Practice the UX Design Process

You’ll conduct user research, create user scenarios and personas, and build user flows. You’ll sketch, wireframe, prototype and test with user interviews, then present your findings to the class. Along the way, you will document your process and work to create a case study that will go into your real-life portfolio. This intensive UX class prepares you to understand the basics of user experience practice through various methodologies and real-world projects. It will require some work outside of class.

Create Your Own Project

The project can be an app or website of your choosing. It can be your own app idea or a real-life project you are currently working on. See pictures of an actual UX class in action. If you don’t have a project, we have samples for you. 

Class Projects

  • User Engagement: Conducting user interviews, creating user personas, and user scenarios
  • Concept Development: Building user flows, sketching, and wireframing
  • Iterative Process: Prototyping and testing
  • Client Engagement: Aligning with business goals and creating design recommendations

This course has a prerequisite

This UX course is for beginners and no prior user experience design knowledge is required. However, participants should have knowledge of Sketch equivalent to our Sketch Bootcamp courses. Our UX & UI Design Certificate includes this UX Bootcamp and the prerequisite Sketch course, as well as courses in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visual Design, all at a 15% discount.