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Web development includes both front-end and back-end coding. Front-end code works in a web browser, while back-end code works on a web server. The front ends of websites are coded with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which control the look and feel of a website. The back ends of a website are coded with languages like Node and Python to create application-like functionality that typically interacts with a database.


To create web pages and emails we use HTML code (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML tags mark up (label) content to indicate headings, paragraphs, lists, links, images, and more.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code is used to style the contents of a webpage (or email), based on the HTML markup. CSS controls the appearance of everything, from fonts and color to building responsive page layouts that look good across screen sizes (mobile, tablet, and desktop).


JavaScript code is used to add interactivity, animation, and more to the front-end of websites (what you see in a browser). Create slideshows, image galleries, validate forms, and much more. JavaScript can also be used on the back-end of websites to execute code on a web server.

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