Enhance Videos in Final Cut Pro X

Get started with video editing techniques in Final Cut Pro X.

In this one-day Final Cut Pro course, you’ll work on real-world film projects to learn important video editing concepts, including file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, and working with PSDs (Photoshop files) and audio tracks.

While engaging in class activities, you'll also become versed in filmmaking and editing theory and design principles. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills necessary to start adding Final Cut Pro X to your design repertoire. Some of the skills covered in class include:

  • File Structure and organization in Final Cut Pro X
  • Key video terminology
  • Importing videos and photos
  • Timeline editing
  • Exporting options
  • Working with the Titles & Generators Sidebar
  • Adding movement to layered PSDs and still images
  • Working with multiple audio tracks
  • Film editing principles such as shot composition and screen direction
  • Integrating graphic assets
  • Keyboard shortcuts to speed your workflow
  • Resources to find footage to continue practicing the art of editing