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Web Design Certificate

Web Design Classes & Bootcamps in NYC

Learn to build modern, responsive websites in this comprehensive front-end coding bootcamp. You’ll take classes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, web graphics creation, and responsive web design. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to create webpages, and earn a NYS-licensed Web Design Certificate.

Learn Front-End Coding

Learn web coding with HTML to mark up pages, CSS for styling, and JavaScript to add interactivity

Create & Optimize Graphics

Use a professional workflow to create & optimize web graphics

Make Responsive Websites

Optimize your websites for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Noble Desktop’s Web Design Certificate is a comprehensive and effective program that you can attend in New York City or live online, with more learning time than many similar programs. You get hands-on training, step-by-step training workbooks we’ve written ourselves, and a free retake. 

  • 90 Hours
  • Small classes
  • Books Included
  • Free retake

Register for a class

$4875 $3800

NYC or Live Online

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to create webpages by coding HTML5 & CSS3
  • Add images, links, and style text
  • Create fluid-width layouts that adapt to different size screens
  • Learn to use browser developer tools to see how things work
  • Use hi-res images to look great on 2x (Retina) displays
  • Add custom fonts on your webpages
  • Write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages
  • Learn how to use and skin Bootstrap to build out layouts quickly, using their mobile first grid system and components
  • Upload your site to make it live
  • Coffee website with background hero image and social media icons

    Create impactful layouts with full background hero images, colorful social media icons, and a clear call-to-action.

  • NYC website mockups for desktop, tablet, and mobile

    Create mockups for mobile, tablet, & desktop websites.

  • NYC website navigation menu

    Learn to code mobile friendly navigation using only CSS!

  • HTML email for Jive Factory events

    Learn to make great looking HTML emails.

  • Jive Factory website showing events using JavaScript

    Create accordions to elegantly hide and show content.

  • Lake Tahoe website optimized for mobile

    Learn to write media queries to create websites that work across multiple devices.

Learn Website Coding at a Leading Web Design School in NYC

Learn from the top web designers with real-world experience. You’ll practice with hands-on exercises and projects developed by Noble Desktop, a top web design school in New York founded in 1991.

The program includes 50% more learning time than many other certifications (at comparable costs), and you’ll work in small class sizes for personalized attention. Retake any of the classes or the whole program for free.

Courses in the Web Design Certificate Program

Web Development Level 1
  • Start building websites by hand coding HTML5 & CSS3
  • Create multi-page websites with text, images, & more
  • Learn how to style with CSS
  • Upload your files using FTP to make the site live
Web Development Level 1 details 
Photoshop for Web Design & UI
  • Use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design.
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
  • Learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more.
Photoshop for Web Design & UI details 
Web Development Level 2
  • Use media queries to create layouts that are responsive (optimized for all screens sizes, such as phones, tablets, and desktops).
  • Dive deeper into CSS3 selectors and properties for more sophisticated styling.
  • Learn best practices to write cleaner, more optimized CSS code.
Web Development Level 2 details 
JavaScript & jQuery
  • Learn how to write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages.
  • Understand how to use freely available JavaScript frameworks, including the industry standard: jQuery.
  • Create animated slideshows with transitions such as fades or slides. Build animated image enlargers, show/hide additional content, and more.
JavaScript & jQuery details 
Mobile & Responsive Web Design
  • Learn how to optimize sites for high-resolution (Retina) displays.
  • Dive deeper into CSS media queries and mobile optimized navigation.
  • Learn how to use and skin Bootstrap to build out layouts quickly, using their mobile first grid system and components.
Mobile & Responsive Web Design details 
HTML Email
  • Learn how to code HTML Email messages that are effective and 
    cross-mail-client compatible.
  • Build and work with multiple layouts: a simple one-time email blast and a more complex weekly newsletter.
  • Gain a deeper understanding about email-friendly CSS and how to manage various email client issues.
HTML Email details 

Hands-on Web Design Training

“The teaching method is perfect for the material. The instructors keep their knowledge cutting edge and each have a respectful resume chock full of experience. If I had to pick one thing to say about Noble Desktop it would be that the quality of instruction, choice of topics and teaching methods are extremely consistent; there wasn't one day of one class that I felt let down. That's amazing.”
Darrel Somoza, Assistant Director - Technology Based Training

Students learning front-end coding at web design school in NYC

Custom Workbooks Included

Noble Desktop’s front-end coding bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive programs in New York—90 hours—compared to other schools’ 60. We teach our students more with the help of step-by-step workbooks that maximize learning.

Each web design class comes with a training workbook created by Noble Desktop

Learn Through Step-by-step Exercises

“The instructor was articulate and patient. They way the class is taught, with the exercise first being explained by the instructor, then having the students do the same exercise is smart. The step by step instruction booklet given to students is well written. All in all an excellent experience.” 
James Lello

Web coding example from web design class

Flexible Scheduling & Payment Options

We offer flexible scheduling and payment options for the Web Design Certificate. Take the classes part-time or full-time; weekdays, weeknights, or Saturdays. You can request a payment plan and be charged over the course of the certificate, rather than upfront.

Flexible scheduling available for web design bootcamp

Register for Web Design Certificate

$4875 $3800

NYC or Live Online