete the word to the right of the text cursor.

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Start a Coding Bootcamp this Summer

Looking to learn to code? We have plenty of bootcamp options starting this summer; a perfect time to learn new skills, as well as a great way to enhance your value in the workforce. If you’re ready to seriously immerse yourself and become a coder, our rigorous programs range from iOS development to front-end web coding in our Web Design Certificate, or add on back-end coding and complete the Web Development certificate. Get started as early as June!

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Jump to the Previous or Next Word

Use Option (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) with the arrow keys to quickly navigate and edit your code. Hit Option–Left (Mac) or Ctrl–Left (Windows) to move the cursor to the previous word. Hit Option–Right (Mac) or Ctrl–Right (Windows) to jump to the next word. This is an operating system feature so it should work in any text editor.

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Secrets to Designing Hi‑Res Web Graphics: Exploring Modern Workflows

We’ll explain 1x and 2x web graphics, and show you ways to create them quickly and efficiently in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and XD.

Download the PDF Reference Notes.

Web Design Classes (attend in New York City or Live Online)
Web Design Books (eBook or Print)
Sketch Training
Photoshop for Web & UI Training
Adobe Experience Design (XD) Training


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Fold (Hide) Sections of Your Code in Sublime Text

Collapsing sections of your code lets you get a better view of the overall structure of your file.

To fold a block of code, place your cursor anywhere in the block and hit Cmd–Option–] (Mac) or Ctrl–Shift–] (Windows). To unfold, hit Cmd–Option–[ (Mac) or Ctrl–Shift–[ (Windows).

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Quickly Switch Between Tabs in Sublime Text

Use Cmd (Mac) or Alt (Windows) with the number keys 0–9 to switch between tabs in Sublime Text. For example, hit Cmd–2 (Mac) or Alt–2 (Windows) to switch to the second tab.

You can also use Ctrl–Tab (Mac and Windows) to cycle through your tabs.

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Video Tutorial: Designing Responsive Email

Learn about designing email that looks great on both desktop and mobile.

View the Presentation Slides.

Certificate in HTML Email
Responsive HTML Email Class
Responsive HTML Email Book


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Change the Text Selection Color with CSS

Did you know that you can change a webpages’s text selection color to match your branding and design? In your CSS, use the ::selection selector with the background property. For example, to change the selection color to yellow, add the following CSS to your stylesheet:

::selection { background: #ffff00; } 
::-moz-selection { background: #ffff00; }

Note: The -moz adds support for Firefox.

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