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Hands-On in NYC or Live Online

Video Editing Classes NYC

Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro & After Effects Courses

Edit Videos & Create Animations in our NYC Classroom Training

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the industry standards in video and film editing. With Adobe After Effects, you can create professional motion graphics and visual effects for film, TV, video, and web. Noble Desktop offers the industry-leading courses with Adobe certified instructors and comprehensive training materials.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Free retake

Which Video Editing Class is Right for You?

Premiere Pro in a Day

Adobe Premiere Classes NYC

Get started with video editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this one-day Premiere course, you’ll learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and audio tracks by working on real film projects.

6 Hours


Next Class: Feb 1, 10–5pm

Premiere Pro Bootcamp

Beginner to Intermediate Adobe Premiere Pro Training

Learn how to use Premiere Pro in this comprehensive 18-hour class. You’ll start with the basics and learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and audio tracks by working on real film projects. Then quickly dive into more advanced features including multicam editing, color correction, speeding up footage, and stop-motion loops.

18 Hours


Next Class: Feb 25–27, 10–5pm

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Classes in NYC

In this one-day Final Cut X course, you’ll learn file structure and organization, importing footage, exporting, using the Timeline, creating titles, working with PSDs, and audio tracks by working on real film projects.

Learn about filmmaking and editing in addition to the Final Cut X. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to start adding Final Cut X to your design repertoire.

6 Hours


Next Class: Mar 29, 10–5pm

After Effects in a Day

Getting Started with Animation & Video Post-Production

This After Effects training covers the basics of the user interface, the timeline, video, layer animation, easing in and out, fade-ins, and more. This one-day After Effects course will give you a strong working knowledge of After Effects’ capabilities for creating GIFs, animating logos, and importing layered files from Illustrator and Photoshop.

6 Hours


Next Class: Mar 4, 10–5pm

Adobe After Effects CC Level 1

After Effects Classes in New York City

Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool for animation and video post-production. It can be used to create stand-alone videos, animations, special effects, animated titles, and much more. Use it to create compelling video content for broadcast TV and web.

18 Hours


Next Class: Mar 4–6, 10–5pm

Adobe After Effects CC Level 2

Advanced After Effects Training in NYC

In this intermediate/advanced After Effects course, we’ll master text animations and create transitions between multiple layouts. Through several hands-on real-world projects integrating graphic elements with audio, video and photo elements, we’ll master motion graphics workflow: the process motion graphics animators take, to create projects from design to final delivery.

18 Hours


Next Class: Mar 11–13, 10–5pm

Premiere Pro Intermediate

Intermediate Adobe Premiere Pro Class

This class is designed to take your Premiere Pro skills to the next level. The class covers multicam editing, how to speed up and freeze-frame footage, stop-motion loops, dynamic transitions, speed-ramping footage, and color correction techniques. In addition, we'll cover how to export your projects for social media, create animated GIFs, and much more.

12 Hours


Next Class: Feb 26–27, 10–5pm

Motion Graphics Certificate

Motion Graphics Courses & Portfolio Development

Learn video editing, motion graphics, and special effects, by mastering Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Then showcase what you've learned by creating a motion graphics demo reel.

72 Hours


Next Class: Feb 25–Apr 5, 10am–5pm

NYC's Best Video Editing Courses

In our video editing classes—Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects—you’ll confidently learn all the essentials. Our courses are taught in small groups, and each class comes with our proprietary step-by-step training workbook, used by individuals and institutions around the world.

  • “As a novice video editor with literally no experience, this was hugely beneficial and helpful. I plan on coming back for the After Effects workshop. Well worth the money and time!”

    Denton Crawford

    Learned the basics of video editing with Premiere Pro

  • “Kalika's class is thorough, easy to follow, and immersive. I came in never having touched Premiere and was able to pull the projects together in no time - by the end of the day!”

    Krissy Trujillo

    Learned the fundamentals of Premiere Pro in just one day.

  • “The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about Premiere Pro, and the exercises were interesting. I feel like I can use this program now without being too intimidated.”

    Jonah Schrogin

    Can now use Premiere Pro after attending the one-day class

  • “This is a great intensive course to get you started with After Effects. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning this. I would definitely take more classes at Noble Desktop.”

    Rose Mattrey

    Attended the After Effects Level 1 course

  • “I've already messed around with After Effects to create little animations, so I didn't expect to learn a whole lot new in a six hour workshop. Totally wrong; I feel so much more empowered to create more complicated animation projects.”

    Wen Lung

    Attended the After Effects in a Day class

  • “After Effects seemed really intimidating but after this class I was able to jump right into projects without hesitation. I was able to use my new skills the first day after class ended on a pitch!”

    Siho Ellsmore

    Learned animation and video post-production in the After Effects Level 1 class

  • “Premiere Pro in a Day is an exciting & fun class. Kalika is a great instructor and patiently explains the steps and thoroughly helps you to understand the program. I left with much more confidence that I could master Premiere Pro. Syncing multi-cam clips was the highlight of the day! I highly recommend the class.”

    Victoria Greiss

    Learned the fundamentals of video editing in our Premiere Pro in a Day class.

Learn, then Practice Teaching Method

“We started by watching, then doing. I like that the approach was exercise-based, as opposed to going through every single tool and interface (like some other trainings I've been to). It's my preferred way to learn, and I came away learning more than I anticipated!”
Lisa Keller, Graphic Designer + Creative Services Manager

Hands-on video editing workshop in New York City

Create Real-World Video Projects

You get a custom workbook with step-by-step exercises that will guide you through creating real-world projects including promo videos, title sequences, animated GIFs, and more. Learn the fundamentals of editing and motion graphics in our wide range of After Effects and Premiere classes.

Custom video editing training workbook by Noble Desktop

Industry Expert Instructor

The video editing classes are taught by Kalika Kalika Kharkar Sharma, an industry-experienced instructor who has produced animations for a wide range of clientele including CNBC, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. Well accustomed to teaching motion graphics and video editing, Kalika has been teaching at well known design schools and universities for many years.

Students editing film and videos at Noble Desktop

Upcoming Video Editing Classes in NYC


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Premiere Pro in a Day Next Class: Feb 1, Friday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Premiere Pro Bootcamp Next Class: Feb 25–27, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Premiere Pro Intermediate Next Class: Feb 26–27, Tue–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 12 Hours Price: $695
After Effects in a Day Next Class: Mar 4, Monday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Adobe After Effects CC Level 1 Next Class: Mar 4–6, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Adobe After Effects CC Level 2 Next Class: Mar 11–13, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
Final Cut Pro Next Class: Mar 29, Friday, 10–5pm Duration: 6 Hours Price: $325
Motion Graphics Certificate Next Class: Feb 25–Apr 5, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 72 Hours Price: $2995