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We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from real people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

1975 and counting!

“I genuinely loved the class! As a working professional, I appreciate how much ground was covered in the time we had. I have taken different courses around the city and Noble definitely has more bang for the buck.”

Alfred Assin

Nov 16, 2015

“I had an AMAZING learning experience at Noble Desktop. As a working professional, sometimes you need a little "refresher" or additional new skills to keep yourself from being stagnant in the industry. Personally, I always believe that one should never stop learning. Another reason why I feel Noble Desktop is great is because the courses they offer feel custom designed for me and I am able to choose what classes are relevant to me and they make it easy to fit into my busy schedule.”

Mai Fung

Senior Graphic Designer

Nov 13, 2015

“The UX Fundamentals class was a really great way to step into the world of UX Design. The teacher really explained the principles and concepts from his years of actual experience in the field. There was not a question he couldn't answer. The hands-on work within each class really helped drill in the ideas and get us familiar with how a UX Designer's job works. Excellent class!”

Josh Okun

Director, Web Services

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Nov 13, 2015

“Ethan has a humongous amount of knowledge about his stuff and knows the right way to convey it to the group.”

Justyna Jewula


Nov 11, 2015

“I really enjoyed the class. I didn't know that you could change the name of a layer and save a photo for web. I'm used to working in Illustrator. After the class, I felt a lot more comfortable manipulating objects, layers and effects in Photoshop. Thinking "responsively" or in terms of a 12-column Bootstrap layout is great, but the techniques we learned to resize and manipulate objects and layers are what made the class invaluable.”

Elizabeth Funk

IT Director and Webmaster

Women in Sovereign Entities

Nov 4, 2015

“This class was really comprehensive. If you want to get the most up-to-date coding to use and best practices, this is the class to take.”

Rose Drayton

Smithsonian Magazine

Oct 28, 2015

“The techniques I learned from this class will save a great deal of hours in production. Knowing these short cuts is worth the class alone.”

Alfred Assin

Oct 22, 2015

“Michele is just a great teacher! I enjoyed her 2-day class. Thank you!”

Maria Franco

Oct 21, 2015

“There's no way you can simply wing this as a designer. Featuring a great instructor with many resources and knowledge on the history and use of typefaces, the Typography class at Noble Desktop is an absolute must.”

German Hernandez

Multimedia Designer

Oct 19, 2015

“This class really helped me understand the structure of building a website from scratch, with code, instead of using a WYSIWYG program, which is how I did it before. Victoria is a great instructor, the class was fun, well presented, and the textbook easy to understand and a great reference for future use.”

Gail Kearney

Oct 12, 2015

“I went in with a bunch of questions and walked out with all of them answered. Very knowledgeable teacher who was extremely patient and understanding. Loved this class. Would recommend to anyone and everyone who would like to learn more about responsive HTML emails.”

Rena Abelson

Marketing Coordinator

Reach Marketing LLC

Oct 12, 2015

“I really enjoyed the class on responsive HTML email design. The way the instructor broke down the steps made it easy for me to grasp the concepts and recreate on my own.”

Lisa Rosenberg

Jobson Healthcare Information

Oct 12, 2015

“The course was even better than I had imagined - I feel so much more confident in my ability to understand web development and look forward to many more classes.”

Nan Hodin

Oct 9, 2015

“Motivated instructor in the business, uses real examples. I like how she explained things in more than one way, often using different words to explain the same thing. The repetition helped throughout the course.”

Marisa Giordano

Oct 5, 2015

“If you've never taken HTML, then this is the class to learn the foundations of HTML in only 4 classes! Plus with comprehensive teachers and an easy to follow workbook, you can easily pick up HTML literally in a day. Once you have that information, it’s up to you to use it.”

Peter Ahn

Art Director

Modell's Sporting Goods

Oct 1, 2015

“Great class. Very clear instruction. Good balance of activities and "lecture". Lots of hands on help. I came in a novice and left feeling like a professional.”

Randell Bynum

Oct 1, 2015

“Megan was an absolute pleasure. She was very attentive to the needs of individual students and took as much time as was necessary to help get us across the finish line.”

Fenton Joseph

Sep 28, 2015

“I went into this class knowing that I really need to get an overview of PHP. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but it turned out that the class was a great introduction and actually left me excited to learn more and develop my PHP skills. Thanks!”

Cathy Bechler


Aug 31, 2015

“Noble Desktops After Effects class was fantastic! Subject matter was explained and then practiced practically so that students can immediately apply the knowledge.”

Christopher Tricomi

Digital Production Admin

General Board of Global Ministries

Aug 27, 2015

“The class and instructor were excellent! The 3-day course was a great way to enhance my video skills without taking too much time away from my regular job. I highly recommend Noble Desktop!”

Peter Gavin


Aug 27, 2015

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