Web Development Training & Classes for Employees: Review Corporate Training Options

An overview of the best corporate training options for Web Development development.

Discover the significance of web development skills in today's digital era and explore the benefits of corporate training in this area. Learn about different types of web development, the potential career opportunities, the benefits of onsite and online training, and specific courses to consider.

Key Insights

  • Web development, broken down into front end, back end, and full stack development, is a critical skill set for creating and maintaining functional, user-friendly websites.
  • Having web development skills can increase professional value, allowing individuals to contribute to their company's digital presence and potentially pivot to different career paths.
  • Corporate training in web development ensures team cohesion, builds camaraderie, and empowers team members to apply their skills in a virtual environment.
  • Web development corporate training can be beneficial to all team members regardless of their current position or level of programming knowledge.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive courses such as 'Intro to Web Development with HTML & CSS' and 'WordPress: Create a Website', which cover web development fundamentals in 3 to 18 hours.
  • Both onsite and online training options have their own benefits, with onsite fostering traditional learning styles and social connections, and online offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Solid websites are becoming synonymous with strong, credible businesses, and the people that make your company’s website have web development skills. While these skills are easily learned and mastered, it helps to know that everyone on your team is on the same page when building your company’s website. This guide goes over what you’ll want to consider when you’re looking at corporate web development training options and will help you weigh the perks and drawbacks of onsite and online training. 

What is Web Development?

Web development is the art of creating a website and ensuring it’s consistently usable. Web Developers use various coding languages to achieve this goal, and it’s common for coding teams to have a person—or multiple people—entirely dedicated to web development. It’s commonly broken down into three types: front end, back end, and full stack development. Each type has a unique role that contributes to the website’s operations. 

Front end web development works with the website's client-side, referred to as the “front end.” This part of the website contains the sections people can see, such as sliders, banners, text, and other visual information. On the opposite side, back end web development works on the website's server-side, or “back end.” This part of web development controls the website's functionality and is where all its data resides. 

Full stack web development is a fusion of the two and takes on their best qualities. A Full Stack Developer will have skills in each category and can seamlessly maneuver between the front and back end. Teams will often have at least one Front End Developer, Back End Developer, and Full Stack Developer readily working on the website regularly. 

Read more about what web development is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Web Development Skills?

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Web development can bolster your career, highlight your hobby, and possibly evolve into a small business of its own. Every industry, from medicine to finance to education, has adapted to the world’s changes and is relying on the internet to complete its work. This list only scratches the surface—nearly every business has shifted online because they value the easy access the internet brings them and their clients. 

You’ll increase your professional value by having web development skills and helping build your company’s website. You can also shift career tracks by using web development as a bridge. Are you in medicine but want to switch to art? First, you can start web development for hospitals and then pivot to creating websites for artists. The internet’s importance to all industries means you can easily change companies as you progress. 

While you can showcase your passions on social media, having a website increases your credibility, helps you connect with others without vying for their attention, and creates a centralized location for your work. Most importantly, it allows you to operate on your own terms without worrying about sudden changes to a social media platform’s algorithms or policies. And, if you want to build a network on social media, why not have both? 

Benefits of Web Development Corporate Training

You might wonder why you want to have your team learn web development skills together. One of the benefits of corporate training is that it’ll ensure that everyone on your team will be on the same page when it comes to programming your website. Those without programming experience can contribute to projects intended for the internet, allowing them to apply their other skills to a virtual environment. Some people on your team may already have some programming knowledge. It helps to give them a refresher and ensures they know what their less tech-savvy coworkers have in their programming toolkit. 

The second reason is that it’ll help build camaraderie between your team. Learning a new skill together empowers your team to lift each other and encourages your team to take their talents to the next level. Your team will feel reassured that if they become confused by one aspect of their web development training, another team member will be able to guide them through it. Taking a class together will ensure that everyone receives the same information, and they’ll be able to remind each other of the lessons they learned in class.

Your team will appreciate the training because it will give them an essential skill that’s increasing in relevance daily. This last reason is highlighted by everything your team does in their daily lives—even after they log off for the day and enjoy their leisure activities at home. Everything in our society has a connection to web development skills. Giving your team a connecting point to influencing society will make them feel they are contributing to a greater purpose. 

Who Benefits Most from Web Development Corporate Training?

In simple terms: everyone. Programming knowledge is becoming commonplace everywhere. Web development skills are an accessible and easy way to give your team skills that will help them throughout their career, even if they switch to a completely different position. Web development takes the shortest learning time out of all other programming skills. That means you can dedicate some of your team’s work time towards teaching them web development skills and still have plenty of room for other projects to happen concurrently. 

New Skills or Upskilling?

Because web development is accessible and easy to learn, it’s perfectly suited for a team that’s ready to learn a new skill together. The simplicity of the topic gives your team the flexibility to choose the style your team wants to use depending on their needs. You can have your team take courses all in one go, or have them take classes on a rotating schedule based on their current projects and the schedule of the courses. 

No matter how many people on your team learn web development at once, it’s worthwhile for everyone to take courses on this topic. That’s especially true if your team currently has a small digital footprint. High-level and entry-level employees will be on equal footing when they learn this skill, which can help them build connections that otherwise might not be there. 

Onsite or Online?

When you decide to give your team web development training, the next question is if it should be onsite or online. It helps to weigh the perks and drawbacks of each format. Your style largely depends on your team’s overall preferences and schedules. Onsite learning is suited for those who want to stick to traditional learning styles that people were taught when they were in school. Your team can focus on learning the content without innovating and can help your team strengthen their social connections with each other. 

Meanwhile, live online courses have the same benefits as onsite courses—including the same experts that teach them—but they can be conducted anywhere in the world. Your team won’t need to worry about taking up office space for the training, and you won’t have to budget to cover your instructor’s travel expenses. You can also reward your team with some work-from-home days while they take these courses, which can increase company morale and teach them useful skills for your business simultaneously. Learning web development online can become even easier when you help your team prepare. 

Training Options for Employees

Taking web development corporate training allows your team to gain the coding skills needed to build, maintain, and enhance websites, apps, and related digital interfaces. Two solid choices to help your team start are the Intro to Web Development with HTML & CSS class and the WordPress: Create a Website course. Both are relatively short, cover all the fundamentals needed to build a website, and provide the foundation to explore more if desired. 

Since your employees focus on gaining skills quickly, they’ll want to optimize their time on their studies. Thankfully, the amount of training required for web development is shorter than in most fields. On average, web development fundamentals courses take between 3 to 18 hours and often require no experience or prerequisites to start. Most of these courses also offer a discount if you purchase group vouchers, which means it’s even better to learn as a team. Any team member can join a web development class and reap the benefits without prior knowledge.

Of course, your team members more passionate about learning new skills can sign up for a bootcamp or a Front End Web Development Certificate to further their knowledge. If your company offers tuition reimbursement, your employees can request an invoice from Noble Desktop after completing the courses. That way, the employees that wish to take things a step further can take more classes and know that your company is encouraging their overall growth. 

Supplemental Training Options

Noble Desktop offers corporate web development training courses that suit your team’s needs, learning styles, and personal goals. Take some time to review the syllabi for each course and see which one matches your company’s overall vision. When ready to improve your team’s digital presence, reach out to Noble Desktop and see how web development corporate training fits your team’s training strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Corporate web development training can enhance your team’s skills, increase morale, and strengthen your company’s digital presence. 
  • Your team will appreciate the benefits associated with corporate training since it allows them to work together as they gain new skills.
  • Corporate training can be in-person or live online, depending on your company's needs. 
  • You can receive comprehensive in-person or live online corporate web development training through Noble Desktop.

How to Learn Web Development

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