Key Information
Excel Level II: Intermediate
Excel Level III: Advanced
Excel Programming with VBA
$249 6 Hours
$249 6 Hours
$549 13 Hours
In this intermediate Excel class, you'll learn functions such as VLOOKUP and SUMIFs; summarize data with Pivot Tables; Sort & Filter databases; and split and join text.
In this advanced Excel training, you'll learn advanced database functions such as INDEX and MATCH; create basic macros; and use What-If Analysis for Goal Seek and Data Tables.
This Excel VBA course concentrates on practical automation of repetitious Excel tasks and reports. In this hands-on training, you will write macros to automate your Excel tasks even if the data is not consistently formatted, create custom Excel applications and environments, and create custom Excel Add-ins to increase the functionality of the program.
Attendees must have beginner Excel skills equivalent to our Excel Fundamentals course, including basic functions and formulas, printing, formatting, basic charts, and tables.
Attendees must have Excel proficiency equivalent to our Intermediate Excel course, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and IF statements.
Prior VBA programming knowledge is not required, but knowledge equivalent to our Intermediate Excel course is recommended, including VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and IF statements.
185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online
185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online
185 Madison Ave, NYC or Live Online
Next start date: December 5, Monday, 10–5pm
Other scheduling options Weekdays, weekends, or weeknights
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Next start date: December 12, Monday, 10–5pm
Other scheduling options Weekdays, weekends, or weeknights
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Next start date: Dec 4–11, Weekends
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  • 6.5 HoursExcel VBA and Macros Level I
  • 6.5 HoursExcel VBA and Macros Level II
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Target Audience

Those with familiarity with basic Excel, including basic formulas & functions, graphs, and tables, seeking to expand their skills to intermediate-level features, including VLOOKUP and Pivot Tables. The skills taught in the course apply to a variety of industries, including technology, financial services, retail, education, professional services, healthcare, non-profit, and more.

This class is meant for those with prior experience with basic and intermediate-level Excel skills looking to learn Excel’s most advanced functions and capabilities, including advanced lookup functions, Pivot Charts, and macros.

What You’ll Learn
  • Learn to split and join text, add data validation, and named ranges
  • Use database functions such as VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP
  • Add logical statements, including AND, OR, and IF statements
  • Create Pivot Tables to quickly summarize large databases
  • Use statistcal functions such as Ranking, COUNTIFS, and SUMIFS
  • Create advanced combo charts from multiple charts
  • Review key concepts by creating a final project
  • Cell management including cell locking, auditing, and hot keys
  • Special formatting for calculating dates
  • Use advanced functions such as nested IF statements
  • Learn advanced analytical tools for data consolidation, conditions to exlude data, and pivot charts
  • Use advanced database functions including MATCH, VLOOKUP-MATCH, and INDEX-Double MATCH
  • Record macros and relative reference macros for ad hoc reporting
  • Create a project that applies key concepts from the class
  • Security
  • Recording macros
  • Reading and analyzing code
  • Programming basic macros
  • Create more complex macros
  • Variables
  • Looping statements
  • Logic statements
  • User Forms
  • Error Trapping
  • Troubleshooting