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We get testimonials from our students all the time. They’re the honest writings from real people like you, from students who have attended our classes.

2030 and counting!

“I love Noble Desktop. I highly recommend it.”

Paula Aguirre

Graphic Designer

Apr 26, 2016

“I'd approached this class with an open mind because while I'm a "Photoshop veteran" I hadn't used it for website wire framing. Simply put the Photoshop for Web Design & UI course material is directly in line with the subject. There was much that I learned that I wished I had known about before for my own projects. I found the course's "real world" scenarios/examples to be very educational. The course's instructor Ethan was masterful.”

Darryl Kaalund

Apr 22, 2016

“Reading all the positive testimonials you think to yourself, "No class or instructor can be THAT good, right?" Wrong. The instructors at Noble are the most knowledgeable, experienced, patient and skilled teachers you will find anywhere and the learning methods and training materials they employ will have you designing, coding and creating in no time.”

Darrel Somoza

Assistant Director - Technology Based Training

Long Island Rail Road

Apr 19, 2016

“Very comprehensive course. I really enjoyed learning basic CSS as someone who doesn't have much experience with coding/programming languages. The pace was good for me and I definitely recommend the course to beginners or anyone that wants to learn HTML/CSS.”

Dayse Tapia

Apr 18, 2016

“Top notch instruction with experienced instructors.”

Ricky Singer

Mananger, Technology Based Training


Apr 18, 2016

“Great class, good tips, nice instructor and people!”

Kristie Finn

Senior Graphic Designer

Victoria's Secret

Apr 18, 2016

“Over the last 21 years, I have worked my way up through various positions in our companies Training Department and now manage all technology based training. I am extremely impressed with your teaching model, the impeccable, obviously well thought-out and error free training materials and last but not least the instructors experience shown through and her pleasant manner made everyone feel comfortable. The learning atmosphere couldn't have been better. Bravo to what you've built.”

Darrel Somoza

Assistant Director - Technology Based Training

Long Island Rail Road

Apr 11, 2016

“I just wanted to take a moment to express just how impressed I am and UBER happy with the instruction and the content of this class. It was very well thought out and every bit of the class was useful. I walked out of that class ready to use, and with a functional knowledge of, Sketch! Great job!”

Ismael Franco

Assoc. Creative Director


Apr 11, 2016

“If you are looking to really learn about programming this is the place to go. Noble Desktop is hands down the best place to come.”

Wendy Herzberg

Apr 8, 2016

“I can't say enough good things. The class was engaging, well-paced, and full of useful information outside what was covered in the book.”

Stephanie Rojas

Direct Marketing Assistant

Princeton University Press

Apr 8, 2016

“Maurizio was an excellent teacher. Very humbling teacher.”

Randell Bynum

Apr 6, 2016

“I was very pleased with the class and the investment paid off in a project I worked on where I had to lay out a piece and received very positive feedback. I attribute it to the knowledge I learned from this class.”

Elizabeth Heldrich

Graphic Design Consultant

Apr 4, 2016

“The instructors care - seriously. I think I asked about 200 questions over the course of a three day class and each one was answered enthusiastically and completely.”

Brian Dunne

Digital Marketing Assistant

The Answer Company

Mar 25, 2016

“Learned so much in this class. And Victoria is fun and easy to understand. I'm so glad I took this class!”

Susana Piscitiello


Cross Appeal

Mar 21, 2016

“Outstanding. Highly recommend the course and Noble Desktop overall. Instructors are the best, exercises and manuals prove helpful long after the class has ended. The only place I would consider to take a course...continues to help me grow in my design career.”

Peter Carey

Senior Manager, Creative Services


Mar 21, 2016

“This class was great. We (the class) benefited from the instructor's experience, skill, as well as ease of explanation of the terms, the why of it all, and the way the course was structured.”

Carol-Anne Ryce-Paul


Mar 21, 2016

“A fantastic introduction to animated GIFs. The class not only teaches basic execution skills but also gives a solid grasp of how to make wise animation choices so you can begin experimenting on your own.”

Tzipora Kaplan

Art + Brand Manager

Music Theatre International

Mar 17, 2016

“Who knew making animated GIFs was so easy? Michele is great at providing context for the book exercises and giving you confidence to go out and create your own GIFs!”

Susana Piscitiello


Cross Appeal

Mar 16, 2016

“Great class overall. Tons of information to cover, so it will take time for it all to sink in. It was well taught by Lasha and I will certainly take another class with him and with Noble.”

Scott Mitzner

Mar 14, 2016

“The course does a good job explaining Javascript to those who never before wrote a programming language. I'm now familiar with its syntax. By taking this course I've begun the process to acquire a greater understanding of Javascript. I'm appreciative of the class instructor for making explaining Javascript's complexities.”

Darryl Kaalund

Mar 14, 2016

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