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Photoshop in a Day

Adobe Photoshop Workshops in NYC

This 6-hour Photoshop class for beginners is meant to get you started fast, and for those who use Photoshop lightly and only have one day to spare.

Learn to Retouch

Learn Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals

Learn to retouch photos, improve contrast and color, save files for print or web, and more

If you want to learn Photoshop in greater depth, you should check out our 18-hour Adobe Photoshop class. For portfolio-based classes, try Graphic Design Fundamentals, or our Graphic Design Certificate Program

  • 6 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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$325 Discounts Policies

NYC or Live Online

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to retouch photos and create graphics
  • Improve your images by adjusting color, contrast, and more
  • Learn how to prepare images for use on the web or in print
View full syllabus

Photoshop in a Day Class Syllabus

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Getting Started


  • Zooming
  • Scrolling
  • Getting Around
  • Tools
  • Copy & Paste
Photo Retouching


  • Selections
  • Healing Brush
  • Clone Stamp
  • Red-Eye tool
Replacing Backgrounds


  • Magic Wand
  • Image Compositing
Annual Report Cover


  • Selecting
  • Feathering
  • Layers
  • Using Type

Section 2
Selecting with Quick Masks


  • Quick Masks
  • Magic Wand
Color Correction Using Color Balance


  • Color Correction with Adjustment Layers
  • Color Balance
  • Brightness/Contrast
Color Correction Using Levels


  • Color Correction with Adjustment Layers
  • Levels
  • Setting White, Black, and Gray Points
Preparing Digital Photos for Print


  • Image Size
  • Resampling
  • Saving as PSD
  • Saving as TIFF
  • Document Size
  • Preparing for Print
Saving Photos for the Web as JPEG


  • Saving for the Web
  • Save as JPEG
  • Image Size
  • Resampling
  • Learn to use the Magic Wand and other techniques to composite photos.

  • Properly adjust color balance.

  • Learn to use Layers, Type, Feathering, and more.

  • Use the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush to remove Wayne’s hand.

  • Learn to swap different backgrounds.

  • Learn how you can improve color & contrast.

Best Photoshop Classes for Beginners

This beginner Photoshop class will get you started retouching photos and creating graphics. You’ll learn enough of the fundamentals to improve your images by adding adjustments, as well as learn how to prepare images for use on the web or for print.

  • “If you've waded into Photoshop alone and need some help getting out of certain weedy areas, this course will set you on the right path. Excellent coverage of fundamentals and non-intuitive functions will pique your interest to take the extended class.”

    Wilma Dull

    Attended the one-day Photoshop course

  • “I really enjoyed Photoshop in a Day. I would highly recommend it as a refresher or introduction to Photoshop.”

    Leigh Anderson

  • “Great overview of basic Photoshop skills. Makes me want to learn more!”

    Joel Bauer

    Learned Photoshop basics in the one-day course

  • “Noble Desktop is a great place to take courses and learn a significant amount in a day. I've taken several classes (Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects ) and will continue to return.”

    Brian Kaplan

  • “The class moved fast but friendly. Questions were welcomed and answered without hesitation.”

    Antonia Cambanis

    Attended the Photoshop in a Day class

Hands-on Photoshop Training

“I wanted to learn a lot in a short amount of time, but didn't want to sacrifice the quality of learning. The small class sizes, the knowledgeable teachers, and the hands-on training is what sold me on Noble Desktop. The experience they have in the real world and what I learned is what brought me back.”
Cesar Gaudin, Software Engineer

Students learning Photoshop with hands-on training

Learn Photoshop in a Day

This class is designed to teach beginner Photoshop users the fundamentals of the application. You’ll start with the basics before diving in and learning enough to start using the program on your own. If you only have one day to spare, this is the class for you.

Learn Photoshop Fundamentals in one day

Learn then Practice

“I like Noble's format. The demonstrations let you see what you can do, and the exercises that follow each one let you do it, while it's fresh in your mind. You can get your questions answered right then, rather than when you get home and actually start doing design. The instructors are great too, and the pace is just right.”
Shawn Fain, Network Administrator

Students completing Photoshop exercises

Register for Photoshop in a Day

$325 Discounts Policies

NYC or Live Online