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InDesign in a Day

Get Started Creating Layouts

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of InDesign: text, pictures and pages. Learn how to layout pages with text and graphics. In no time at all you’ll be able to control typography, add photos, create/use colors, and more!

This 6-hour class is meant to get you started fast. If you want to learn InDesign in greater depth, you should check out our 18-hour Adobe InDesign class.

  • Learn to set up a document bleed, place a photo, and combine text and images.

  • Learn about strokes, caps, how to make proper fractions, and other professional typesetting techniques.

  • Learn to create two-page spreads.

  • Learn to use baseline grid and customize the wrap text around images.

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Price: $325 Click for Discounts

  • 6 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac or PC
  • In New York City and Live Online

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Letter Creation


  • Setting Preferences
  • The Control Panel
  • Text Frames
  • Basic Text Attributes
  • Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
Advanced Word Processing/Formatting


  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Tabs
Magazine Ad


  • Setting up a Document Bleed
  • Placing Images
  • Combining Text and Images
  • White Type on a Black Background
More Text Styling


  • Baseline Shift
  • Small Caps
  • Line Tool
  • Making Proper Fractions

Section 2
2–Page Magazine Ad


  • Facing Pages
  • Color Swatches
  • Defining Colors
Multiple Column Ad with Text Wrap


  • Multiple Text Columns
  • Drop Caps
  • Baseline Grid
  • Text Wrap
The Lawyer Joke Book: Setting it Up


  • Master Pages
  • Automatic Page Numbers
  • Automatic Text Flow
  • Running Heads
The Lawyer Joke Book: Styling the Text


  • Paragraph Rules
  • Baseline Grid
  • Find/Change with Paragraph Formatting