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Illustrator in a Day

Get Started Creating Vector Graphics

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of Illustrator: the Pen tool, shapes, and basic drawing. Learn to create and draw vector graphics. In no time at all you’ll be able to control the Pen tool to draw straight lines and curves, use colors, layers, brushes, trace images, and more!

This 6-hour class is meant to get you started fast. If you want to learn Illustrator in greater depth, you should check out our 18-hour Adobe Illustrator class.

  • 6 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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$325 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

What You’ll Learn

  • Create different types of graphics including a logo
  • Use the Pen tool to create digital drawings
  • Create colorful vector graphics using Shapes, Brushes, and Paint tools  
View full syllabus

Illustrator in a Day Class Syllabus

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Straight Lines


  • Using the Pen Tool
  • Adjusting the Workspace
  • Arranging Objects
  • Color Fills


  • Drawing Curves (Pen Tool)
  • Anchor Points and Direction Points
  • Default Fill and Stroke
Corners and Curves


  • Drawing Corners and Curves (Pen Tool)
  • Adjusting Anchor Points

Section 2
No Smoking Sign


  • Fill and Stroke
  • Basic Shape Tools
  • Grouping Objects
  • Layers Panel
  • Working with Templates
  • Saving Illustrator Files: Options
Super Hero


  • Live Trace and Live Paint
  • Tracing Hand-Drawn Images
  • Coloring Live Paint Objects
  • Brushes
  • Flare Tool
  • Learn the Brush tool, Live Trace, and its cousin Live Paint.

  • After this exercise your Illustrator skills WILL be smokin’.

Learn the Fundamentals of Illustrator: Pen Tool, Shapes, & Basic Drawing

This Illustrator course will give you the basic foundation for drawing and manipulating scalable graphics for print and web. Importantly, you’ll practice using the Pen tool and learn how to create complex shapes out of easy to draw basic components. Learn these skills with hands-on exercises in small classes led by a leading Adobe Illustrator instructor.

  • “Mastering the pen tool has always eluded me, and Michele showed me the basics in a way that I can practice and build on this vital Illustrator skill.”

    Carmen Yazejian

    Learned core Illustrator tools in one day

  • “After using Illustrator for over 15 years I now understand how to use the pen tool more efficiently and will be able to do my job faster! Fabulous class.”

    Dorinda Balanecki

  • “I would definitely recommend this class!”

    Aysha Hussain

    Learned core Illustrator skills in the one-day class

Learn Illustrator in a Day

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of the application. You’ll dive in and learn enough to start using the program on your own. If you only have one day to spare, this is the class for you.

Student learning Illustrator fundamentals in class

Custom Illustrator Workbook Included

Our Illustrator in a Day class comes with a custom step-by-step training manual. Recreate the class projects and refresh the Illustrator materials anytime after the class. 

The Illustrator custom workbook is included with each class

Learn then Practice

“I would highly recommend Noble Desktop to anyone. It offers both lecture and hands-on training which I think is vital for any student to comprehend what the class is about and to leave knowing they got something out of it.”
Michele Curley

Students practicing Illustrator skills in class at Noble Desktop

Register for Illustrator in a Day

$325 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online