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FinTech Bootcamp

Financial Modeling & Python for Data Science Courses

Securing a position in finance has become increasingly challenging, and candidates must now differentiate themselves with a wide array of technical and analytical skills. This two-week bootcamp prepares aspiring financial analysts with skills in advanced Excel, financial modeling, and data science in Python. The combination of all these skills will allow you to improve your candidacy in all realms of finance.

After completing this bootcamp students will leave with the ability to build comprehensive valuation models of public companies in Excel. Additionally, students will learn how to use Python to analyze large amounts of financial data efficiently. 

This course is designed for students who intend to go into all different sectors of finance. Students will leave the course with a comprehensive valuation model on a public company and a predictive data science project that they built themselves. There are no prerequisites for this course. 

Financial Modeling Instructor Bio: Mourad Kattan joins Noble Desktop after graduating summa cum laude from Wharton. During college, Mourad was a teacher's assistant for multiple finance classes and worked in investment banking as an analyst. After graduating, Mourad went onto work as a financial analyst at H/2 capital, a real estate hedge fund.

Python Instructor Bio: Rob joins Noble Desktop after years of experience in the FinTech industry, where he worked on data analytics tools for banks and credit unions. Most recently, he was a senior developer on a targeted marketing tool which won an industry-wide innovation award and is now used by over 80 institutions. Rob holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Wesleyan University and an M.Sc. in Mathematical Logic from the Universiteit van Amsterdam. 

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Learn Technical Financial Analyst Skills

This training will equip you with the crucial skills to become a top financial analyst. These tools are essential for those seeking or starting a position in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, asset management, and business development.  

  • “This was a great refresher course for some of the deeper financial concepts I have not used since undergrad. I think this course is phenomenal for recent college grads starting off their careers in finance or budget. It's a great intro for learning to navigate excel shortcuts. I am 5 years in my career now and have never had the investment banking background but still have been a financial analyst and been involved in raising capital so the concepts covered were a great refresher for me.”


Learn Programming & Data Science 

Python is the most used coding language in the finance world and its number one use is data science. Top financial institutions are now asking the incoming analyst to be familiar with python and its application in data science. Take this immersive course and became a triple threat: Python, Data Science, and financial modeling. 

python for data science course

Learn The Most Powerful Tool For Finance

Learn essential finance & accounting concepts while building a comprehensive discounted cash flow model in Excel. This financial modeling class blends finance, accounting, and corporate valuation concepts in the context of building an advanced financial model on a real public company. 

financial modeling course example

Learn from Seasoned Professionals

The best teachers are experienced professionals. Our financial modeling bootcamp is taught by a former hedge fund analyst and Wharton graduate. Learn Python from a seasoned engineer. 

Expert instructor teaching student