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Excel for Business Fundamentals

Excel Courses for Beginners

In this beginner Excel workshop, you’ll learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel, including calculations, basic functions, graphs, formatting, and printing. This basic Excel class is perfect for those with limited experience looking to expand their proficiency. 

The course comes with our revolutionary Excel video suite, so you can review the materials anytime after the class.

Take this class as part of the Excel Bootcamp and get a 15% discount. The package includes Excel Fundamentals, Intermediate Excel, and Advanced Excel.

This beginner Excel class is taught at our affiliate school, NYIM Training, located at 185 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

  • 6 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online

This course is offered at our business training school, NYIM Training, in Midtown Manhattan. Register for this course directly on NYIM’s website.

What You’ll Learn

  • Become familiar with the interface and data entry
  • Learn essential formulas and functions
  • Format and print your work
  • Create charts, including line, column, and pie charts
  • Learn tips and tricks for easy workbook management
  • Review key concepts in a final project
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Excel for Business Fundamentals Class Syllabus

What You’ll Learn



  • Provides a brief description of the user interface for Microsoft Excel
Data Entry
  • Examines and describes multiple means of entering data

  • Explores Excel's amazing ability to predict and extrapolate patterns
  • Perform mathematical expressions and review the Order of Operations rule
True or False
  • Tests to see whether criteria is true/false
AutoSum Functions
  • Review the five key functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count Numbers
Text Functions
  • Introduces functions used to modify text in Excel
Multi-Input Functions
  • More advanced functions that require more than one input
Absolute Cell References
  • Changing a cell reference into a constant, which is necessary in certain calculations

  • The addition of effects to an excel document to provide visual instruction
Format Painter
  • The ability to copy format from one cell/range of cells to another cell/range of cells
Conditional Format
  • Apply a predetermined format based on specified rules

Charts & Tables
Line Chart
  • Create a Line chart and Spark lines to visually examine data
Column Chart
  • Create a Column chart to visually examine data
  • Explores the special functionality created when data is converted to a Table

Workbook Management
  • Rules and strategies to make printing easy
  • Insert, move, copy and delete worksheets
Repeat Action
  • Use the F4 key to duplicate a prior action
  • 5 Fundamental keyboard shortcuts and a review of others previously covered

End of Class Project
  • End of class project to review key concepts from the class
Save and Close
  • Save, close and email the completed workbook
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Learn Excel Essentials

This is a hands-on beginner Excel course in which you will work on real-world examples, so that you gain extensive practice throughout the class. You’ll learn the essentials of Excel from industry professionals, as well as apply the concepts you learn to a final project. This class also comes with access to NYIM’s Excel Fundamentals video suite, including lifetime access to several hours of valuable content.

  • “Fast-paced class, a lot of information in a short amount of time--- condensed to most useful tips and tricks. Very glad I was able to participate as I learned a lot more than I already knew. Michael was a great instructor with a very easygoing vibe.”

    Roksana B.

    Attended Excel for Business Fundamentals

  • “Just came out of my Excel Business Level Training at NYIM. Garfield, the instructor, is really nice And very helpful. They are very professional and they provide all the necessary tools for the students to acquire all the info they need, and, in case you want to refresh your memory you can always retake the course for free within 6 months. Cool, huh? :-)”

    Dana D.

    Attended Excel for Business Fundamentals

  • “It was a full day from 10am-5, fast-moving and packed with information on all the Excel basics, including on-the-spot exercises. Really useful for skills in managing all kinds of information and projects. I'd highly recommend this course, and would like to take the L2 when I'm ready! ”

    Kathleen H.

    Attended Excel for Business Fundamentals

  • “This course exceeded my expectations. Saba is a great instructor! She answered all my questions and went beyond to link it to real life examples.”

    Laura H.

  • “Had a one on one training with Garfield - he was patient, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their excel capabilities in business.”

    Alexandria A.

  • “Great class! The content was well organized and the instructor was excellent. He was engaging, knew the material very well and was able to adjust to the various levels of ability of the students! Would definitely recommend! ”

    Rebecca H.

Learn Essential Excel Concepts

Throughout the class you’ll learn essential concepts, including formulas, charts, Autofill, absolute cell references, conditional formatting, and more! By the end of the class, you’ll apply all the concepts learned to a final project.

Lifetime Access to a Video Suite

This class comes with access to the Excel Fundamentals video suite that contains individual videos of each of the exercises covered in the course.

Industry Professional Instructors

Our instructors are industry professionals who draw on their experience to teach real-world applications and time-saving techniques. Learn tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts you can use right away.

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185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online

This course is offered at our business training school, NYIM Training, in Midtown Manhattan. Register for this course directly on NYIM’s website.