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“What a great introduction to Sketch. After the class, I feel like I can start my next project in Sketch without worry.”

Jedd Flanscha


May 30, 2017

“People say "Wordpress is easy,” but this was not the case when I tried a theme on my own domain. After taking Noble's class I realize that when non-developers say it's easy that they are referring to Noble's class does much more. It teaches you how to give your custom front end website a backend so that non-developers can maintain your website without touching any code.”

Sonia Parechanian

May 27, 2017

“The After Effects I class was exactly what I hoped for and was super helpful. It's best to go in with some Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge, as well as some basic awareness of motion graphics applications such as how timelines function, editing terms, etc. But, depending on your aptitude for learning new programs, you would not necessarily need that knowledge, and the instructor is great at helping students each progress based on their individual level. I learned so much, and feel confident that I can now start on some basic AE projects. Looking forward to level II!”

Ginger LaBella

Graphic Designer

May 26, 2017

“Noble lets you learn to code in a hands-on, practical way. The goal is for you to actually learn how to build websites and doesn't assume you have a team of people to do things for you. The content is extremely practical; it's not a test to screen out who should be admitted to MIT or not. They've spent over 20 years perfecting the course materials, and it shows. The materials become your reference manual that you can refer to as you implement upgrades to your own website. Don't waste your money elsewhere, this is the place to go. The owner and teachers are fully committed to your success. They allow repeats and host a Meetup for those in the program to get help and exchange ideas. Noble has your back, while other programs thank you for your money and forget you after their profits clear. Also, you can take the classes that you want to without being forced to take an entire bootcamp.”

Sonia Parechanian

May 22, 2017

“The User Experience Design in a Day class was extremely fascinating and educational. It is a great overview and a must-take for anyone in web design. Ron "demystified" the UX design process. I am looking forward to taking the next class, User Experience Fundamentals, to further my knowledge.”

Victoria Greiss

Creative Director

May 18, 2017

“InDesign in a Day was the right balance of information to make you feel like a pro in just 8 hours.”

Victoria Dykes

Communications Specialist


May 16, 2017

“Adobe InDesign in a Day was the perfect class to get me started on using the software for work right away! We learned how to lay out text and images and create practical and fanciful pieces, relevant to both professional and personal interests! Michele was engaging throughout the entire day and really kept the pace of the class up. I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a jump start to getting the most out of Adobe Creative Cloud!”

Robyn Wolin

Donor Relations Specialist

World Animal Protection

May 16, 2017

“How I interact and look at websites has completely changed after taking User Experience Fundamentals. This class helped me understand the critical questions I should be asking my freelance clients and their users. Allowing me to create stronger and more impactful designs.”

Che Saitta-Zelterman

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

May 8, 2017

“The Noble Desktop PowerPoint training 2-day session was informative, casual, fun. The instructor, Scott, was knowledgeable and helpful and patient with us as we navigated our way around PPT. It was a good course and I highly recommend it for anyone in need of brushing up or just the basics. Thanks for a helpful experience.”

Richard Cali

Art Supervisor

Havas Health H4B Catapult

Apr 18, 2017

“I had a pretty basic understanding of CSS before this class. The concepts themselves weren't completely foreign to me, however I now feel like have a better understanding of how things really work. Rather than just copying and pasting code and hoping it does what I want it to, I now know why things work which will help me style more effectively and efficiently.”

Courtney Huber

Advisors Excel

Apr 14, 2017

“Noble is a school that is exactly what its name says. It cares about customer success. Its instructors have real world experience and are experts in their field. They teach because they enjoy it and they care that you actually learn. Forget the other "bootcamps” that feed you info from a firehose and you walk out with your head spinning. If you really want to learn, come to Noble Desktop.”

Sonia Parechanian

Apr 10, 2017

“This was a great class that gave me a good, workable and practical foundation to build from.”

Julie Koch-Beinke


Apr 6, 2017

“I have taken almost the entire course catalogue offered by Noble Desktop. The teaching method is perfect for the material. The instructors keep their knowledge cutting edge and each have a respectful resume chock full of experience. If I had to pick one thing to say about Noble Desktop it would be that the quality of instruction, choice of topics and teaching methods are extremely consistent; there wasn't one day of one class that I felt let down. That's amazing.”

Darrel Somoza

Assistant Director - Technology Based Training

Long Island Rail Road

Mar 29, 2017

“Great learning environment, great resources, and great teachers with a wealth of knowledge of the industry.”

Matthew Kissel

Digital Production Artist

Mar 29, 2017

“As a senior art director at a major agency, it's great to find a class that gives comprehensive knowledge of the essentials while inspiring me to see what's possible. This class as started me on a journey of expanding my skill set and has done so in a fast, easy to follow way. I loved this class!”

Raffael Pacitti

Senior Art Director

Juice Pharma Worldwide

Mar 23, 2017

“Take web development from Noble if you actually want to learn and to feel like you are learning. I took a part time front-end web dev course at a big name competitor first. The competitor's course left me feeling lost and overwhelmed because there were no notes or book. Noble gives you top-notch notes and has spent significant time setting up the exercises so you never get lost. The instructor actually knows how to teach and likes it and wasn't speeding through the material so he could leave early to go to his bunk bed start-up life, as in the class I took from the competition. Further - they have a massive screen so you can see what the instructor is doing rather than squinting and getting lost as I did in the competitor’s class. On top of all that, I feel extremely satisfied that I got my money's worth because I can practice the lessons again because there is a book. AND if I want to see a lesson again, I'm allowed to come back and watch again. I don't think I'll need to repeat anything BUT I am super happy that is an option. These guys run a good ,fair business. They treat you well and you actually learn. Forget the rest, Noble will make you successful.”

Sonia Parechanian

Mar 23, 2017

“The Wordpress class is a must-take for anyone learning web design. Lasha explains everything very thoroughly and goes above and beyond to detail every step. I highly recommend this class.”

Victoria Greiss

Creative Director

Mar 22, 2017

“As with the other classes I've taken, Noble did a great job of delivering a ton of instruction in a short time. A great grounding in JavaScript and jQuery. Now it's up to me to take that instruction and run with it.”

John McCarthy

Art Director

Mar 22, 2017

“Wonderful introduction for beginners and includes a very handy exercise book with explicit, do-it-yourself steps (thankfully the opposite of guidebooks written by robotic, removed pros).”

Ali Gross

Workman Publishing

Mar 14, 2017

“This was a wonderful class and having a live instructor made a huge difference in the class experience. Our instructor, Kalika, was amazing and set the lessons up so that we gradually built towards the final lesson making incredible progress along the way. She also allowed us all to work at our own pace during the lessons so that everyone was able to develop at a pace comfortable to them while still seeing a marked improvement. I highly recommend this class and eagerly look forward to the next.”

Robert Byrnes

Art Director/Animator


Mar 8, 2017

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