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Data Analytics Certificate
October 24–November 22, Weekdays


  • Excel for Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics Foundations
  • Python for Data Science Bootcamp
  • SQL Bootcamp
  • Python for Automation
  • Python Machine Learning Bootcamp
  • Tableau Bootcamp
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  • $4,995
  • NYC or Live Online
  • Free retake
  • Setup assistance
  • Payment plans
  • 1:1 Mentoring included

Why Data Analysts Are Needed in Today’s Workforce

Data Analytics is a process of extracting information from raw data and generating actionable insights. It’s one of the most sought-after skills in the IT (information technology) marketplace, with demand spanning across multiple sectors such as healthcare, finance, retail, real estate, education, gaming, and more.

Data Analytics is about using data to make future decisions. It’s used to help companies solve problems, such as reducing risk, improving operations, or detecting fraud. Data Analytics also places a heavy emphasis on data visualization to communicate your findings to others.

Learn with Real-World Projects

This is an applied, project-based course which prepares students to gather, wrangle, analyze and visualize data using various tools and technologies helping business in decision-making and strategy. Students will also have opportunity to work on multiple real-world projects throughout the to advance their career in the analytics field.

In this training you’ll explore both predictive and prescriptive analytics by looking at case studies:

  • Predictive analytics use tools such as regression models or forecasting techniques to examine past data in order to predict the future outcomes.
  • Prescriptive analytics help optimize decision making in the presence of constraints, with such tools as Scenario Manager and Solver.

Start Your Career in Data Analytics

  • Learn the important skills that will help you stand out.
  • You do not need prior experience working with data to enter this NY State Authorized certificate program.
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Tuition & Financing

If you prefer to pay your tuition over time, we have payment options to meet your needs. Finance your education through an installment plan or a 0% interest student loan. We also assist with documentation should your employer offer tuition reimbursement.

Full Tuition

Pay in installments or 12-month financing

What’s Included

  • 126 hours of hands-on instruction
  • Live, project-based training from experts
  • Additional 1-on-1 mentoring outside of class
  • Retake for free within 1 year
  • Verified digital certificate of completion
  • Licensed by NYS Department of Education
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Small class sizes

Installments Breakdown

Payment dates may vary by a day or two, please contact us with any questions.

Installment Charge Date List Price
$499.50 Due at signup 10% non-refundable deposit --
$595.00 Oct 17, 2022 Excel for Data Analytics $595
$595.00 Oct 20, 2022 Data Analytics Foundations $595
$1,495.00 Oct 24, 2022 Python for Data Science Bootcamp $1,495
$975.00 Oct 31, 2022 SQL Bootcamp $975
$425.00 Nov 03, 2022 Python for Automation $425
$410.50 Nov 07, 2022 Python Machine Learning Bootcamp $1,895
▴ Your 10% deposit has been applied, as well as the certificate discount of $1,484
Free Tableau Bootcamp $499
$4,995.00 Total You Pay

Financing Payments Breakdown

Payment dates are monthly and generally start a month after enrollment, but might not exactly match the dates listed here. See the Climb Credit FAQ for more information.

Payment Charge Date
$499.50 Due at signup 10% non-refundable deposit
$374.63 Nov 24, 2022 1st payment
$374.63 Dec 24, 2022 2nd payment
$374.63 Jan 24, 2023 3rd payment
$374.63 Feb 24, 2023 4th payment
$374.63 Mar 24, 2023 5th payment
$374.63 Apr 24, 2023 6th payment
$374.62 May 24, 2023 7th payment
$374.62 Jun 24, 2023 8th payment
$374.62 Jul 24, 2023 9th payment
$374.62 Aug 24, 2023 10th payment
$374.62 Sep 24, 2023 11th payment
$374.62 Oct 24, 2023 12th payment
$4,995.00 Total You Pay
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