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Adobe After Effects Level 1

After Effects Classes in New York City

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for animation and video post-production. It can be used to create stand-alone videos, animations, special effects, animated titles, and much more. Use it to create compelling video content for broadcast TV and web.

Create Motion Graphics & Animations

This After Effects training will take you from the basics of After Effects such as understanding the workspace and basic animation techniques, all the way through to advanced animation techniques, motion tracking, and particle effects.

Motion Graphics Certificate Program

Take our After Effects Level 2, Premiere Bootcamp, and Motion Graphics Portfolio Development courses along with this course and earn a Certificate in Motion Graphics.

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake

Take this class as part of a certificate program and save:

NYC’s Best After Effects Courses

This After Effects course will have you using professional techniques as you create animations, titles, 3D objects, and much more. Learn these skills with hands-on, step-by-step exercises in small classes led by a leading motion graphics instructor. 

Students learning After Effects from professional instructor
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Industry Expert Instructor

This course is taught by Kalika Kharkar Sharma, an industry-experienced instructor who has produced animations for a wide range of clientele including CNBC, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Kalika brings years of experience teaching motion graphics and traditional and digital character animation at renowned art schools including NYU, Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design.

Custom After Effects Workbook

You get a custom workbook with step-by-step exercises that will guide you through creating 9 different projects. These include real-world animations such as a dynamic fashion ad, movie title sequence, and a HBO feature presentation intro. Our After Effects training materials are used by universities and schools worldwide. 

Learn Through Real-World Projects

In this After Effects class you’ll learn through projects. First by watching a short demo, then by actually practicing on animations and motion graphics including ads, title sequences, and logos. Our instructor and course developer has created numerous projects specifically for these classes that draw on her many years of experience to teach you practical, professional skills.

Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni

From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Always enjoy my time at Noble. Great classes, great schedules, and instructors!

Kristie Finn, Victoria's Secret

This was a wonderful class and having a live instructor made a huge difference in the class experience. Our instructor, Kalika, was amazing and set the lessons up so that we gradually built towards the final lesson making incredible progress along the way. She also allowed us all to work at our own pace during the lessons so that everyone was able to develop at a pace comfortable to them while still seeing a marked improvement. I highly recommend this class and eagerly look forward to the next.

Robert Byrnes, Reuters/i24

After taking the After Effects class at Noble Desktop, I was able to create an animation immediately following completion of the course material - now I have the tools to continue using After Effects in my personal projects and beyond.

Blake Drummond, Diagonal Media

Kalika was an excellent instructor. Her enthusiasm and passion for After Effects was contagious. She was patient, smart, and funny. She brought a much needed lightness and humor to a difficult subject. When I began to feel overwhelmed, Kalika was hands-on with helping me. She was genuinely interested in teaching us what we wanted to know. We followed the instruction booklet but it was not forced upon us—we went at our own pace and was able to spend the last class practicing our own project ideas. I left my three-day Noble Desktop experience feeling inspired and excited to continue my After Effects learning journey. I intend on using my new knowledge to make personal art as well as enhance my day-job work as a graphic designer in higher education. I cannot speak highly enough of Kalika. She was truly a pleasure.

Lisa Festa, Princeton University

I had been trying to learn After Effects on my own for a while, but it wasn’t until I decided to take the course through Noble Desktop that things really started to make sense for me. Now I feel that I have a solid foundation and am more excited than before about learning After Effects.

Eric Vasquez

This is a great intensive course to get you started with After Effects. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning this. I would definitely take more classes at Noble Desktop.

Rose Mattrey, AAA Western & Central NY

The demos bring a daunting textbook to life and break everything down to manageable steps.

Don Jolovich, ESPN

Great school!! Offers a lot of courses, in different fields like Design, Coding and Business. Amazing teachers, currently I'm taking the After Effects class and it's so exciting, it's a bit complex but a really cool program. My teacher Kalika is really nice and has a lot of experience and knowledge. She is great!! I highly recommend the school.


The instructor gave extremely clear instructions and was one of the best teachers I've come across.

Arianne Hirsch

Kalika was so engaging. You can tell that she's not only extremely knowledgable, but extremely passionate about what she does. I was completely immersed into a program I had never launched before, and am no longer intimidated to pursue Ae.

Kaylan Whitaker, Givaudan

Not only did I learn so much more than I've ever imagined, but I had fun learning it too!

Chase Middleton

Very helpful for starting out in After Effects.

Gwyneth Olsom, Mathematica

Learned a lot in a short amount of time!

Djamika Smith, 92Y

"If you're looking to get started with After Effects, by gawd this is the place to do it!"

Matt, 92Y

A great foundation for someone who can't tell up from down in After Effects!

stephen lorusso

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there prerequisites for this class?

    • Basic working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is recommended. If you have never used Photoshop, consider taking either our Photoshop in a Day or Photoshop Bootcamp class.
    • Basic knowledge of video timeline editing and basic design skills are helpful, but not required.
  • Do I need to bring anything to the class?

    No. We provide computers (Mac or PC) with After Effects installed. Choose your operating system at checkout.

  • Do you offer discounts or a payment plan for this course?

    • 10% Alumni Discount: Get 10% off this course if you’ve previously taken any 12+ hour course.
    • $100 Individuals Discount: Take $100 off this course if you’re an individual paying for yourself (you’re not being reimbursed by a company).

    Discounts are applied at checkout (no promo code required) and will be verified after you place your order. Discounts are subject to change. Read our discount policies for more details.

    Payment Plan

    This course is not eligible for a payment plan, which is only available for programs priced at $2,495 and above. Read our Payment Plan FAQ for more details.

    Take this course as part of a certificate program and save:
  • Can I take this course online (remote learning)?

    You may attend this training virtually (online) at the scheduled time the course is offered (New York, Eastern Time).

    How does attending “live online” work?
    • Students can attend this training remotely through screen sharing software (we use Zoom).
    • Participants can hear the instruction, ask questions, and even share their screen with the instructor.
    • For audio you can use your computer’s microphone/speakers or call a phone number that we’ll provide.
    • Classes are activity-based and taught by a live instructor, so we strongly encourage students who are local to the area to attend in person!

Learn After Effects for Animations, Video Post-Production, and Visual Effects

Adobe After Effects
  • Use After Effects, the industry-standard program for motion graphics and animations, to create sophisticated animations and graphics, beyond the scope of a basic editing program.
  • Create title sequences for films.
  • Create sophisticated animated GIFs for emails.
  • Create Motion Graphics or Animations based on any or all of the following: layered Illustrator or Photoshop files, photos, JPG and PNG files, video clips, and/or audio.
  • For social media marketing–motion graphics in a Facebook feed, an animated Snapchat.
Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Motion graphics is the combination of graphic design and movement. It takes cues from character animation, typography, layout, video editing, illustration and sound design. After Effects is the industry-standard software for motion graphics.
  • Animation means to “give life to.” Ordinary still images such as photos, text and illustrations, can be “brought to life” through animation. You can use Premiere for basic animation or After Effects for more complex animations.
  • In digital animation and video editing, a keyframe refers to a marker on a timeline that indicates the beginning or end of a transition.
  • Each keyframe has a value which has to do with specific attributes or properties.
  • You can have keyframes for Position, Scale, Opacity, Rotation, and Effects.
  • To create animation, there needs to be a minimum of 2 keyframes of unequal value on one property or attribute.