React Training for Veterans

Learn the versatile programming language of React and open up career opportunities in web and mobile development, UI design, and more. Veterans and their relatives can leverage benefits for industry-relevant education, making the transition back into civilian life smoother and financially rewarding.

Key Takeaways:

  • React, a highly sought-after JavaScript library, is widely used for creating new user interface components on websites and apps without requiring page reloads. It offers robustness and efficiency in web and mobile development.
  • Skills in React can pave the way for successful careers in web development, mobile development, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design, and can be critical for any tech-based role.
  • Veterans and their immediate family members can take advantage of benefits such as the Forever GI Bill, which can cover the training expenses for learning React.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive in-person React training courses in Manhattan, New York, which can be availed using the GI Bill benefits.
  • Opting for a skills bootcamp or certificate program in React can be an efficient way to gain relevant skills within a shorter time frame compared to traditional four-year degree programs.
  • Proficiency in React can significantly enhance your market value, as businesses are hiring bootcamp and certificate program graduates at a similar or even higher rate than those with college degrees.

Programming skills are becoming increasingly relevant today, and React is one of the most common ones on the market. As a veteran or a relative of a veteran, you’re entitled to benefits that can assist you through the education needed to learn these professional skills. That will help you land a well-paying job and easily transition back into civilian life. This guide will go over some of the specifics. 

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that allows new user interface (UI) components to appear on websites and apps without reloading the page. Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Meta, created it to make Facebook’s News Feed load faster. It was later added to Instagram and became open-source for the benefit of the public. Now it’s one of the go-to Javascript libraries for most websites and apps. Most people use React in web and mobile development because of its flexibility, versatility, and ability to save computer power. 

Read more about what React is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with React Skills?

React is known for its uses with social media news feeds, but you can use it for any online page constantly loading new components on-screen. React libraries are meant to save time by creating templates, allowing them to create reusable interactive elements without needing to access the server constantly. If you have aspirations to build websites or apps or work for a company that relies on them, React is an essential skill. With React in your professional toolkit, you’ll be an asset to any web or mobile development team you join.

Support for Veterans

If you’re a recipient of the Forever GI Bill, you can have your training expenses covered, meaning you can take classes at little to no cost. Those that fall under Chapter 35 can take advantage of these benefits. The best part of these services is that you can use them in conjunction with other financial support such as grants, scholarships, and employer-sponsored support. 

At the moment, you can only redeem your benefits for in-person classes. Check out some React classes for veterans to see which courses appeal to your interests. Those that plan to learn React in-depth will benefit from a JavaScript Development Certificate or a Software Engineering Certificate program. Noble Desktop offers courses in Manhattan, New York, and can assist you with your training every step of the way. 

Why Learn React

There are plenty of reasons to learn React; the most common ones are also the simplest. React is one of the first skills people learn after starting with JavaScript, and JavaScript is one of the first programming languages people explore when they begin their programming journey. Once you master React, you’ll have an easier time transitioning into more advanced aspects of JavaScript that will help you in various parts of your programming career. 

Javascript is fairly diverse in its applications, but React also has plenty of variety in its own right. It’s easy to learn and can adapt to various projects. Some examples include websites, apps, and games since they all rely on quick loading times to keep their audiences engaged and satisfied. Plenty of other fields use React consistently, but these are the most common ones you’ll find on the market. 

React skills can also help you expand into web development, mobile development, user interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design. Since these fields use React consistently, having a strong foundation in the skill is important. When you apply to a job that falls into one of these fields, you’ll have a higher chance of getting the position if you have React skills. 

Why Choose a Skills Bootcamp?

When looking into React classes, you might wonder if you should choose a bootcamp or certificate program. Luckily, businesses are hiring bootcamp graduates at a similar or higher rate than those with college degrees. That means you can choose the one that works best for you without worrying about landing your ideal job. 

Coding and design bootcamps are gaining traction across the board because of their accessibility to the public. These programs take a short time to complete; most people finish them within six months to a year. Most other learning opportunities can take two to four years to finish, meaning you can take more classes and gain more relevant skills in the same amount of time. 

Another benefit of bootcamps is that, because they take less time to complete, you can also take them while you already have a job. You can use them to fill in a skill gap and earn a certificate to help you get that promotion or another position closer to your ideal role. Bootcamps and certificate programs also tend to have a structured plan, so you’ll never have to guess your next steps. That means you can focus on your job and your education without worrying about falling behind. 

Learn React at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has plenty of resources to help you through your React learning journey, including courses and bootcamps to help you land that dream job. These programs feature many benefits, including expert instructors, small class sizes, and free retake options. A few notable options are the React Development Bootcamp, JavaScript Development Certificate, and, if you prefer using React for websites, Full Stack Web Development Certificate. If you’re not ready to commit to a program, you can look through the React courses available. 

You can also learn more about React through Noble Desktop’s React Learn Hub guides.

Key Takeaways

  • React is an easy skill to learn and applies to various fields and projects.
  • React skills can help you land a career in web development, mobile development, user interface (UI) design and user interface (UX) design, among others. 
  • Veterans can benefit from learning React through a coding bootcamp since it takes less time than a four-year college degree program.
  • Employers also hire React bootcamp and certificate program graduates at the same rate as college graduates. 
  • You can receive comprehensive in-person or live online React training through Noble Desktop. 

How to Learn React

Master React with hands-on training. React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. With React, you can make your websites interactive for users.

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