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How Does Learning React Compare with Other Skills?

Explore the world of React and its associated skills such as JavaScript, web development, UI design, and mobile development, to strengthen your professional toolkit and stand out in the job market. Understand how learning these skills can aid your journey to build efficient websites or apps and secure a position in a top-tier web or mobile development team.

Key Insights

  • React, a JavaScript library, is integral to web and mobile development, contributing to faster page loads and efficient functioning of online pages constantly loading new components.
  • Learning JavaScript, the language in which React is coded, is fundamental to understanding and effectively using React.
  • Web development skills, specifically front end development, work in tandem with React to ensure smooth website functioning and enhanced user experience.
  • UI Design is another essential skill for professionals working with React, as it aids in creating interactive and visual elements on websites and apps.
  • Mobile development skills are increasingly important due to the rise of mobile internet users, and React is often utilized in this field to help with loading times.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive courses and bootcamps, including the JavaScript Development Certificate and Full Stack Web Development Certificate, to help professionals deepen their knowledge of React.

When learning a new skill, it’s important to look at related skills that can help you further your knowledge. React is related to JavaScript but is also closely connected to web development, user interface (UI) design, and mobile development. These skills complement React and can stand out on your resume if you know these overlapping topics. This guide will review how each skill relates to React and how they can help you improve as a professional. 

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that allows new user interface (UI) components to appear on websites and apps without reloading the page. Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Meta, created it to make Facebook’s News Feed load faster. It was later added to Instagram and became open-source for the benefit of the public. Now it’s one of the go-to Javascript libraries for most websites and apps. Most people use React in web and mobile development because of its flexibility, versatility, and ability to save computer power. 

Read more about what React is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with React Skills?

React is known for its uses with social media news feeds, but you can use it for any online page constantly loading new components on-screen. React libraries are meant to save time by creating templates, allowing them to create reusable interactive elements without needing to access the server constantly. If you have aspirations to build websites or apps or work for a company that relies on them, React is an essential skill. With React in your professional toolkit, you’ll be an asset to any web or mobile development team you join.

Skills Related to React

Many skills coincide with React; there’s always room to learn more to improve your websites and apps. Here are a handful of skills that complement React and will help you develop your professional toolkit. 


React is most closely associated with JavaScript because React is coded using JavaScript’s language. It’s one of the first tools that JavaScript users learn after they’ve built their foundational skill set since it builds upon what they learn at the very beginning. That being said, JavaScript has uses across various fields and will always look good on your resume. 

The further you explore JavaScript, the more effectively you'll use React. You might even find other skills related to React and JavaScript due to pursuing JavaScript classes. To help you start, the JavaScript Development Certificate covers React concepts and everything a JavaScript professional would need to apply for a JavaScript Developer position. 

Web Development

Web development, specifically front end web development, focuses on creating the visual appearance of websites. Websites use JavaScript as part of their code but rely on React to keep them functioning effectively. Without React, websites would take longer to load if too many programs were running on the page. When React and web development skills are used together, new elements will appear as the user scrolls through the page, meaning they’ll save those extra seconds required to bring everything together on screen.

There are many options to learn web development, but most people find that taking the Full Stack Web Development Certificate program helps them learn various aspects of it. That’s because full stack covers front end and back end web development, which means you’ll be able to take on roles in either area. The Front End Web Development Certificate may be ideal for you if you plan to focus only on the client-intensive parts of websites. 

User Interface (UI) Design

User interface (UI) design focuses on creating interactive and visual elements on websites and apps. React creates templates for UI elements, which means learning UI Design is an excellent idea for anyone who plans to learn React and vice versa. Suppose you understand how to approach the design component and the coding component of these elements. In that case, you’ll be in an excellent position when it comes to working on any programming project.

The UI Design Certificate walks you through all the skills you’ll use to create user interface elements. That includes Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and how to create a portfolio of your work to present to the world. When you combine these skills with a React Bootcamp, you’ll be golden in the eyes of any website or app development team. 

Mobile Development

More than half of all internet users access it through a mobile device, which means learning mobile development is a must for any programmer. React is a stand-out choice for Mobile Developers because apps will want to create new UI elements as the user scrolls. It’s most notable for its uses in social media—especially since it was developed by a Meta (formerly Facebook) employee. 

Most people planning to work in mobile development benefit from taking an iOS App Development Bootcamp for the above reasons. Not only does this program take you through the ins and outs of mobile app development, but you’ll also have a working app at the end of the course that you created yourself. That means you’ll have practice with React and app design and a finished product to showcase your newfound skills. 

Learn React Skills with Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has plenty of resources to help you through your React learning journey, including courses and bootcamps to help you land that dream job. These programs feature many benefits, including expert instructors, small class sizes, and free retake options. A few notable options are the React Development Bootcamp, JavaScript Development Certificate, and, if you prefer using React for websites, Full Stack Web Development Certificate. If you’re not ready to commit to a program, you can look through the React courses available. 

You can also learn more about React through Noble Desktop’s React Learn Hub guides.

Key Takeaway

  • Many skills help strengthen your React knowledge, including JavaScript, web development, user interface (UI) design, and mobile development. 
  • JavaScript is an excellent skill to learn, since React programs are created from JavaScript’s programming language.
  • Web development skills are ideal for those who plan to work on creating websites, and React will help you make them run smoothly. 
  • Mobile development uses the same concepts as web development but applies them to mobile devices and apps. React is most commonly used on these devices to help with loading times. 
  • UI Design skills are helpful for React professionals since React creates templates for user interface elements. 
  • You can receive comprehensive React in-person or live online training through Noble Desktop. 

How to Learn React

Master React with hands-on training. React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. With React, you can make your websites interactive for users.

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