Web Development Training Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Web Development?

Web development classes are an investment that can lead to a rewarding career in various industries. Prices for such classes can range from $2,500 to $60,000, depending on the training center, and can equip you with the skills needed for entry-level jobs in front end, back end, and full stack development.

Key Insights

  • Web development involves creating websites and ensuring their consistent usability, with specialized roles for front end, back end, and full stack development.
  • Having web development skills can increase your professional value and provide a bridge to change career tracks, given the internet's importance in all industries.
  • Web development training can be pursued through higher education institutions or training facilities, with the average cost of a four-year computer science degree being $60,000.
  • Training facilities offer in-person and live online classes that average around $2,500, which can be reduced through bundled bootcamps or certificate programs.
  • Free online resources can help you get started in web development, offering a valuable starting point before committing to a full course.
  • Noble Desktop offers high-quality web development classes and bootcamps with flexible learning needs, taught by experts and offering individualized attention, support, and career mentorship.

Web development classes tend to cost money, but they’re the only significant expense associated with the subject. Once you learn the fundamentals and receive a certificate or degree demonstrating your knowledge, you can start applying for entry-level jobs without any other experience in programming. The average cost ranges from $2,500 to $60,000, depending on the training center. Continue reading to learn more details about how much you should expect to spend while learning web development.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the art of creating a website and ensuring it’s consistently usable. Web Developers use various coding languages to achieve this goal, and it’s common for coding teams to have a person—or multiple people—entirely dedicated to web development. It’s commonly broken down into three types: front end, back end, and full stack development. Each type has a unique role that contributes to the website’s operations.

Front end web development works with the website's client-side, referred to as the “front end.” This part of the website contains the sections people can see, such as sliders, banners, text, and other visual information. On the opposite side, back end web development works on the website's server-side, or “back end.” This part of web development controls the website's functionality and is where all its data resides.

Full stack web development is a fusion of the two and takes on their best qualities. A Full Stack Developer will have skills in each category and can seamlessly maneuver between the front and back end. Teams will often have at least one Front End Developer, Back End Developer, and Full Stack Developer readily working on the website regularly.

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What Can You Do with Web Development?

Full-Stack Web Development Certificate: Live & Hands-on, In NYC or Online, 0% Financing, 1-on-1 Mentoring, Free Retake, Job Prep. Named a Top Bootcamp by Forbes, Fortune, & Time Out. Noble Desktop. Learn More.

Web development can bolster your career, highlight your hobby, and possibly evolve into a small business of its own. Every industry, from medicine to finance to education, has adapted to the world’s changes and is relying on the internet to complete its work. This list only scratches the surface—nearly every business has shifted online because they value the easy access the internet brings them and their clients.

You’ll increase your professional value by having web development skills and helping build your company’s website. You can also shift career tracks by using web development as a bridge. Are you in medicine but want to switch to art? First, you can start web development for hospitals and then pivot to creating websites for artists. The internet’s importance to all industries means you can easily change companies as you progress.

While you can showcase your passions on social media, having a website increases your credibility, helps you connect with others without vying for their attention, and creates a centralized location for your work. Most importantly, it allows you to operate on your own terms without worrying about sudden changes to a social media platform’s algorithms or policies. And, if you want to build a network on social media, why not have both?

In-Depth Review of the Training Cost

Most people immediately think of colleges and universities when it comes to education, especially in complex technological fields. Four-year degrees from higher education institutions are worth pursuing, but they tend to be expensive and are infamously associated with high rates of student loan debt.

Tuition for the average four-year computer science degree is $60,000 before factoring in other associated costs such as housing, student loan interest, and meal plans. These factors are especially notable if you’re already a professional who plans to switch careers to web development.

In-person and live online classes are two of the best ways to learn, and you can pursue these learning methods by going to college or taking the courses through training facilities. Most classes from training facilities average around $2,500, but there are ways to reduce that cost.

Instead of taking individual classes, you can purchase them in a bundle through a bootcamp or certificate program that usually takes around three to six months to complete. These programs bundle multiple courses geared toward helping you get a job in web development (or any other subject you pursue), one-on-one career preparation support, and financial assistance. Their average price is around $13,500, but if you took the classes individually, they would usually cost around $20,000.

Free online resources can help you get started and build your foundational knowledge in web development, but you’ll want to work with an expert in a classroom setting to learn the subject matter in a way that will help you retain it. Still, they’re helpful to try out classes and concepts before committing to a full course.

Free Introductory Web Development Course Online

Did you know that there are free web development classes too? These courses are ideal for future developers who want to learn some basics before investing in a web development course. Look over this playlist of free web development tutorials from Noble Desktop to help you decide which classes are best for you.

Once you’ve found the topics that match your interests, you can start searching for web development classes. Plenty of free courses are offered directly through Noble Desktop, General Assembly, Udemy, and Coursera to help guide your search. These training facilities have quality overviews of HTML, CSS, and other web development fundamentals.

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Learn Web Development with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers high-quality web development classes and bootcamps that are flexible to your learning needs. These courses, taught by experts in web development, are available in-person at their training center in Manhattan and live online internationally. Noble ensures that you will work in small groups with your instructors to help you receive individualized attention, support, and career mentorship. All Noble courses are also available for a free retake up to one year after completion.

Beginners might be interested in the Front End Web Development certificate program because it gives them the practical knowledge needed to become Web Developers. This program has two tracks depending on how quickly you want to learn: the full-time option takes four weeks to complete, while part-time students will complete the course in four months.

For those that are interested in learning more about web development as a whole, the Full Stack Web Development Certificate will show you all of the significant concepts associated with client-side and server-side web development. This course is another excellent option for beginners since you can take it with no prior experience. Noble’s courses come with certificates that you can proudly display on LinkedIn or send to employers alongside your resume.

How to Learn Web Development

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