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Intro to Adobe Illustrator: Free Online Course

In this seminar you'll learn the basics of Illustrator so you can get started using it to create graphics for logos, icons, and more! Adobe Illustrator can be insanely useful for creating graphics for web, print, signage, or anything! Unfortunately it’s not very intuitive for beginners to learn. In this seminar we’ll show you the fundamentals of Illustrator in a way that makes them approachable for someone who’s just getting started. Experience with another Adobe graphics app will help, but is not required.

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In this video seminar you’ll learn:

  • Vector Graphics versus Pixel-Based Graphics
  • Drawing Basic Shapes
  • Build Complex Shapes by Combining Easy to Draw Shapes
  • Unlocking the Mystery of the Pen Tool
  • Fill and Stroke Colors
  • Adding Effects such as Drop Shadows
  • Using the Appearance Panel
  • How to Save Files (Appropriate File Formats for Print and Web)

This seminar is for people who are new to Illustrator.


The slides shown in this online seminar can be viewed at

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