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Classes available in-person (strict social distancing) or live online with an extended free retake period. See details.

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Free Seminar: How to Get Started in Web Design

Learn how to use HTML and CSS to create webpages in this free video tutorial on getting starting in web design.

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Become a web designer with hands-on training:

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LinkedIn's Top Skills of 2020 & How You Can Learn Them

With COVID-19 leaving many unemployed or underemployed, millions of Americans are left looking for new jobs. Hopefully, many of these workers will be able to return to their jobs soon, but some will be left looking for new opportunities. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best skills to pick up and how you can go about learning them. 

LinkedIn Top Skills 2020

Virtual Summer Courses for High School & College Students

With COVID-19 leading to camp cancellations across the country, many parents and students are looking for fun and productive options for the summer. NextGen Bootcamp, an education company for high school and college students, is expanding its “live online” summer programs for attendees to develop their technical skills, boost their resumes, and create exciting projects. 

Free Live Online Tech Classes: Design, Marketing, & Business

Free Class Recordings

See all of our free class recordings from our seminars over the past month. Learn about data science, motion graphics, design, digital marketing, and more with these free classes.

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Free Class Online: The Pillars of Digital Marketing

Learn about digital marketing, the different types of digital marketing, different strategies, and more in this free seminar.

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To learn more beyond the seminar, see our Digital Marketing courses.

Free Classes Digital Marketing

Free Class Online: Get Started in Design

Thinking about learning design? Learn about the different types of digital design (graphic design, web design, UX design, UI design, and motion design) so you can better understand what designers do and which apps they use.

In this online seminar you’ll we explain the appropriate classes and certificate programs so you’ll know the next steps to get started in each area of design.

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UI & Visual Design Classes
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Free Digital Marketing Classes Online

Get started in digital marketing with our free online digital marketing classes in search marketing, email marketing, website optimization, and more. See all 5 free digital marketing classes online for free. 

Free Classes Digital Marketing

Free Online Class: Intro to Google Analytics

Learn the fundamentals of Google Analytics in this free seminar.

Free Classes Digital Marketing

Video: Dominate Local Search with Google My Business

In order for your business to be listed, you need a Google My Business account for each of your locations. When it comes to finding a local business that you can trust, more and more of us use the information and reviews we find in the local search listings of Google.

Free Classes Digital Marketing

Video: Intro to Email Marketing Free Seminar

This seminar will reveal some simple but effective best practices and considerations for the small business or nonprofit seeking to use email to increases their sales and revenue. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to close more sales and increase revenue.

Free Classes Digital Marketing