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After Effects in a Day

Getting Started with Animation & Video Post-Production

Learn about After Effects’ capabilities for creating GIFs, animating logos, and importing layered files from Illustrator and Photoshop. Get started in this one-day workshop, or dive right into our intensive After Effects Level 1.

This hands-on After Effects class is designed to get you the essentials of the user interface, the timeline, video, layer animation, easing in and out, fade-ins, and much much more.

Prior experience with Photoshop is recommended.

  • 6 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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NYC or Live Online

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What You’ll Learn

  • Create animations with graphics such as logos and photos
  • Become familiar with the interface, timeline, and layers
  • Import and use layered files from Photoshop & Illustrator
  • Animate the individual components of a logo
  • Create fluid, natural motion with easing
  • Add transitions such as fade-ins & fade-outs
  • Export your project to create an animated GIF
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After Effects in a Day Class Syllabus

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Intro to After Effects


  • The Project, Composition, & Timeline panels
  • Importing a Layered File with all its Layers Intact
  • Using Title Safety to ensure TV viewers can see the text
Working with Keyframes


  • Animating in the Class Names
  • Previewing in real time
  • Adding Easing
  • Sliding Over the Entire Class List
  • Animating the Icons
  • Animating the “In a Day” Title
  • Adding Motion Blur
  • Trimming Off Extra Time
Outputting to GIF


  • Exporting from After Effects
  • Making the Animated GIF in Photoshop
  • Reducing the Number of Frames

Section 2
Noble Logo Animation: Anchor Points & Animating with Overshoot


  • Converting an Illustrator file from CMYK to RGB
  • Animating the black square to overshoot its final size
  • Changing where the rectangles scale from by moving layer anchor points
  • Setting layer in points using the In column
  • Keeping vector layers sharp as they scale up
Noble Logo: Masking Layers & Parenting


  • Pre-composing layers
  • Hiding the letters before they animate using masks
  • Moving the entire logo away from the rising letters using parenting
Noble Logo: Rotation, Fade-Outs, & Rendering


  • Adding anticipation keyframes before a major animation
  • Animating the Rotation property
  • Adding a fade to white using a solid color layer
  • How to find missing project files
Optional Bonus: Preparing an Illustrator File for Animation


  • Resizing artboards & vector graphics
  • Setting up layers to individually animate elements in After Effects
Bonus: HBO Intro Sequence
Importing Flattened Files & Adding Easing


  • Importing a layered PSD as a merged file
  • Isolating HBO logo, Feature & Presentation text using masks
  • Creating fade-ins & fade-outs
  • Adding automatic easing to slow down portions of the animation
Working with Numerous Layers


  • Familiarizing ourselves with the Photoshop layout: layers extending outside canvas bounds, guides
  • Scaling up each tile using a single null object and Parenting
  • Randomizing the order in which the photos animate in
  • Orchestrating the exit animation so the tiles fall down in diagonal groups
Vector Layouts


  • Animating vector shapes using the Trim Paths feature
  • Continuous rasterization
  • More null objects: animating the three pay television content descriptors
Putting It All Together & Adding Audio


  • Sequencing multiple compositions
  • Animating like an editor: overlapping shots & using blending modes
  • Adding audio to a composition
  • Use Photoshop and After Effects together to create animated GIFs.

  • Animate and edit real-world graphics.

  • Animate vector objects with verve.

Get Started in After Effects at Noble Desktop

This After Effects course will have you using professional techniques as you create animated GIFs, logos, transitions, and more. Learn these skills with hands-on exercises in small classes led by a leading motion graphics instructor.

  • “Noble Desktop is a great place to take courses and learn a significant amount in a day. I've taken several classes (Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects ) and will continue to return.”

    Brian Kaplan

  • “I've already messed around with After Effects to create little animations, so I didn't expect to learn a whole lot new in a six hour workshop. Totally wrong; I feel so much more empowered to create more complicated animation projects.”

    Wen Lung

  • “A learning experience that is personal and that actually WORKS, I feel equipped with the right skills I can use on my own!”

    Jane Crager

    Learned core After Effects tools and techniques in the one-day course

  • “After Effects In a Day is a great beginner class to learn simple animation basics. Great variety of exercises in the training book. Kalika is a fun and entertaining instructor and she shared some of her own work which is amazing and inspiring!”

    Victoria Greiss

    Victoria learned After Effects essentials in our In a Day course

  • “After Effects in a Day was awesome. We started by watching, then doing. I like that the approach was exercise-based, as opposed to going through every single tool and interface (like some other trainings I’ve been to). It’s my preferred way to learn, and I came away learning more than I anticipated!”

    Lisa Keller

    Enjoyed Noble's teaching method in the After Effects in a Day course

Learn, then Practice Teaching Method 

“After Effects in a Day was awesome. We started by watching, then doing. I like that the approach was exercise-based, as opposed to going through every single tool and interface (like some other trainings I've been to). It’s my preferred way to learn, and I came away learning more than I anticipated!”
Lisa Keller, Graphic Designer + Creative Services Manager

Students learning After Effects in class at Noble Desktop

Learn After Effects in a Day

This class is designed to get you up and running quickly with the fundamentals of the application. You’ll dive in and learn enough to start using the program on your own. If you only have one day to spare, this is the class for you.

Each After Effects class comes with a custom workbook

Industry Expert Instructor

This course is taught by Kalika Kharkar Sharma, an industry-experienced instructor who has produced animations for a wide range of clientele including CNBC, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Kalika brings years of experience teaching motion graphics and traditional and digital character animation at renowned art schools including NYU, Pratt Institute and Rhode Island School of Design.

After Effects professional teaching students

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$325 Discounts Policies

NYC or Live Online

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