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Hands-On in NYC or Live Online

Graphic Design Bootcamps NYC

Graphic Design Courses & Certifications

Graphic designers use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, & Illustrator: 

  • InDesign is the standard for creating print designs such as ads, books, magazines, and more
  • Photoshop is an essential app for retouching/enhancing photos and pixel-based graphics
  • Illustrator is used to create logos, patterns, packaging, and other types of vector graphics

Learn these essential graphic design programs at Noble Desktop, and then build your portfolio in the Graphic Design Fundamentals class. Take these classes together to earn a Graphic Design Certificate.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

Which Graphic Design Class is Right for You?

Graphic Design Certificate

Graphic Design Courses in NYC

This Graphic Design Certificate Program includes classes in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and our project-based Graphic Design Fundamentals. Learn to design, retouch photos, create vector graphics, and walk away with designs to show to prospective employers.

72 Hours


Next Class: Mar 25–May 22, 10am–5pm

Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp

Photoshop Classes in New York City

Get started using Photoshop to retouch and color correct photos, create graphics and more. In class you’ll work on everything from color correction to photo retouching, moving from a scanned image or digital camera shot to final output for print or web. You’ll learn about layers, masks, paths, filters, type, and more!

18 Hours


Next Class: Feb 25–Mar 13, 6–9pm

Adobe InDesign Bootcamp

Create Professional Ads, Magazines, Books & More

Learn how to use InDesign in this 18-hour comprehensive class. You’ll start with styling text and adding photos. You’ll then learn to create colors, add multiple pages, and thread text frames. By the end of the training, you’ll understand how to create page layouts for books, magazines, ads and more. You'll also be able to package your files to send them to be printed, and generate PDFs for print or web.

18 Hours


Next Class: Jan 28–Feb 13, 6–9pm

Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp

Illustrator Classes in New York City

From logos to patterns, from packaging to type, we’ll teach you lots of what Illustrator can do. You’ll create numerous graphics in class, using the standard drawing tools, the Pen tool, type, compound paths, effects, layers, masks, patterns, blends, colors, and more! We’ll help you to learn how to master the Pen tool, as well as show you ways to easily create complex shapes out of easy to draw basic components. In the end you’ll be able to use these graphics and techniques on any graphic, whether it’s for print or web.

18 Hours


Next Class: Jan 28–30, 10–5pm

Graphic Design Fundamentals

Graphic Design Classes & Certificates in NYC

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design as you design and produce real-world projects. Broaden your understand of graphic design concepts, understand the elements of design, and expand your portfolio in this hands-on graphic design course.

18 Hours


Next Class: Feb 22–Mar 29, 10–1pm

Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe Lightroom Classes in NYC

This intro course will start from the beginning with importing photos from your camera into Lightroom’s catalog. Then you’ll see how to edit and organize all those pictures. Optimize and develop photos for printing, create slideshows, create webpages and printed books to share your work, and publish your pictures on social media sites. Last but not least, you’ll learn how to keep your photo library safe by implementing backup strategies.

12 Hours


Next Class: Feb 25–26, 10–5pm

Learn Adobe Applications & Graphic Design Fundamentals

Noble Desktop offers hands-on classes in the top applications used for graphic design; including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Once you’re an expert using these design apps, learn graphic design essentials in the project-based Graphic Design Fundamentals course, in which you will also create a portfolio. If you’re looking for an extensive program, try our Graphic Design Certificate. 

  • “This is a thoughtfully organized, well paced and delivered, practical course -- a sort of 'finishing school' for the graphic designer.”

    Dorcas Gelabert

    Attended Graphic Design Fundamentals

  • “Already working in the graphic design industry, this class was a great refresher course and helped me to remember why I chose to pursue graphic design as a career.”

    Kristine Seubert

    Learned key design concepts and processes in Graphic Design Fundamentals

  • “I have been inefficiently fooling around with Photoshop, usually feeling intimidated by the program, for years. In just three days, I have learned to edit my photos with confidence. Noble Desktop rocks. Now I am ready to tackle Illustrator...”

    Michelle Ganon

    Learned photo editing and graphics creation in Adobe Photoshop

  • “I was worried coming into the class about being left behind in the instruction as design classes tend to be fast paced. The instructor, Michele, was extremely personable and patient; I especially liked the comfortable atmosphere of the classroom, and the overall flow of the class was very organized and professional. Clean presentation, great work materials.”

    Charles Mott

    Attended the beginner to intermediate Photoshop course

  • “Illustrator was my third class at Noble, and they just get better and better. Michele is an excellent instructor; articulate, knowledgeable, and most important patient. Noble's teaching method makes it easy to learn. I am sorry I waited so long to take the class. Thank you Noble and Michele!”

    Jill Korostoff

    Attended Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator courses with Noble

  • “I knew InDesign was a program I would need help to understand. After this class, I don't only understand it, I feel quite comfortable with it. I seriously cannot believe I learned so much in such little time!”

    Susana Piscitiello

    Took the Adobe InDesign course

  • “This class was very comprehensive for three days -- I learned so much about Illustrator! The instructor was perfect: knowledgeable, attentive, and dynamic, delivering rather dry material with a sense of humor and fun. I'd recommend Noble Desktop courses to anyone.”

    Jennifer Clark

    Attended the Adobe Illustrator class

Professional Creative & Graphics Training Classes

“From now on, when I think of "creative/graphics" training, I'll think of Noble. I loved the patience, knowledge, and professionalism of the instructor. I learned so much I feel I can now teach it :) Can't wait for my future classes.”
Dani Weiden

Graphic designers creating portfolio projects in class

Personalized Design Feedback

“Great class. I was able to relate to Dan's helpful and insightful feedback while working through the class website project. He provided suggestions covering a wide range of design elements - content, gestalt principles, typography, color, photo elements, the overall feel, etc.”
Harteg Wariyar, Software Developer

Hands-on graphic design training

Expand Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Learn by first watching a short demo, then by actually practicing on real-world projects. Our instructors are all profesional graphic designers who draw on their experience to teach you practical, professional skills.

Student completing a graphic design project

Upcoming Graphic Design Classes in NYC


Next Class



Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp Next Class: Jan 23–25, Wed–Fri, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp Next Class: Jan 28–30, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Adobe InDesign Bootcamp Next Class: Jan 28–Feb 13, Mon & Wed, 6–9pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Graphic Design Fundamentals Next Class: Feb 22–Mar 29, Friday, 10–1pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Lightroom Classic CC Next Class: Feb 25–26, Mon–Tue, 10–5pm Duration: 12 Hours Price: $650
Graphic Design Certificate Next Class: Mar 25–May 22, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 72 Hours Price: $2995