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Intro to Python Programming

2-day Python Course for Beginners in NYC

In this 2-day course, students will be introduced to Python. Python is a great beginner coding language that is quick to learn and extremely versatile. Python can be used to build software, to analyze data, and build amazing websites.

Python has become the most popular coding language learned at educational institutes for several reasons. Firstly, Python developers earn one of the highest average salaries compared to other programming languages, with statistics compiled by revealing that an average Python developer makes approximately $120,923. Secondly, Python has many uses such as graphics, data science, web development, finance, trading, and security. Lastly, Python can be learned faster than many other languages. As a result, no matter if you are a beginning developer or a developer looking to add a new programming language to your resume, you can become skilled in Python much more quickly than it would take to learn most other languages. In short, Python is a great first programming language to learn, and has the added advantage of a higher salary!

This program is designed for students to learn from scratch and build their way up to program in Python comfortably. Students will learn about the syntax, principles, and thought processes that programming entails. This course will give students a solid foundation that will allow them to enroll in our Data Science or Web Development Python courses. The course will be taught in a hands-on manner with students already programming within the first hour.

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Introduction to Python Coding

Learn the fundamentals of Python programming and apply these skills to real-world applications. This course will act as a prerequisite for our data science, cybersecurity, and Python web development classes.

  • “Was a great intro for someone looking for a Python introduction with clear use cases. ”

    Kate Binder

  • “Rob was absolutely fantastic. I have done other training sessions (not with Noble) and he has been by far the best. He was entertaining, patient, and had a true mastery of the subject matter. A great teacher!”


Students learning to code Python

Introduction to Coding

In this class, students will be introduced to advanced coding topics in a short period of time with no pre-requisites needed. This is a great introductory course for anyone who wants to learn to speak to a programmer to gain programming skills themselves.

Instructor teaching student Python

Hands-on Python Training

In our Python classes, students will dive into coding within the first 10 minutes of class. First, the instructor will demonstrate an exercise, then you’ll practice on projects which include college choice algorithm, temperature converter, stock data analysis, back-end web building, and more. 

Python coding graph

Highly Paid & Versatile Coding Language

Python is a great beginner language that is quick to learn and extremely versatile. It can be used for graphics, data science, web development, finance, trading, and security. Python developers also earn one of the highest average salaries compared to other programming languages.