What to Learn After Back-End Web Development

Discover why back-end web development skills are essential in the evolving digital world and how enhancing your skills in JavaScript, Python, and data science can give you a competitive edge in the job market. Learn about the range of opportunities and career paths available to back-end web developers.

Key Insights

  • Back-end web developers need proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but additional skills in Python and data science are also valuable.
  • Back-end web development is crucial for modern websites as it allows complex programs to operate on the site, store relevant information, and generate new content based on user actions.
  • JavaScript knowledge is useful for many fields beyond web development and can help further your career as a back-end web developer.
  • Python is an easy-to-learn, object-oriented programming language ideal for those interested in data sciences and game design. It's also useful for machine learning applications.
  • Data science allows developers to draw insights from website data to improve overall website performance. Data scientists and analysts play a key role in interpreting website data and implementing changes.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive online courses and certificate programs in back-end web development, JavaScript, and Python, among other subjects, providing an excellent foundation for anyone looking to expand their career or start a new one in web development.

If you already know some back end web development skills, you won’t be surprised to learn there’s more to it than meets the eye. Most Back End Web Developers are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript due to their field, but many explore Python and data science because of their relevance. They also gain more specialized skills with JavaScript because it helps give them a competitive edge in the job market. This guide will cover a handful of useful skills you can learn after taking back end web development courses. 

What is Back End Web Development?

Back end web development covers the back end, or “server-side,” of websites. Essentially, it’s the part of websites that handles everything that happens behind the scenes. Without back end web development, websites would only have text, images, and sometimes animations. 

Back end web development is important because it helps websites function. While websites can operate using only front end web development, they will be relatively basic and unable to retain anything. Back end web development allows complex programs to operate on the site, store relevant information, and generate new content based on the user’s actions. Modern websites need back end web development to stay current because simple websites can only go so far in the increasingly digital world. 

Read more about back end web development and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Back End Web Development?

While front end web development focuses on the parts of websites that users see, back end web development handles most of its functions. Back-end web development skills are essential when it comes to organizing, cataloging, and saving (or deleting) data. Without these skills, websites are static and lifeless. You’ll need to use back end web development to ensure that your site meets modern standards and user expectations. Front-end-only websites might lead to user frustration if the site is intended for complex uses such as data retrieval. 

Back end web development allows websites to store login information and prevent user frustration from forgetting their password when they revisit your site. If you’ve accidentally logged out of essential websites after clearing your cache, you know how much of a headache it can be to re-login to every site you visit. Your users will appreciate the ease of access to their accounts, which will help enhance their overall user experience.


As mentioned above, most people pursuing back end web development already have some JavaScript knowledge, but taking it a step further is a good idea. Even if you’ve already secured a position as a Back End Web Developer, you’ll want to know as much about JavaScript as possible because it will help you further your career. JavaScript is useful for many other fields besides web development. If you decide to pivot into a new role, you’ll have plenty of experience you can convey to employers.


Python is meant for those interested in learning an object-oriented programming language, which means it organizes data—formally called “objects”—to work with information. It’s a relatively simple language to learn, and if you already have experience learning one programming language from web development, you’ll easily learn Python. It’s also one of the best languages to learn for data sciences and game design. 

Python is useful for machine learning, which can help keep your users engaged by putting information in front of them that’s relevant to their interests and needs. Machine learning is a more advanced topic, but you’ll become an invaluable team member once you know it.

Data Science

Those interested in working with data will find data science a suitable field. Data science helps you take the data you gather from your website and use it to draw insights to help improve the website overall. If you already have experience in web development, JavaScript, and Python, you’ll have an easier time collecting data. 

Data Scientists have an important role in building websites since they are responsible for interpreting the information that the website receives and using it to improve its features. They work alongside Data Analysts to review user activity on the website and help the team implement changes as needed.

Learn Back End Web Development with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Learning back end web development is pretty straightforward, and the process can become easier when working with a well-prepared training facility. Noble Desktop has taught live online back end web development classes and other computer science subjects for over 30 years. They’re an excellent choice when you’re looking to expand your career or start a new one. 

Those fully invested in learning back end web development and related subjects will enjoy taking a Full Stack Web Development Certificate program. This program teaches both front end and back end principles, which will allow you to enter a wide variety of roles. You can also look into a JavaScript Programming Bootcamp since JavaScript is an important skill for back end web development and most other website-related fields. The more you know about these subjects, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

Key Insights

  • Back End Web Developers will want to learn JavaScript to increase their skill set’s potential.
  • Python is useful for anyone pursuing data science and game design. 
  • Data science is helpful for anyone who has an eye for detail and wants to improve their website.

How to Learn Back End Web Development

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