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Intro to Adobe Photoshop

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NYC: Tue, Oct 3, 6–8pm

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Photoshop may be a household word, but not everyone knows how to use it. In fact it is still one of our most popular classes. In this seminar we'll cover the basics of Photoshop so you can get started using it for photo retouching, or web and print design.

Here is a sampling of the great stuff we'll demonstrate in this seminar:

  • Clone stamp / healing brush
  • Layers
  • Making selections
  • Type
  • Layer effects
  • Color correction with adjustment layers
  • Resolution:
    • What is the appropriate resolution for print and web?
    • Issues you need to keep in mind when changing resolutions
  • How to save your files (appropriate file formats for print and web)
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New York City seminars are held at:
594 Broadway, Suite 1202 (between Prince & Houston) Map