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Which Industries & Professions Use React?

Discover the potential of React training for your career with this guide, exploring various industries that require these skills and the benefits that they bring. Gain insights on React's impact in fields like web development, mobile app development, social media, and game development and how it can shape your professional future.

Key Insights

  • React, a widely used JavaScript library, creates new user interface components for websites and apps without reloading the page - significantly increasing efficiency and saving computer power.
  • With React in your skillset, you can contribute to any web or mobile development team, enhancing user experiences with smooth, constantly loading new components.
  • Industries heavily relying on React include web development, mobile app development, social media, and game development.
  • As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for Web Developers and Digital Designers are expected to rise by 27% within the next decade, promising a bright future for those proficient in React.
  • The software development industry, encompassing mobile development, employs nearly 500,000 people, with plenty of opportunities for React-skilled developers.
  • Noble Desktop offers extensive React training through various courses and bootcamps, aiding you in enhancing your career prospects.

An important part of getting professional React training is mapping out your next steps in building your career. The industries you explore will have different requirements and expectations for their potential employees, and you should have them in mind when you start your classes. This guide will review some fields that use React professionally and help you plan how to approach your React training. 

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that allows new user interface (UI) components to appear on websites and apps without reloading the page. Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Meta, created it to make Facebook’s News Feed load faster. It was later added to Instagram and became open-source for the benefit of the public. Now it’s one of the go-to Javascript libraries for most websites and apps. Most people use React in web and mobile development because of its flexibility, versatility, and ability to save computer power. 

Read more about what React is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with React Skills?

React is known for its uses with social media news feeds, but you can use it for any online page constantly loading new components on-screen. React libraries are meant to save time by creating templates, allowing them to create reusable interactive elements without needing to access the server constantly. If you have aspirations to build websites or apps or work for a company that relies on them, React is an essential skill. With React in your professional toolkit, you’ll be an asset to any web or mobile development team you join.

Common Industries That Use React

React is made with JavaScript, one of the most common programming languages. Most industries use JavaScript because of its diversity, and they rely on React because of its ability to create reusable templates without needing to reload the page. Below are some industries that use React to their fullest extent and value React skills. 

Web Development

More than half of all websites are accessed by a mobile device, so many websites have adapted to their scroll-heavy features. That’s where React will shine. Normally, adding new elements onto a page requires a page refresh, which typically has the website access a back-end server. React bypasses that process by using templates and allows the page to load in the templates while retaining everything that was already on screen. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers and Digital Designers are expected to have a 27% increase in job prospects within the next decade. That’s significantly higher than the national average and shows promise for aspiring programmers who want to get started in the field. React is one of the first recommended skills most people learn after web development since it’s become so important to websites across the board. 

Mobile App Development 

It may be worth looking into mobile app development if you’re more interested in mobile devices than the internet. Mobile apps constantly use React as a part of their structure, which is true across all app genres. Unless your app is a short, singular page, you’ll want your users to see more items as they interact with the app. Whether it’s recipes for a cooking app, your friends’ social media posts, or mobile game options, React is the key that opens doors to these incredible features. 

Most Mobile Developers use Software Engineering skills to make the magic happen. React is one piece of a software engineering toolkit, and software engineering courses that focus on mobile development will emphasize its importance. Software developers working in computer systems and services—including mobile development—are part of an industry with nearly 500,000 employees. The good news is that there’s plenty of room for more, and one of them could be you. 

Social Media

You might wonder how your favorite social media apps can constantly load new images and videos with little to no delay. And you guessed right—it’s React! It started as a social media program, and naturally, it works best on those platforms. Most modern social media platforms rely on an “infinite scroll” feature, which adds more items to the page the further you scroll down. React is the tool that allows them to appear within seconds. 

While you don’t necessarily need coding skills to become a Social Media Specialist, it certainly helps to have that in your repertoire. If you plan to work on developing social media platforms, you’ll need React skills to stand out from other candidates. React is one of the most important tools to social media businesses, and having that skill will accent every other relevant skill you have. 

Game Development

The gaming industry is taking the entertainment world by storm, with games like The Last of Us and God of War crossing over into television series as well. Whether Mario, Pikachu, or Sonic inspire you, the gaming world has plenty of room for new ideas. Even if you don’t join a full-fledged gaming company, the indie game development community is on the rise, and you can even tackle the excitement of game design on your own. Who knows, you might make the next Undertale—the most popular indie game created by Toby Fox, a normal person with little programming experience before undertaking this personal project. 

Game Developers use React to generate multiple components in a row. That way, the game can run smoothly, without lagging, to ensure your players stay immersed in the experience. There are many ways to incorporate React skills into your games, but common ones include spawning and despawning enemies, loading new map parts into view, and allowing players to scroll through a full database easily. This field has incredible potential, and the more skills you have in your arsenal, the better off you’ll be. 

Learn React Skills with Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has plenty of resources to help you through your React learning journey, including courses and bootcamps to help you land that dream job. These programs feature many benefits, including expert instructors, small class sizes, and free retake options. A few notable options are the React Development Bootcamp, JavaScript Development Certificate, and, if you prefer using React for websites, Full Stack Web Development Certificate. If you’re not ready to commit to a program, you can look through the React courses available. 

You can also learn more about React through Noble Desktop’s React Learn Hub guides.

Key Takeaways

  • React programs use JavaScript, one of the most common programming languages in the coding world. 
  • React is commonly associated with creating interactive templates you can make without reloading the page or app. 
  • Some industries that use React are web development, mobile app development, social media, and game development.
  • You can receive comprehensive React training through an in-person or live online class with Noble Desktop. 

How to Learn React

Master React with hands-on training. React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. With React, you can make your websites interactive for users.

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