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We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from real people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

1906 and counting!

“Victoria did a great job of breaking down the current challenges of coding solid responsive HTML emails. The class covered all the key topics I needed to update our approach and sparked some new email ideas. Couldn't ask for more than that!”

Tina Sher

Value Line

Mar 23, 2015

“The class was extremely helpful and informative. The information obtained will make our day to day e-book process 100% easier.”

Maureen Naccari

Web & Print Associate

Boardroom Inc.

Mar 20, 2015

“It was a class filled with "aha" moments from both the basic and advanced users. Everyone came away with knowledge that we felt could be applied and used to advantage in our various real world positions.”

Micheline Frederick

Mar 17, 2015

“This class gave great information about responsive web design. I immediately applied many of the techniques to the website I was working on at the time.”

Jonah Schrogin

Digital Designer

Mar 6, 2015

“Cathline was very knowledgeable and generous with her information. She is also a fine speaker and presents her material with energy and humor. This rare in even the best classes, and I've been to a few recently. I feel that I came away from this class better prepared to approach the design of a site. I feel that I have better tools that help me to avoid or resolve problems. One leaves this class with the feeling that one has advanced oneself; an impressive achievement considering that the class is not even a week long.”

David Zuill

Mar 5, 2015

“Upon meeting Cathline, the instructor, I never fully realized how what an amazing design teacher could be. Cathline was better as a teacher than any "high level" professor I had at Parsons where I completed my MFA. She explained concepts extremely well, was nurturing, always available for assistance, answered every question fully, and was genuinely concerned for her student's welfare. This was really touching. I will never forget the experience I had in her Visual Design for Web and Mobile class. It was unforgettable and very very beneficial for someone who was shaky about their graphic designs. Cathline put me back up on my ladder. What a terrific, terrific, terrific teacher.”

Christopher Koelsch

The Idea Time, Inc.

Mar 5, 2015

“The instructor was excellent! He knew the program intimately and was very patient with our many questions. This is the 3rd course I've taken at Noble, and it was one of the best. Highly recommended.”

Sandy Kaufman


Mar 4, 2015

“A good class for the novice or the professional who might not know everything they think they should when it comes to Illustrator.”

Alicia Goodwin


Lingua Nigra

Feb 23, 2015

“As someone with no experience in coding and relatively little experience in computer concepts in general, this is a digestible and immediately applicable introduction to HTML and CSS.”

Seth Yamasaki

Feb 17, 2015

“This class made me feel at ease while learning, and more confident by the end. InDesign doesn't scare me anymore!”

Melissa Esposito

Graphic Designer

Salesian Sisters

Feb 17, 2015

“Maurizio Masi is an absolute master of typography. I feel honored that I got to learn from him in this class.”

Sofia Brunner

Creative Strategist


Feb 13, 2015

“The course covered a lot of material in the 3-hour period and is a good introductory course into animation. I feel like I've learned what I need to start making animations myself and expand on that knowledge to be adventurous with animation, because prior to this class I had no idea how to create GIFs in Photoshop.”

Madeline Leung

Feb 10, 2015

“Demystifies and delivers the goods! An excellent guide for the digital labyrinth!”

Jim Haines

Digital Content Specialist

Feb 10, 2015

“Great overview of DPS, very clear and concise!”

Holland Utley

Feb 9, 2015

“When you are learning how to code, having good teachers really matters. Noble Desktop's Dan Rodney is the best teacher I've found thus far. He is incredibly patient yet very energetic, runs the class at a good pace, provides plenty of his own tips and insights to supplement the book/curriculum and is proactive about researching the latest developments in a particular field so he can update students on those changes. Seriously -- learning how to code is so much easier when you have a great instructor.”

Elizabeth Woyke

Technology Reporter

Feb 6, 2015

“Excellent class! I learned so much and would definitely recommend it!”

Kristine Carney

Jan 21, 2015

“The DPS class was excellent, concise, and well structured. The books are very well written and easy to follow.”

Robergeau Duverger

Designer/Production Artist

Jan 15, 2015

“Web Development Level 1 is an excellent intro to web site coding. Content was completely alien to me until I took this class. From Day 1 everything made sense!”

Mariza Moreira

Design Manager

Northstar Travel Media

Jan 9, 2015

“Incredibly thorough class taught by an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. I only wish the class was longer so I could come every day!”

Dari Litchman

Jan 3, 2015

“UX Design in a Day is a great introduction for those interested in understanding what UX is and learning the necessary skill set for this growing field. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and the short activity sessions helped me get a hands-on feel of the UX process.”

Joseph Broda

Digital Editions Specialist


Dec 22, 2014

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