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We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from real people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

2055 and counting!

“It helped knowing Photoshop but all the added tips and tricks, on top of learning the lessons, was the icing on the cake! This class was terrific! I'd recommend it to anyone getting into website design.”

Barbara Jones

Design Director, Education & Health Promotion

March of Dimes

Aug 25, 2016

“I would take any class taught by Dan Rodney.”

Abbe Eckstein

Freelance Design Manager

Aug 23, 2016

“Web Development Level 1 is an excellent introduction to HTML and CSS coding. The fundamental elements were explained and hands-on exercises bolstered an understanding of each function. If you are looking to build a simple web site or gain knowledge of basic coding for customization of existing sites this course is definitely helpful.”

Carla Siegel

Art Director


Aug 15, 2016

“Every piece of information is useful. It gives you a kickstart to take off on your own.”

Ellen McKinley

Rider University

Jul 29, 2016

“They deliver what they promise.”

Cesar Almeida

Jul 28, 2016

“This was truly a capstone class to get me ready to work on a full site development with a responsive approach. This class is an absolute must for anyone wanting to start creating amazing websites from scratch.”

Susana Piscitiello

Cross Appeal

Jul 28, 2016

“David was great. The class was great. I'm no longer so intimidated by the deeper levels of the web design process.”

Elizabeth Connor


Jul 22, 2016

“Training session was excellent. It covered all necessary material at the perfect pace. I left feeling ready to take on not only the next course, but also projects flowing through our department at work.”

Christopher Donach

Vice President


Jul 22, 2016

“LOVED the instructor! He was really knowledgeable, helpful, positive, and made learning about HTML and CSS fun and not nearly as frightening as I thought it would be!”

Claudia Ross

Jul 19, 2016

“James was able to take an old print-hound designer who was terrified of web design and slowly and patiently coax her to the dark side! Thank you, for now I see the light!”

Cynthia Dailey

Graphic Designer/Instructor

Hunterdon County Polytech

Jul 18, 2016

“Great course environment. Professionally and comprehensively set up to help you focus on mastering the course content in a dense window of time.”

Matthew Berman

Web Master/Social Media Director

Seton Hall Prep

Jul 11, 2016

“After Effects seemed really intimidating but after this class I was able to jump right into projects without hesitation. I was able to use my new skills the first day after class ended on a pitch!”

Siho Ellsmore


MSL Group

Jul 5, 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class, especially the instructor - Michele. I wish I could have taken the class for a full semester to learn more!”

Mary McElroy

Long Island Athletics

Jul 1, 2016

“This class was great for base knowledge on InDesign. I walked in knowing nothing and feel super capable of getting started with it. They do a great job of connecting the application to various Adobe applications while still making it feel digestible and dare I say it, fun!”

Betty Barnes Herrlander

Jun 24, 2016

“I had been trying to learn After Effects on my own for a while, but it wasn't until I decided to take the course through Noble Desktop that things really started to make sense for me. Now I feel that I have a solid foundation and am more excited than before about learning After Effects.”

Eric Vasquez

Art Director / Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Jun 24, 2016

“The course and the instruction were very organized and clarified. The material that was covered was solid, comprehensive and uncluttered.”

Mark La Rosa

Jun 24, 2016

“I've taken 4 or 5 classes at Noble Desktop, and all have been great! I've recommended them to friends and coworkers, and will continue to do so. I like that the classes are easily digestible, while still covering a lot of material. They also do a good job of explaining the fundamentals, so you understand what you are doing and why. I feel a lot of courses give a list of instructions on how to do different things within a program, but without understanding fundamentally why you're doing each step, it is hard to apply those concepts to future projects outside the classroom.”

Stephanie Levine

Justin Alexander Bridal

Jun 20, 2016

“Web Development Level 1 was an excellent class that covered just the right amount of material and even had some time to delve into forms. The class size was perfect, classroom was clean, equipment worked well without issues. The course was very well organized, exercises were well thought-out and were easy to navigate through. Victoria was an amazing instructor, she knew her material very well, was very kind, helpful and supportive. I highly recommend the class and the school.”

Angelique Amunet

Jun 17, 2016

“I loved this class. I loved Victoria. It was a great experience and I learned so much. I got excited about web design again.”

Elizabeth Connor

Art Director

Jun 10, 2016

“A quick and efficient course in the incredibly complex world of animation. Highly recommended for raw beginners looking to get their feet wet.”

Tzipora Kaplan

Music Theatre International

May 31, 2016

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