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Premiere Pro Classes NYC

Learn Video Editing in Adobe Premiere

Premiere Pro Bootcamp

Learn how to use Premiere Pro in this comprehensive 18-hour class. You’ll start with the basics and learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and audio tracks by working on real film projects. Then quickly dive into more advanced features including multicam editing, color correction, speeding up footage, and stop-motion loops.

18 Hours


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Premiere Pro in a Day

Get started with video editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this one-day Premiere course, you’ll learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and audio tracks by working on real film projects.

6 Hours


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Premiere Pro Intermediate

This class is designed to take your Premiere Pro skills to the next level. The class covers multicam editing, how to speed up and freeze-frame footage, stop-motion loops, dynamic transitions, speed-ramping footage, and color correction techniques. In addition, we'll cover how to export your projects for social media, create animated GIFs, and much more.

12 Hours


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Take your videos to a new level by learning the essentials of Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry standard video and film editing software package used today.

Get started learning the fundamentals of video editing with in our 1-day Premiere Pro workshop, or advance your skills in our 2-day intermediate course.

Rated NYC's Best Adobe Premiere Courses

Our Premiere Pro classes are taught by an industry-expert who designed our step-by-step training workbook. You’ll cover all the essentials of filmmaking and video editing, including timelines, color correction, audio and more. Over the past 27 years, Noble perfected the craft of teaching, and you’ll see for yourself why our students love our Adobe Premiere classes.

  • “As a novice video editor with literally no experience, this was hugely beneficial and helpful. I plan on coming back for the After Effects workshop. Well worth the money and time!”

    Denton Crawford

    Learned to edit video with Premiere Pro

  • “This class taught me exactly what I needed to get started in a program I've never used before, and some bonus tools as well! I'm excited to get working with this and will definitely be coming back for an advanced course soon.”

    Erin Mutlu

  • “I've taken similar classes that have dragged on and on. Noble Desktop's Premiere Pro in a Day was a fast paced, engaging class that taught me a ton and made sure I was having a great time while learning!”

    Marc Schneider

  • “Really love how the class was paced and was thoroughly taught how to utilize the essential tools in Premiere! Instructor was the cherry topping! She taught everything with patience and finesse!”


  • “Noble Desktop offers great courses and classes where you have great instructors.”

    Yonel Solon

  • “This is a great way to dive into editing. Kalika demystified an intimidating piece of software and subject, making it easy for even the most basic of novices to follow along. Highly recommend!”

    Elisabeth Griesedieck

  • “Always great learning from Noble Desktop. I recommend you all frequently and have had many other designers and artists mention you in conversation as well. Many thanks!”

    Scott Ramsey

  • “"I feel like I am well prepared to embark on my Premiere journey"”


  • “Class packed with intense information spelled out by a dedicated teacher to sharing her wealth of knowledge and information...”

    Traian Stanescu

  • “The class included many different types of exercises to learn all of the core aspects of video editing (sound and image editing, animation, incorporating music, adding subtitles and graphics, intro and outro, fades, dissolves and other transitions)”

    Pablo Mena

  • “This course is perfect for beginners! If you have trouble at first the instructor is there to break everything down for you, so you have a better understanding on how to use all the tools and etc. I definitely will be taking this course again in the future! ”

    Gokce Hoffmann

  • “The best in-person, hands-on Creative app training I've found in 20+ years in the industry. You won't be disappointed.”

    Joe Zwielich

  • “This class has not only assuaged my fears for learning editing but it’s made it enjoyable enough to make me want to learn it more.”

    POOJA Desai

  • “This was a great class. The instructor was an expert both in Premiere, and as a teacher. The instruction offered a detailed overview of the program, and the exercises were well paced and easy to follow. I happily recommend this class, and would enthusiastically sign up for another with Noble Desktop. ”


  • “Pace is great and teachers are professional and patient. Recommended.”


  • “I truly enjoyed this class. The teaching technique allowed you to gain muscle memory and move smoothly throughout the course. It is great for beginner level designers/anyone looking to learn about video editing! I would take this course again/any course from Noble Desktop.”

    Erica Schipani

  • “This is an excellent course to learn the basic tools for creating videos that are complete with audio, music, photos and videos and transitions to make a 'professional' looking video the first time around. ”

    Valerie Paganessi

  • “"Just what I needed to get started with video editing for work and as a hobby."”

    Jessica Hopkins

  • “This was a great course for anyone who wishes to brush up on their Premiere Pro skills or start from scratch! I'm looking forward to looking into other courses. ”


  • “The class "Premiere Pro in a Day" is a great beginners course for anyone who wants to know the basics of Premiere Pro. You will learn everything you need to create a simple but elegant video with patient and knowledgeable instructors. ”

    CucHuong Do

  • “Better than sitting in front of the computer trying to learn it off of YouTube. I mean it!”


  • “This class gives you a great introduction to Premiere and is the perfect pace to learn a complicated software. ”

    Rebecca Lerner

  • “As a filmmaker, this class gave me a comprehensive understanding of the editing software involved in filmmaking. I would recommend this to every filmmaker in New York City.”

    Matthew Newton

    Matthew learned the fundamentals of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro in our one-day class.

  • “The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about Premiere Pro, and the exercises were interesting. I feel like I can use this program now without being too intimidated.”

    Jonah Schrogin

    Jonah took our Premiere Pro in a Day class to learn about filmmaking and editing with Adobe's Premiere Pro software.

  • “Kalika's class is thorough, easy to follow, and immersive. I came in never having touched Premiere and was able to pull the projects together in no time - by the end of the day!”

    Krissy Trujillo

    Krissy learned video editing with Premiere Pro in our Premiere Pro in a Day class.

  • “For someone who could not figure out the program on my own, it was SO worthwhile to get an idea of how to do some basic editing. I will definitely be able to use what I learned at my job.”

    Gail Kearney

    Attended the one-day Premiere Pro course

  • “This course worked through the kinks and nuances of everything you need to know as a beginning Premiere user. By the end of the day, you'll feel comfortable editing and exploring the program further.”

    Emily Drewry

Industry Experienced Instructor

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about Premiere Pro, and the exercises were interesting. I feel like I can use this program now without being too intimidated.”
Jonah Schrogin

Learn Adobe Premiere with a top instructor in New York City

Custom Premiere Pro Workbook Included

Our Premiere Pro classes come with a custom step-by-step training manual sold to universities and schools around the world. Created and developed by an expert animator and editor, the class projects include real-world video editing projects such as promo ads and animated GIFs.

Custom Premiere Pro training workbook from Noble Desktop

Hands-on Teaching Method

“The teaching method at Noble Desktop is excellent. It allows the student to concentrate on what the teacher is teaching, then the student tackles the same exercise following the detailed workbook. It is the best approach to learning new programs.”
Pamela White, Associate Creative Director, Digital Design

Learn Premiere by practicing on real-world projects

Upcoming Premiere Pro Classes in NYC


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Premiere Pro in a Day Next Class: Jan 23, Thursday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Premiere Pro Bootcamp Next Class: Feb 3–5, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Premiere Pro Intermediate Next Class: Feb 4–5, Tue–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 12 Hours Price: $695

Learn Video Editing, Timelines, Color Correction, Audio Techniques, & More

Adobe Premiere Pro
  • To edit together video clips, text, and photos, with or without sound.
  • When you need to edit a sequence of images, videos, and text together quickly and easily.
Video Editing
  • Putting together sections of videos to play one after the other, to create more meaning than if those videos were played by themselves.
  • You can add transitions between the videos in Premiere so that you're not suddenly seeing something new–you can dissolve, wipe, and more.
  • This is the area of a video editing software where you can add visuals and audio, remove parts of them, re-arrange those pieces, and adjust aspects of them such as size, position or speed.
  • Allows you to change different things about a video so that it looks and sounds good to you.
  • Timelines are generally arranged horizontally, with elements on the left side appearing before those to their right, and elements higher on the list appearing atop those below.
  • Adobe Premiere is an industry-standard timeline-based video editing software.
Color Correction (Premiere)
  • Color Correction or Color Grading is the art of adjusting the colors of elements in your video projects, to create a particular feeling or mood, using settings (called Filters or Effects) in a video or graphics editing program.
  • These adjustments can also be used to “fix” things that were not filmed to one's liking. Exposure problems, white or color balance issues, removing or adjusting the amount of noise or grain in an image, changing the contrast, are all things that fall under the umbrella of Color Correction or Color Grading.
  • For broadcast TV work, Premiere's Lumetri or DaVinci Resolve are good choices for color correction.
Audio (Premiere)
  • Can be separated into 4 basic categories: Ambient sounds or Ambience (background noise), Music, Voiceover or Dialogue, and Sound Effects.
  • The best practice when working with audio is to do a rough edit and adjustment of sound excerpts and audio volume in a video editing program such as Premiere, and then export OMF files for a professional sound designer.