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Intro to Motion Graphics: Free Online Course

Get a Free Introduction to Animation, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, & More

What is motion graphics? What’s the difference between Premiere Pro and After Effects? Do you need to be a good graphic designer to become a good motion graphics animator? What are the job opportunities in this field? In this free video introduction to the world of motion graphics, we will answer these questions and so much more. Get ready for a video packed with great information.

The following video includes 12 lessons, 100+ information slides, multiple screenings of professional motion graphics projects throughout, and tons of useful information.

What the Video Covers

  1. Influences: What fields influence motion graphics?
  2. Inspiration: Where to search online.
  3. Graphic design principles & examples of how they apply to motion graphics.
  4. Animation principles & examples of how they apply to motion graphics.
  5. Software motion designers use.
  6. Learning Path: Which software to learn, and what order.
  7. Foundational Skills: Graphic design & video editing.
  8. Core Concepts: Keyframes, layers, etc.
  9. Motion Graphics Process: From concept to finished product.
  10. Contracts: What to include in a basic motion graphics contract.
  11. Billing: How much do people typically charge?
  12. Community/Next Steps: Where to find other motion graphics artists & courses to take.

Enjoy the Video!

Learn More in Noble Desktop’s Motion Graphics Classes

We hope the video helped you to better understand what’s involved with motion graphics. To learn more about After Effects, Premiere Pro, and develop a motion graphics portfolio, check out these classes and certificate training:

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