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Web Animation Certificate

Web Animation Classes & Certificate Programs in NYC

The web is coming alive, with animations, subtle movements, and videos becoming an ever-growing part of modern web design. In this Web Animation Certificate Program, you’ll learn the essential animation techniques to make your web designs stand out.

Learn to Code Animations

Learn to Code Animations

Learn to code JavaScript animations with GreenSock

Animate Websites

Animate Your Websites

Harness the power of video, GreenSock, and animated GIFs

Create Motion Graphics

Create Motion Graphics

Learn After Effects to animate content for video and web

This certificate program is comprised of three courses: HTML5 Animation with GreenSock, Photoshop Animated GIFs, and After Effects CC Level 1.

Prerequisites: You must already have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Photoshop. This certificate is perfect for those who have been through our Web Design Certificate and want to expand their skillset.

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Top Instructors
  • Free Retake
  • Meal in a box animated GIF

    Use Photoshop’s timeline panel to animate with keyframes.

  • Album release party animated GIF

    Learn advanced techniques to create animated waves.

  • Animate and edit real-world graphics in After Effects.

Add Interactive Animations to Your Website

The web is becoming more animated, and video is being added to websites and banner ads. Learn the skills to give you an edge in the world of front-end coding and web design by adding incredible animations. 

  • “GSAP is an amazing class. I was really impressed how powerful is GSAP when building HTML5 banners for mobile devices.”

    Ana Neagu

    Learned to animate for the web with GreenSock

  • “Even if you know the basics of creating a GIF in Photoshop, this class is worth checking out for the time-saving tips and creative ways to enhance a GIF within Photoshop's boundaries.”

    Emma Waters

    Attended the Photoshop Animated GIFs class

  • “The Photoshop Animated GIFs class was very thorough and fun. It is good to see animated GIFs are making a comeback in so many creative ways. Noble Desktop is super as always. Great value and well thought out lessons.”

    Susanne Schropp

  • “This is a great intensive course to get you started with After Effects. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning this. I would definitely take more classes at Noble Desktop.”

    Rose Mattrey

    Attended the After Effects Level 1 course

  • “After taking the After Effects class at Noble Desktop, I was able to create an animation immediately following completion of the course material - now I have the tools to continue using After Effects in my personal projects and beyond.”

    Blake Drummond

Give Yourself a Web Design Edge

Our Web Animation Certificate is designed to give you an edge in the world of front-end coding and web design. By adding deep animation skills you will be able to do more than the typical coder. Through our hands-on classes you’ll learn to create animations and videos that can be added to websites and banner ads.

Project created during the Web Animation certificate program

Custom Workbook Included with Every Class

Each class will come with a custom step-by-step workbook sold to universities and schools around the world. Recreate the class projects and refresh the material anytime after the class.

Each class comes with a custom workbook

Flexible Scheduling & Payment Options

You can take individual classes or sign up for the complete certificate all at once. We offer classes during the day, nights, and weekends. You’ll be billed throughout the certificate as you take each class, so you won’t be charged upfront.

Flexible scheduling available for web design bootcamp