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We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from real people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

1957 and counting!

“I went into this class knowing that I really need to get an overview of PHP. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but it turned out that the class was a great introduction and actually left me excited to learn more and develop my PHP skills. Thanks!”

Cathy Bechler


Aug 31, 2015

“Noble Desktops After Effects class was fantastic! Subject matter was explained and then practiced practically so that students can immediately apply the knowledge.”

Christopher Tricomi

Digital Production Admin

General Board of Global Ministries

Aug 27, 2015

“The class and instructor were excellent! The 3-day course was a great way to enhance my video skills without taking too much time away from my regular job. I highly recommend Noble Desktop!”

Peter Gavin


Aug 27, 2015

“Dan's training gave me the ammunition to tame the dragon called Photoshop CC.”

Michael Troy

Aug 17, 2015

“The WordPress class at Noble Desktop was amazing. The course exercises go through everything from setup to posting the site pages along with all the capabilities of the program.”

German Hernandez

Multimedia Designer

Aug 17, 2015

“The class was well thought out and the instructor was very thorough. Covered a lot of basic and not-so-basic HTML and CSS coding - enough to make you want to come and learn more at the advanced level.”

David Petersen

Creative Consultant/Designer

NJ Advance Media

Aug 6, 2015

“Invest in yourself and take the Mobile & Responsive Web Design class. It's a great and invaluable experience that will keep you current with web trends. The added bonus; instructors at Noble Desktop are always top notch!”

German Hernandez

Multimedia Designer

Aug 4, 2015

“The HTML5 & CSS3 class is a great eye opener for discovering what new possibilities are available and supported for your development. The books are really easy to follow but having the instructor-led class makes the biggest difference. Providing information on the progression of HTML, best practices and great resources to follow, you simply cannot pass this up.”

German Hernandez

Multimedia Designer

Aug 3, 2015

“Don't assume that because you know Photoshop you know how to design for the web. This class goes through various exercises that show the processes on design and optimization for exporting web-ready images. As always, all of Noble's instructors are great, know their stuff and are always helpful with troubleshooting and providing resources to take with you.”

German Hernandez

Multimedia Designer

Jul 29, 2015

“It was fascinating to discover the possibilities available while using JavaScript & jQuery once you understand how the code works. The instructor was extremely knowledgable and did an awesome job of answering questions, giving us resources and explaining every detail for all the exercises we worked on. This is definitely a class you need to take and have in your tool belt.”

German Hernandez

Jul 22, 2015

“The Web Development Level 2 course was more exciting than the first, showcasing further possibilities of what could be done with HTML and CSS. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and had real-world experience; he shared many resources with the class and was a wealth of information.”

German Hernandez

Jul 16, 2015

“As a working designer who had "avoided" taking a typography class over the years, this course filled in a lot of blanks. Loved it.”

Jamey Evans

Production Designer

The Wall Street Journal

Jul 13, 2015

“This course was easy to follow and we covered tons of information relative to development, testing and distribution. The big plus for me is the hand-coding, but this course is great for anyone looking to get started in HTML Emails with plenty of resources to move forward and beyond.”

German Hernandez

Jul 13, 2015

“Web design taught cleanly and concisely with attention to shortcuts as any web designer would use.”

Tobi Klarnet


Klarnet Design

Jul 10, 2015

“The teaching method at Noble Desktop is perfect and the classes provide you with infinite knowledge that makes you eager to take all of the classes they offer. The quality of the instructors and exercises is unmatchable and of the highest quality. I love Noble!”

Ivonne Ackerman


New York City Ballet

Jul 9, 2015

“Ethan is a terrific instructor who leads his students though the complex processes step by step with clarity and humor.”

Gwendolyn Chambrun

Jul 6, 2015

“Best way to learn software!”

Ryan Valle

Field Operations Administrator


Jul 2, 2015

“The course was well put together as was the provided book, and the teacher was not only knowledgable, he was friendly and added humor to make the process fun. The computer and classroom is also convenient and comfortable. I'm excited to learn more from Noble Desktop.”

Dan Taormina

Jun 29, 2015

“I really enjoyed the "Prototyping & User Testing" course. Can't wait to start applying what I learned to my every day projects. Subalekha was excellent. She did her best to cover as much as possible. She is very knowledgeable and gave me many great advices for the real world job market.”

Ellen Rich

Interactive Producer

Jun 29, 2015

“Cody is an excellent instructor! He really knows his material and gets right down to the core of what you need. He's a real life After Effects ninja. Two thumbs up!!”

Kevin N.

Jun 26, 2015

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