Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

Want to become a Jedi master of the web? A full-stack developer is worthy of such a title. Full-stack developers are experts in both the front-end and back-end web technology. They deal with programming both the web components on screen as well as the functionality going on behind the scenes to get the application to render. In other words, the full-stack of technology that makes up a web application!

They are proficient in both front-end and back-end languages and frameworks, as well as in server, network, and hosting environments. To get to this breadth and depth of knowledge, many full-stack developers will have spent years working in a variety of different roles. They also tend to be well-versed in both business logic and user experience, meaning they are not only well-equipped to get hands on, but can also guide and consult on strategy too.

This certificate program starts with front-end web development and then continues with back-end programming. You’ll start by thoroughly learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll learn Git for tracking code changes and collaborating with developers, as well as other coding tips and tricks.

After learning front-end code, you’ll move onto building dynamic web applications with Node.js, create APIs with Express.js, and work with databases with MongoDB.

Starting with the very first class you will be building webpages, as you work on projects and real-world web applications. In addition to our amazing instructors, you’ll appreciate our step-by-step workbooks which are an amazing reference during and after the program. Our students rave about our learn-then-practice teaching style, which is different than many other schools (because we write the books specifically for many of our classes).

This Full-Stack Web Development Certificate (licensed by New York State) is a comprehensive and effective program that you can attend in New York City or live online, with more learning time than many similar programs. You get hands-on training, step-by-step training workbooks we’ve written ourselves, and a free retake.