Back-End Web Development Cost

How Much Does Back-End Web Development Cost?

Explore the world of back end web development and how it breathes life into websites, making them functional and engaging. Learn more about the costs involved in learning this skill, the opportunities it opens in your career, and where to get the best training.

Key Insights

  • Back end web development handles the server-side of websites, dealing with everything that happens behind the scenes to make websites function.
  • Skills in back end web development are essential for organizing, cataloging, and managing data on websites, making them dynamic and engaging.
  • The programming languages required for back end web development, such as JavaScript and Python, are free and open-source.
  • Initial costs for your own website may include domain names, costing around $10 to $20 per year, and hosting platforms, which can range from $20 to $600 per month.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive live online back end web development classes and certificate programs in Full Stack Web Development and JavaScript Programming.
  • Back end web development skills can greatly enhance the user experience on a website, improving user retention and engagement.

Back end web development is generally free once you’ve finished taking the classes needed to become a Back End Web Developer. Although some costs are associated with making your own website, you won’t need to maintain any recurring costs if you decide to develop websites for a company. Luckily, even these costs can be relatively low if you know where to work. This guide will walk you through some of the most common costs you’ll want to consider when learning back end web development. 

What is Back End Web Development?

Back end web development covers the back end, or “server-side,” of websites. Essentially, it’s the part of websites that handles everything that happens behind the scenes. Without back end web development, websites would only have text, images, and sometimes animations. 

Back end web development is important because it helps websites function. While websites can operate using only front end web development, they will be relatively basic and unable to retain anything. Back end web development allows complex programs to operate on the site, store relevant information, and generate new content based on the user’s actions. Modern websites need back end web development to stay current because simple websites can only go so far in the increasingly digital world. 

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What Can You Do with Back End Web Development?

While front end web development focuses on the parts of websites that users see, back end web development handles most of its functions. Back-end web development skills are essential when it comes to organizing, cataloging, and saving (or deleting) data. Without these skills, websites are static and lifeless. You’ll need to use back end web development to ensure that your site meets modern standards and user expectations. Front-end-only websites might lead to user frustration if the site is intended for complex uses such as data retrieval. 

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Back end web development allows websites to store login information and prevent user frustration from forgetting their password when they revisit your site. If you’ve accidentally logged out of essential websites after clearing your cache, you know how much of a headache it can be to re-login to every site you visit. Your users will appreciate the ease of access to their accounts, which will help enhance their overall user experience

In-Depth Review of the Cost

The programming languages needed for back end web development, JavaScript and Python, are free and open-source. That means they’re open to the public, and you can modify them without needing to credit or consult their original creators. Many Back End Web Developers also know HTML and CSS; these two languages are required primarily for front end web development but also have some uses in back end projects. These languages are also free and open-source. 

Once you’ve learned everything you need to know and feel ready to make your own website, you’ll want to look into domain names and hosting platforms. Domain names usually cost around $10 to $20 per year, while hosting platforms range from $20 to $600 per month. While there are a decent amount of domain providers and hosting platforms, WordPress is one of the most popular options because it lets you pay for both services under one provider.

If you’re starting to build your website, you can sign up for WordPress’s free hosting plan while you lay down the groundwork. Once you’re ready to release it to the public, you can get a domain name to make it more official to your visitors. After your website has gained traction, you can always upgrade to a larger plan to account for more web traffic. 

Why Learn Back End Web Development?

Back end web development makes it possible for websites and apps to come to life. Without this part of web development, all pages would be static, unmoving, and—most importantly—unengaging. By using the back end of websites, you’ll be able to customize websites that can adapt to their user’s needs and retain important information that they’ll repeatedly access. 

For example, if your website is a forum like Reddit, the back end of websites can help store their login information so they can jump right into the website without needing to re-enter their password constantly. That tiny difference can drastically affect how much time a user spends on a platform. Even the most primitive back end programs can greatly impact how well a website runs, and it only takes JavaScript knowledge to get started. 

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Free Introductory Back End Web Development Course Online 

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re not ready to take a full back end web development class. You may have a tight budget or schedule that prevents you from committing as much as you desire. That’s normal, and luckily there’s still a way to learn without spending money. 

While in-person and live online courses are ideal for gaining knowledge because you’re working with an expert, free online classes are helpful to get an overview or obtain foundational knowledge of the subject without needing to pay for a class. The free Intro to Node course goes over how to use it to create servers required for back end programs to run properly. This class will help you get ahead of the curve once you sign up for a full class and make it easier to progress into more complex areas. 

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Learn Back End Web Development with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Learning back end web development is pretty straightforward, and the process can become easier when working with a well-prepared training facility. Noble Desktop has taught live online back end web development classes and other computer science subjects for over 30 years. They’re an excellent choice when you’re looking to expand your career or start a new one. 

Those fully invested in learning back end web development and related subjects will enjoy taking a Full Stack Web Development Certificate program. This program teaches both front end and back end principles, which will allow you to enter a wide variety of roles. You can also look into a JavaScript Programming Bootcamp since JavaScript is an important skill for back end web development and most other website-related fields. The more you know about these subjects, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

How to Learn Back End Web Development

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