1-on-1 Bonus Training for Select Classes

When you take one of the courses listed below, you can also receive a session of 1-on-1 training (live online via Zoom). To schedule your 1-hour of private training, email hello@nobledesktop.com after you complete the course.

The private session can be used to

  • Review any concepts or projects covered in class or in the course syllabus
  • Receive assistance applying the skills/topics covered in class to your own project

Terms & Conditions

  • The session must be live online within 6 months of the end of your course
  • The session must be used to review or apply topics specifically covered in the course syllabus (view the course page). The bonus training is not intended to cover additional concepts. 

Courses with Bonus Training

This is a full list of courses we offer that include 1-on-1 bonus training.

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