Which Industries & Professions Use Web Development?

Explore the diverse programming skill of web development and its high demand across various industries. From education to finance, learn how web development training can set you up for success in your chosen field.

Key Insights

  • Web development is a diverse programming skill with high demand in the tech market, often used in various fields ranging from education to finance.
  • Web development involves creating a website and ensuring its usability, often broken down into front end, back end, and full stack development.
  • Having web development skills can increase your professional value and allow the flexibility to shift careers across different industries.
  • Education, advertising and public relations, and finance are among the common industries in need of web development expertise.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for web development skills is expected to increase significantly in the upcoming decade, with education support services expected to rise by 27.6% and finance and insurance careers by 19.2%.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive web development training through in-person and live online classes, providing individualized attention, support, and career mentorship.

Web development is known as one of the most diverse programming skills in the current tech market because of how often it’s used. A significant aspect of receiving professional web development training is setting yourself up for success. Sometimes that can involve a career change, and learning which fields and industries you want to enter is important. Each industry will have different requirements and expectations for prospective employees, and it’s a good idea to consider them when you start your web development training. 

What is Web Development?

Web development is the art of creating a website and ensuring it’s consistently usable. Web Developers use various coding languages to achieve this goal, and it’s common for coding teams to have a person—or multiple people—entirely dedicated to web development. It’s commonly broken down into three types: front end, back end, and full stack development. Each type has a unique role that contributes to the website’s operations. 

Front end web development works with the website's client-side, referred to as the “front end.” This part of the website contains the sections people can see, such as sliders, banners, text, and other visual information. On the opposite side, back end web development works on the website's server-side, or “back end.” This part of web development controls the website's functionality and is where all its data resides. 

Full stack web development is a fusion of the two and takes on their best qualities. A Full Stack Developer will have skills in each category and can seamlessly maneuver between the front and back end. Teams will often have at least one Front End Developer, Back End Developer, and Full Stack Developer readily working on the website regularly. 

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What Can You Do with Web Development Skills?

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Web development can bolster your career, highlight your hobby, and possibly evolve into a small business of its own. Every industry, from medicine to finance to education, has adapted to the world’s changes and is relying on the internet to complete its work. This list only scratches the surface—nearly every business has shifted online because they value the easy access the internet brings them and their clients. 

You’ll increase your professional value by having web development skills and helping build your company’s website. You can also shift career tracks by using web development as a bridge. Are you in medicine but want to switch to art? First, you can start web development for hospitals and then pivot to creating websites for artists. The internet’s importance to all industries means you can easily change companies as you progress. 

While you can showcase your passions on social media, having a website increases your credibility, helps you connect with others without vying for their attention, and creates a centralized location for your work. Most importantly, it allows you to operate on your own terms without worrying about sudden changes to a social media platform’s algorithms or policies. And, if you want to build a network on social media, why not have both? 

Common Industries That Use Web Development

Web development is known as an extremely flexible career field because most industries need it to keep up with modern standards. If you have an interest in an industry, there’s a high chance that your employers will appreciate web development skills in that field. Below are a handful of common industries that will always need web development expertise in some capacity. 


Education is growing increasingly digital, and that shift has accelerated within the last few years. The need for web development services in education is three-fold: first, educational services must provide websites to keep their students and families updated. Second, education facilities need strong, stable, and secure websites to ensure that essential student data files are kept confidential, easily transferable from one support person to another, and accessible to everyone involved. Finally, students will need solid web support for their coursework, especially because online learning platforms such as Canvas, D2L, and Blackboard are becoming commonplace. 

Technology's impact on education is growing more prominent, and web development skills will become essential to helping our students learn. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for web development skills at colleges and universities is expected to increase by 20.6% throughout the upcoming decade. Meanwhile, Education support services—including online schools, tech support, disability accommodations, digital learning platforms, and more—are expected to rise by about 27.6%. If you’re an educator who wants an edge in the field, web development can help you help your students and make you stand out from your peers.

Advertising and Public Relations

It’s no question that advertisements have increased since the internet became commonplace. Marketing teams need to go where their audiences are through the internet and mobile apps. Meanwhile, public relations needs to reach people where they are as well. Most companies admit to using platforms like Twitter to connect to their audiences and redirect them to their websites to help them gather more in-depth information. Their websites must be well-constructed to ensure that people can navigate them easily. 

Advertising and public relations careers are increasingly using web development skills, and it’s expected to rise by about 20.3% within the next ten years. Each time a new app, device, or online service enters the market, the people who develop them will look to advertisers to help them monetize otherwise free features. If you have web development skills, you can help them seamlessly. At the same time, public relations professionals will need web development skills to increase brand awareness, connect with their audiences more easily, and direct people to information that will benefit them. 


Cryptocurrency has been around for a while, but its popularity in recent years is a testament to society's importance in the online world. Web development skills are important for any financial institution, even if you're not into crypto. Now that clients can access their bank accounts through an app, it’s incredibly important to secure these apps. Even the most basic-level web development skills will allow you to help your team build secure, safe, and reliable services that your clients can access anywhere at any time. 

Finance and insurance careers are expected to increase by 19.2%, and securities, funds, and other financial investment-related careers are expected to rise by around 25.3%. These careers include many fields, but if you work at a company that’s involved with finances in any capacity (read: payroll), you can be sure that you’ll likely fall under that umbrella. Most companies will be pleasantly surprised when they see finance and web development skills on your resume. While both are becoming more common, expertise in both simultaneously is still rare enough to make you stand out from the crowd. You can get ahead of the curve and use these skills to your advantage before others catch the trend. 

Learn Web Development Skills with Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers high-quality web development classes and bootcamps that are flexible to your learning needs. These courses, taught by experts in web development, are available in-person at their training center in Manhattan and live online internationally. Noble ensures that you will work in small groups with your instructors to help you receive individualized attention, support, and career mentorship. All Noble courses are also available for a free retake up to one year after completion. 

Beginners might be interested in the Front End Web Development certificate program because it gives them the practical knowledge needed to become Web Developers. This program has two tracks depending on how quickly you want to learn: the full-time option takes four weeks to complete, while part-time students will complete the course in four months. 

For those that are interested in learning more about web development as a whole, the Full Stack Web Development Certificate will show you all of the significant concepts associated with client-side and server-side web development. This course is another excellent option for beginners since you can take it with no prior experience. Noble’s courses come with certificates that you can proudly display on LinkedIn or send to employers alongside your resume.

Key Takeaways

  • Demand for web development skills is rising in many industries and is only expected to increase over the next decade. 
  • Popular industries that commonly use web development include education, finance, advertising, and public relations. 
  • These industries are expected to need more web development skills at particularly high rates than other industries.
  • You can receive comprehensive web development training through an in-person or online class with Noble Desktop.

How to Learn Web Development

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