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UX Design Bootcamp

Comprehensive UX Design Courses

Learn user experience design by applying the process to a real-life project that will provide your first portfolio piece. The project can be an app or website of your choosing. It can be your own app idea or a real-life project you are currently working on. See pictures of an actual UX class in action. If you don’t have a project, we have samples for you. 

Practice the UX Design Process & Create a Prototype

You’ll conduct user research, create user scenarios and personas, and build user flows. You’ll sketch, wireframe, prototype and test with user interviews, then present your findings to the class. Along the way, you will document your process and work to create a case study that will go into your real-life portfolio. This intensive UX class prepares you to understand the basics of user experience practice through various methodologies and real-world projects. It will require some work outside of class.

Class Projects:

  • User Engagement: Conducting user interviews, creating user personas, and user scenarios
  • Concept Development: Building user flows, sketching, and wireframing
  • Iterative Process: Prototyping and testing
  • Client Engagement: Aligning with business goals and creating design recommendations
  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake

Take this class as part of a certificate program and save:

  • UX team working together

    Work as a team to solve user needs

  • UX bootcamp paper prototype

    User paper prototypes to verify assumptions

  • UX bootcamp user research activity

    Prioritize tasks based on user research

  • Sketch and InVision apps used in UX class

    Learn to prototype with Sketch and InVision

  • UX professional teaching design skills

    Communicate your findings through design recommendations

  • Real-world UX client used in UX design bootcamp class

    Practice with a real-world client

Learn UX Design at Noble Desktop’s Intensive Bootcamp

In this hands-on UX Design class, you’ll apply UX design principles to your own real-life projects, such as an app or website. Learn these skills in interactive and collaborative classes led by a top user experience professional.

  • “If you want a great environment with quality instructors you have found the right place. I've not come from any sort of tech background and felt confident the entire class being able to perform all the tasks put in front of me. Can't recommend this place enough.”

    James Wright

  • “The UX Fundamentals class was an in-depth look into the behind-the-scenes work that takes place before a site or app goes live. For people like me that thought coding knowledge was the only thing needed to break into digital, this was a revelation. User testing and flows, journey maps, ideating, wireframing and prototyping are the true heart of web design. If you want to wear many hats in the digital world (as potential employers will practically demand of you), this is the class for you.”

    Marne Mayer

  • “I just completed the UX Design Bootcamp and highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about UX. The class gave a very comprehensive overview into the philosophy and process of UX, showed real world UX case study examples and then had us apply the UX process to our own class project. In the end I built a working prototype of an app that was based on and informed by me conducting actual user interviews, personas, journey maps, etc. etc. It was a great experience to apply the UX process to building my app all while learning a new program—Sketch. The last class everyone presented their case study and app—very inspiring to see what some of my class mates accomplished in a few weeks! ”

    Noreen O.

    Built a working prototype of an app in the UX Fundamentals class.

  • “Every class I take at Noble gives me something I can directly apply to my life a a graphic designer. UX Fundamentals was no exception.”

    Matthew Hageman

    Learned the fundamentals of UX design in our UX Design Bootcamp

  • “The professor was amazing and so inviting. I felt respected and was treated like a true UX professional! The connections I made with the rest of the class really fueled my creativity, insights, and understanding of the work.”

    Katlyn Carrion

    Katlyn learned the core processes of user experience in Noble's UX Fundamentals bootcamp.

  • “When I entered the UX Fundamentals class, I felt that I was a complete newbie to the UX field. After I finished the class, not only was I able to finish a prototype that I really love, I'm most likely going to develop it soon.”

    Eva Schicker

    Eva took Noble Desktop's comprehensive UX Fundamentals course to learn all the major skills for user experience design.

  • “Very comprehensive class on UX theory and process. I learned many new concepts as well as a new program, Sketch.”

    Nora O’Rourke

    Attended the UX Design Bootcamp

  • “The UX Fundamentals class was a really great way to step into the world of UX Design. The teacher really explained the principles and concepts from his years of actual experience in the field. There was not a question he couldn't answer. The hands-on work within each class really helped drill in the ideas and get us familiar with how a UX Designer's job works. Excellent class!”

    Josh Okun

    Attended our comprehensive and hands-on UX Design course

Create a Clickable Prototype

Learn user experience by applying the process to a real-life project that will provide your first portfolio piece. Take a project from initial idea to clickable prototype—it can be a real-life challenge, an app idea, or a website idea.

Class prototype project using Sketch & InVision

Build a Case Study

Learn to use industry-standard applications including Sketch & InVision to create clickable prototypes. Use that as the basis for a case study to highlight your project.

Student learning UX in hands-on class

Leverage the Design Thinking Framework

Use Stanford's Design Thinking framework to become a better UX designer through empathy and collaboration.

Stanford d.School Design Thinking at Noble Desktop