Digital Marketing Video Tutorials

Explore the rapidly growing field of digital marketing through a range of instructional video tutorials. Diving into various digital marketing topics, these videos provide valuable insights for those looking to build a successful career in this evolving industry.

Key Insights

  • Digital marketing employs online channels and tools to effectively promote products and services, making it a highly sought-after skill in today's business landscape.
  • Such marketing methods allow real-time adaptability, targeted advertising, and comprehensive analytics to measure success and areas of improvement.
  • Video tutorials provide an accessible and convenient platform to learn digital marketing, catering to visual learners and allowing flexible scheduling.
  • Noble Desktop offers a variety of free digital marketing video tutorials on their YouTube channel, providing up-to-date and comprehensive content for beginners and seasoned marketers.
  • Various career opportunities are available in digital marketing, such as Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer, and Data Analytics Specialist, with the average salary of a Digital Marketer in the US being $58,500 annually.
  • Noble Desktop also offers more specialized digital marketing courses for those looking to hone their skills in specific channels, along with a digital marketing certificate for comprehensive training.

Digital marketing is a fast-growing field, and many people are seeking out opportunities to find a career as a Digital Marketer. Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning digital marketing. Most people are visual learners, and the brain processes images more quickly and retains them better than text. Also, videos are convenient because you can watch from just about anywhere and at any time that fits your schedule. This article will cover a range of digital marketing videos, including what they teach and where to find them.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses online channels and tools to promote products and services. As the popularity of the internet continues to grow, digital marketing has become one of the most effective ways to publicize a business and help it succeed. Knowledge of digital marketing can be an asset to entrepreneurs and owners of businesses large and small, and many companies are hiring Digital Marketers to conduct research, build brand loyalty, and create community. Digital Marketers also analyze data collected from online marketing efforts to make a business more efficient and profitable.

Because it is based on data, digital marketing is highly targeted and measurable. With digital marketing, you can adapt and make changes in real-time to reflect your advertising. You can also create targeted ads to ensure products and services reach an interested audience.

Using analytics, you can quickly tell how many people see your ads, how they react, and what action they take. Measuring your success (and where you need to improve) can help overall strategy. Plus, digital marketing levels the playing field, allowing businesses of any size to compete for clicks. Additionally, there’s a low barrier to entry: you can start your paid digital marketing campaign for a minimum amount and build as the company grows.

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What Can You Do with Digital Marketing?

Marketing has changed drastically since the advent of the internet. While early ways to promote a business included yellow page listings, print advertisements, and ads on buses and billboards, many marketing efforts have now moved online. With digital marketing, you can adapt and make changes in real-time to reflect your advertising. You can also create targeted ads to be sure your products and services reach an interested audience.

Digital marketing efforts are highly measurable. Using analytics, you can quickly tell how many people see your ads, how they react, and what action they take. Measuring your success (and where you need to improve) can help you develop your overall strategy. Plus, organic digital marketing levels the playing field, allowing businesses of any size to compete for clicks.

Additionally, there’s a low barrier to entry to advertise with digital marketing. You can start your paid digital marketing campaign for a minimum amount and build as your company grows. Digital marketing offers the unique chance to control where you spend those crucial advertising dollars.

Why Are Video Tutorials Helpful When Learning Digital Marketing?

If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing, video tutorials are a great way to get started for the same reasons that video marketing is so successful. High-quality videos capture and hold an audience’s attention because videos engaging. Videos can provide actual footage of a process step-by-step that the viewer can go back and repeat.

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they retain information better when seeing rather than hearing it. Animoto found that 94% of online shoppers prefer videos. Video tutorials help students learn digital marketing videos in the same way that they generate digital marketing success.

Another advantage to watching video tutorials is that you can set your own schedule and watch when you have time. You can pull up a video on social media marketing while you eat lunch or learn about Google Analytics in the evening after you get home. You can go at your own speed and watch the video as many times as you need to grasp the information.

Maybe the best thing about video tutorials on digital marketing is that so many free options are available. If you are just beginning to explore the field and wondering if this might be a good career for you, watching free videos is a smart way to find out before spending money on courses.

Types of Digital Marketing Videos

There are two basic types of free digital marketing videos available on YouTube. The first type is vlog style videos created by people describing how they learned digital marketing techniques, how long it took them to get their first job or clients, and how much money they make. These videos can be interesting from a “day in the life” perspective, giving you an idea of how a Digital Marketer structures a work day. However, they are not that useful for actually learning how to do digital marketing. The videos can be a bit rambling and off-topic, and it can be difficult to tell how accurate the information is. You are much better off watching instructional video tutorials that teach you how to do specific things like run reports on Google Analytics or create a Facebook Ad.

Look for tutorials produced by marketing agencies or digital marketing training companies. These are designed to give beginners an overview of the field and are organized into manageable sections, such as email marketing, Facebook marketing, or video marketing. High-quality tutorials focus more on the information than the presenter and are accompanied by engaging graphics and easy-to-follow examples.

Top Video Tutorials

Noble Desktop’s Digital Marketing YouTube channel offers many free digital marketing video tutorials, and the content is updated regularly to present the most up-to-date information in the rapidly changing world of digital marketing. The videos are each about an hour long and include graphics, images, and explanations by digital marketing instructors. Watching these videos is a great way to learn the basics of digital marketing and decide if you want to change careers.

  • The Pillars of Marketing Success introduces viewers to digital marketing and is an excellent place to start. It covers an overview of different channels, presents a framework for digital marketing success, and discusses the importance of market research and how to do it.
  • Intro to Social Media Marketing focuses on the four fundamentals of social media: determining the best social media platform for your goals, developing a successful social media strategy, creating content that increases engagement and drives sales, and gaining a following and expanding your reach.
  • Intro to Social Media Marketing with Video shows you how to make an engaging and lasting impact through video. This tutorial mainly focuses on YouTube and TikTok, but also touches on Instagram and Facebook videos. The main points discussed are setting goals and tracking results, knowing your audience and engaging with them, scheduling your content and maintaining consistency, and determining a strategy for paid advertising.
  • Intro to Facebook Marketing covers the fundamentals of Facebook marketing, which are similar to social media and video marketing but more specific to Facebook. This tutorial covers creating earned media and surveys the ins and outs of Facebook Ads.
  • Intro to Email Marketing discusses why email marketing should be a part of your marketing strategy, how to get started with email marketing, and how to build your email list. Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in terms of helping a business attract new customers.
  • Website Fundamentals & Conversion Optimization covers best practices for building an effective website, including tips for enhancing your website to increase traffic and actions to improve website performance. It also covers how to track website activity and conversions, which is crucial to increasing sales.
  • Intro to Google Analytics gives an overview of web analytics and Google Analytics in particular. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize website performance. Google Analytics is a free tool within the Google Marketing Platform that collects data and compiles it into valuable reports that you can use to see who visits your website and what they do there.
  • Dominate Local Search with Google My Business focuses on the importance of local search listing and how to use Google My Business (GMB). The tutorial demonstrates how to add your business to GMB, what is included in a GMB listing, how to complete your GMB profile, and where to get additional help setting up your listing.

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can help you reach across the world to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, build a brand, or educate the public. Using the principles of Search engine optimization can help you determine your target audience, choose keywords to track content performance, engage with potential customers on social media, and gain organic search results. The best thing about digital marketing is that most of its tools are free.

Another benefit of digital marketing is that it can be the basis of a great career. You can work for other businesses as a Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Web Optimization Specialist, Digital Strategist, Data Analytics Specialist, or Brand Marketer. Careers in marketing are in demand, and the average base salary for a Digital Marketer in the US is $58,500 annually.

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How Difficult is It to Learn Digital Marketing?

Whether or not digital marketing is difficult to learn depends upon your level of interest, the time you have to devote to study, and your motivation. Do you love having a passion project? Do you enjoy multitasking and keeping track of data? Is creating content for social media followers your idea of a good time? Then it probably wouldn’t be hard for you to learn digital marketing and change careers, especially if you sign up for a certificate course.

Enrolling in a class doesn’t necessarily require any prerequisites to learn digital marketing, but a few skills can make the experience easier. Being comfortable with technology and enjoying working with numbers will make learning to use digital marketing tools easier. Some familiarity with social media and good communication skills are a plus, too. Beyond that, a solid writing ability, creativity, persistence, and the ability to multitask will make learning digital marketing smoother.

Beyond the cost of a class, learning digital marketing is not very expensive. Some of the most widely used tools like Google Analytics are free, and others like Moz have a free version to get you started. SEMRush is another useful digital marketing tool, and while it can be expensive, you get a seven-day free trial to try it out first.

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Learn Digital Marketing with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop’s digital marketing courses teach skills that can help you start a career in the industry. Classes are small, with expert instructors, and you can retake a course for free up to a year after you take it. Those ready to dive into the field can attend in-person classes at Noble Desktop’s New York City location or attend live online digital marketing courses from anywhere in the world.

Noble Desktop also offers more detailed courses for those looking to hone their skills on specific channels. Students can take individual classes on Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Content Marketing: Blogs & Twitter, and Video Marketing: TikTok & YouTube. Students can also study for a Digital Marketing Certificate and learn a comprehensive set of tools and skills for digital marketing. Another Noble Desktop resource that can help prepare for a career in digital marketing includes its digital marketing blog, which has detailed articles about social media marketing, SEO, and other essential tools for digital marketers. Students can also watch Noble’s seminar on The Pillars of Digital Marketing Success, which is available on YouTube.

Key Insights

Video tutorials can be an enjoyable and effective way to explore the field of digital marketing if you are thinking about changing careers or just curious about what a Digital Marketer does. Watching video tutorials can help you in several ways:

  • Video tutorials are helpful for people who are visual learners.
  • You can watch digital marketing videos in your free time and go back and review sections as often as you need to.
  • They are free on YouTube and a great way to discover what digital marketing is.
  • Choose high-quality instructional videos rather than vlogs to get the best, most up-to-date information.

How to Learn Digital Marketing

Master digital marketing with hands-on training. Digital marketing refers to marketing a service or product through online platforms such as social media, search engine websites, blogs, and email.

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