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What’s New in Illustrator CC 2019?

Each year Adobe comes out with new features, so what changed in Illustrator CC 2019? We’ll cover the most important changes we think you should know about.

Freeform Gradients

In addition to Linear and Radial gradients, Adobe added a new kind of gradient called Freeform gradients. Freeform gradients are similar to a gradient mesh, but are easier to work with and the color blending acts differently.

You can add color stops (places where you choose a color) anywhere in an object and move them around. These color stops can be points or lines. You can switch between the two modes in the Gradient panel, Properties panel, or Control panel.

Adobe  Illustrator

Video Tutorial: Creative Effects with Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to composite artwork drawn in Illustrator with various effects and photos into a unified color scheme.

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Adobe  Illustrator

Video Tutorial: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

In this seminar we'll cover the basics of Illustrator so you can get started using it to create graphics for web, print, signage, or anything!


Illustrator Class (attend in New York City or Live Online)

Illustrator Book (eBook or Print)


Adobe  Illustrator