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Photoshop Animated GIFs

Animations That Work Everywhere

With the rise of mobile devices, animated GIFs have regained popularity because they just work (unlike Flash animations which do not work on mobile devices). GIFs are an easy solution for short animations.

In this 3-hour class you’ll learn how to create animated GIFs for websites, ads, or even HTML emails. Photoshop lets you create numerous types of animations. Learn how to hide and show elements, fading them in or out, move things from one place to another, and more. You’ll even add short video clips!

This course is for people that have prior experience using Photoshop, but want to learn how to create and optimize animated GIFs.

  • Learn how to use video in your animations.

  • Create custom reveals for interesting animations.

  • You’ll start out simple by showing & hiding layers.

  • Move elements & animate opacity to fade elements in or out.

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Price: $150

  • 3 hours
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac or PC
  • In New York City and Live Online

We Literally Wrote the Book!

Animated gifs

To make the perfect class we had to write our own workbooks which are included with each class.

Can’t take a class? Our workbooks are the next best thing.

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What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Creating a Simple Animated GIF


  • Creating a Frame Animation
  • Adding Frames
  • Setting Frame Duration using Frame Delay Option
  • Testing the Animation
  • Saving as an Animated GIF
Intro to Tweening


  • Animating Position to Create Movement
  • Animating Opacity to Fade In/Out Elements
More Practice with Tweening


  • Tweening Multiple Parameters
  • Keeping GIF File Size Down
Creating a Complex Animation


  • Using Clipping Masks to Create Custom Animations
  • Manually Animating an Object
  • Using Unify Layer Options
  • Making Edits That Apply To All Frames
Using Video in Animated GIFs


  • Specifying a Range from a Video to Import
  • Converting Video into a Frame Animation