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Gain a mastery over the most used web analytics tool in the world, Google Analytics, with a range of video tutorials and classes. Whether you're a business owner looking to optimize your digital marketing strategy or considering a career as a Data Analyst, these resources offer in-depth insights into how GA functions and how to leverage it to meet your goals.

Key Insights

  • Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that tracks user data and compiles it into helpful reports to improve digital marketing performance.
  • The data collected by Google Analytics can help businesses understand their customer experiences, measure marketing efforts, and identify specific issues on the website, guiding more informed business decisions.
  • Video tutorials are a popular method of learning Google Analytics, offering flexibility and the option to revisit information as needed. Moreover, research suggests that most people retain information better through visual learning methods.
  • Noble Desktop offers an introductory video tutorial to Google Analytics on YouTube, walking viewers through the process of setting up a Google account and placing tracking codes to collect website data.
  • Learning Google Analytics can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for those unfamiliar with web analytics, but persistence, curiosity, and problem-solving skills can lead to success. Formal classes and courses, such as Noble Desktop's Google Analytics Bootcamp, can also be beneficial.
  • Data Analysts who are proficient in using Google Analytics can play a crucial role in helping businesses meet their marketing goals, making this skillset valuable in the job market.

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics tool in the world. GA helps you collect data on visitors to your website to improve performance. Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning Google Analytics. Research suggests that a majority of people are visual learners and retain more information by watching videos. One advantage of watching video tutorials is that you can review the information whenever possible. Another is that you can watch wherever you want, from home, at work, or on your phone while you commute. This article will cover a range of videos, including what they teach and where to find them.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (or GA) is a tool within the Google Marketing Platform that collects and tracks user data, compiles it into reports, and helps you develop strategies to improve your website or app’s performance. To use GA, you will install a tracking code onto each page of your website. Google collects information about the visitors to your website and what they do there. Google Analytics can help you understand what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to digital marketing strategy, and the best part is that it is free to use.

Google Analytics can be useful simply for yourself if you’re a business owner, or you can use it as part of a marketing team within a larger company. Google Analytics allows you to tailor the data you choose to track depending on your goals. Because digital marketing depends upon identifying a highly targeted audience, GA is the foundation of a successful digital marketing campaign.

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What Can You Do with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a highly customizable, in-depth tool that offers insights to help your business thrive, and you can use it for free. Although it can initially feel overwhelming and complicated, the information GA provides is worth the effort.

The data that GA collects, stores, and reports on can help marketers learn what strategies are working and what aren’t. It can measure marketing efforts, both on and offline. It can help you make better, more savvy business decisions. The information Google Analytics provides can also identify specific problems or shortcomings on your website. The data you’ll get is specific, targeted information.

You can use Google Analytics to measure the customer experience from when they enter your website or app to when they leave. You can track valuable information such as how they found your site, who purchased something, what pages your visitors looked at, how they moved through the site, and so much more. And while it’s important to know where your website and business are thriving, it’s also critical to understand where you’re falling short and losing customers. Using Google Analytics can help with that, too.

Why are Videos Helpful when Learning Google Analytics?

If you are interested in learning more about Google Analytics, video tutorials are a great way to get started. High-quality videos capture an audience’s attention because they are quick and interactive. You can use videos to provide actual footage of a process in a step-by-step manner that the viewer can go back and repeat as often as they need to.

Studies show that 65 percent of people are visual learners, meaning they retain information better when seeing rather than hearing it. While the text is visual, the brain processes images 60,000 times faster, and making those images move increases retention. HubSpot reports that 90% of online shoppers prefer videos. Video tutorials are helpful for learning SEO and other digital marketing techniques for the same reasons that videos are successful in digital marketing.

Another advantage to watching video tutorials is that you can set your own schedule and watch when you have time. You can pull up a video on Google Analytics while you eat lunch or watch it in the evening after you get home. You can go at your own speed and watch the video as often as you need to grasp the information.

Maybe the best thing about video tutorials on Google Analytics is that there are so many free options available. If you are just beginning to explore GA and wondering if Data Analyst might be a good career for you, watching free videos is an excellent way to find out before spending money on courses.

Types of Google Analytics Videos

You can find many free video tutorials on YouTube. Noble Desktop offers an Intro to Google Analytics to introduce you to the powerful tool. This class walks you through opening a Google account and placing tracking codes so you can collect website data. Learn to understand where website traffic is coming from, identify your top-performing channels and gain insight into the behavior of website visitors.

Google offers free classes on GA for beginners and advanced students, plus a class on building reports and using Google Tag Manager. Simplilearn and Great Learning also offer free introductory video tutorials.

Why Learn Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps you meet your marketing goals by providing highly targeted data. The data you collect will depend on what type of business or industry you are in. Deciding what goals to set is an essential first step to learning GA.

If you have an Ecommerce site, your goal may be selling products or services, so the data you’d want to collect might be the actions visitors to your website take. If you have a purely information-based website, your goals may be for lead generation or simply to help customers find information. If you have a media site or a blog, your goal might be measuring engagement and frequency, such as how often users visit pages and how long they stay. If you’re using your website or app purely for branding purposes, you may want to collect data that measures awareness, engagement, and loyalty.

Another goal might be to see more of your target audience visiting your website or app. No matter your goals, setting up the correct parameters in GA will help you see if you’re meeting them or falling short and how to tweak the future strategy to get the results you want.

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How Difficult is It to Learn Google Analytics?

There is no doubt about it: Google Analytics is a challenge. If you know nothing about web analytics, you can expect to feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning, especially if you are trying to learn Google Analytics on your own. But if you keep at it, you will eventually get it, especially if you sign up for a class.

There are also some skills that lead to a successful data analytics career. Some technical skills that will help you get a job in data analytics are knowing how to set appropriate goals, track that data, and interpret the results. Some personality traits that can help are logical problem-solving, curiosity, and persistence.

As far as cost is concerned, you don’t have to pay to use Google Analytics. All you have to do is sign up for a Google account and get started. You can create custom dimensions and metrics to gather the information you want. This allows you to get precise data points to help you make decisions for the future. But signing up for a course is a good investment when it comes to learning Google Analytics.

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Learn Google Analytics with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

If you want to change careers and become a Digital Marketing Data Analyst, you can sign up for Google Analytics Bootcamp. This two-part class will teach you how to set up an account, know which metrics to track, and understand the Google Analytics reports. The classes also cover upcoming changes to Google Analytics when GA4 replaces GA Universal in July 2024.

Another way to prepare for a career as a Data Analyst is a digital marketing certificate course. Noble’s Digital Marketing Certificate includes the digital marketing, SEO, and Google Analytics bootcamps, plus Google Ads and classes on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter marketing, as well as content marketing with blogs.

How to Learn Google Analytics

Master Google Analytics with hands-on training. Google Analytics is a platform that digital marketing professionals use to monitor and collect data on website traffic.

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