The huge demand for single-page dynamic applications has driven the popularity of React and React Native. React has now become the top choice among developers to design robust applications, and is the most used JavaScript library.

In addition to its versatility, React is a very English-like language that makes it easy to learn and use. The concept behind React is a small block of code called components. Once a developer builds a component they can reuse it over and over again removing any wasted time allowing developers to get the most out of their code.

In this course, students will learn the major aspects of React and React Native. The class will start with basics such as learning how to compose components which are the foundations of React. During this course, students will build three fully working apps: a desktop application using React, and an iOS and Android app using React Native. 

This course is perfect for students looking to become a Front End Developer, or for those with some experience with JavaScript looking to learn React or React Native.

This course has a prerequisite

Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of JavaScript equivalent to our JavaScript Programming Fundamentals class, including functions, objects, and data types, as well as the basics of HTML & CSS.