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Adobe After Effects CC Level 2

Animation and Video Post-Production

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for motion graphics, character animation and visual effects. In this intermediate/advanced course, we’ll dive deeper into motion graphic animations, transform and mask animation, and the graph editors. In addition, we’ll cover animating transitions, simple character animation, expressions, effective greenscreen removal, motion tracking (both point-based and planar), using scripts, animation presets, shape layers, integrating hand-drawn elements, animating UI's, 3D text, and much more.

It is strongly recommended that you have taken our After Effects Level 1 course, or have equivalent working experience with the software.

  • Integrate video footage with graphics using masks.

  • Create a text animation to audio, with fluid transitions.

  • Master the latest motion graphics techniques.

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  • 18 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac or PC
  • In New York City and Live Online

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Vacation Stripes: Title Sequence with Custom Eases


  • Editing audio length & volume
  • Separately animating the X & Y Position properties
  • Customizing an ease using the Graph Editor & Keyframe Velocity
  • Using Alpha Mattes to hide/show text as it animates
  • Using Illustrator to create masks in After Effects
  • Repositioning & resizing masks
  • Animating stripes to arrive sequentially
  • Using parenting to make 2 layers move together
  • Drawing masks using After Effects’ vector shape tools
  • Importing 1 project into another
  • Editing Comps together to form a master edit
Simple Character Animation Using Masks


  • Converting an expression to keyframes for realistic hair animation
  • Using the Pen tool to create custom-shaped masks
  • Pre-composing to change layer size & animate multiple layers
  • Making the hero’s eyes blink using hold keyframes

Section 2
Superman Text Animation


  • Editing and marking audio
  • Creating a basic animatic
  • Modifying Photoshop text to be editable in AE
  • Using Bridge to browse for text animation presets
  • Choosing and Modifying Text Animation Presets
  • Using the Linear Wipe effect
  • Copying an effect and its settings to another layer
  • The “reverse parenting” technique, to animate from 1 layout to another
  • Adding Motion Blur
  • Creating motion paths for Position
  • Editing sound effects
  • Working with layered Illustrator files
  • Importing a pre-render
  • Adjusting animation timing
Section 3
Text Animation: Masking Layers & Using Scripts


  • Using scripts to automate tasks
  • Using static alpha mattes on moving layers
  • Creating an animation that overshoots its final position
  • Scattering masked pieces & animating them to recombinev
  • Using a guide layer as a positioning reference
  • Moving lines of text with multiple words using null objects
  • Splitting layers to “unparent” a child layer
  • Adding realistic oscillating overshoot keyframes
  • Syncing the text color changes
  • Adding anticipation keyframes
  • Incorporating pre-animated comps into a larger project
  • Keeping vector layers in nested comps sharp
  • Animating the URL on a per-character basis
  • Animated transitions
Section 4
Color Keying (Greenscreen Removal), Color Correction, and Effects


  • Greenscreen removal using Keylight effect
  • Basic motion tracking to attach hand-animated elements to live actor
  • Background replacement
Cell-phone Screen Replacement


  • The basics of using MochaAE for planar motion tracking
  • Rotoscoping the fingers back in, using masks
  • Integrating a basic UI that “responds” to our actor’s finger/hand movements

Section 5
T-mobile Promo


  • Animating a transition into and out of live footage
  • Logo animation
  • Creating easy lower 3rds
  • Stop-motion style animation technique for lifestyle photography
  • Integrating shots from other projects (from Section 4)
  • Color-correction/effects to unify the promo
Section 6
Snazzy Website Demo


  • Preparing a single-layer web-page for animation, using masks
  • Setting up 2D artwork in AE’s 3D space
  • Substituting high-rez photos for low-rez
  • Synching to voiceover
  • Using cameras
  • Animating lens-flares
  • Integrating 3D elements
  • Intro to 3D text in Cinema 4 LTE
  • Adding music