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How Learning Graphic Design Will Help You Feel Empowered

It’s quite liberating to be your own boss. We’re talking about flexible schedules, not missing out on important events, and controlling your work environment. It’s even more exhilarating knowing that you’re spending most of your days working on something you’re truly passionate about and know it will make a difference one day. When it comes to the technology world, graphic design has long been a career choice to stimulate creativity and make a real difference. 

Here’s why learning graphic design will help you feel empowered:

Make Your Mark

There are very few career paths that allow you to think outside the box and use creativity with not many limits. As a graphic designer, you’ll be able to create, design, and express many messages that can influence thousands of people.

Spotting something you designed on a billboard or an advertisement is always exciting, especially knowing it’s exposed to such a large audience. As a graphic designer, you can also work with brands that resonate with your beliefs, such as eco-friendly companies or non-profits, and create such encouraging designs that they both impact your personal life and the lives of others.

Bottom line, as a graphic designer you’ll have endless opportunities of making your mark. 

Work With Many Industries

Graphic design surrounds us in every part of our lives. When you’re in the shower, there’s graphic design on shampoo bottles; there’s a design on your Colgate toothpaste and so on. As you drive to work, you see billboards of various designers and even as you enter a grocery store, the first things you’ll notice are catchy titles and designs.

It’s safe to say that graphic designers never run out of work to do. Even more so, graphic designers are wanted in almost every industry, including fashion, warehouses, software, and trade shows. Life as a designer runs on options, and more importantly, choices of who we want to work with and whether we can make their brand stand out.

Get Niche

Another great aspect of graphic design is having the ability to branch out and focus on one category. Graphic designers have broad niches, including logo design, brand identity, flash design, art directing, and even photoshop art. While it’s best to always focus on a niche in your industry, you’ll have a lot of options to start with. 

Once you start learning the fundamentals of graphic design, you’ll feel a certain pull or attraction to one specific aspect of graphic design which will help determine your niche. For example, when you start your courses, you may realize you genuinely enjoy designing logos or playing with photoshop and that will be one of your "signs."

High Demand

Graphic designers are becoming more popular due to increasing demand. With so much exposure to billboards, advertisements, and digital promotions, it’s no secret that highly qualified graphic designers are sought after. Due to this positive reality, becoming a graphic designer is not only an exciting career choice, but it also ensures that you won’t run out of projects to pursue and jobs to apply for.

If you prefer to work as a freelancer, there is no shortage of companies looking out for them, too. Whatever you decide, and whichever work environment you prefer to be in, the world is at your fingertips. Once you begin your journey as a graphic designer, remember that you won’t know where you want to specialize right away, and because of the endless choices you’ll have, the decision may be difficult.

But before you get confused or overwhelmed, focus on the basics of graphic design, take on any projects that come your way, and gather some data about your patterns. Are you taking on more logo designing or prefer to work on branding? Do you enjoy sketches on photoshop or would rather work on layouts like magazine covers and brochures?

It’s important to monitor your progress, notice your personal preferences, and focus on strengthening your skills and talents. Once you really dive into your graphic design course, you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand and what you wish to pursue.

Get started with Noble Desktop’s offering of graphic design courses or fully immerse yourself through our Graphic Design Bootcamp and supercharge your career with hands-on projects and personalized attention.

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