What Can You Do with Google Ads Skills?

Discover the professional applications of Google Ads, a powerful online advertising platform, and learn about the various careers it can unlock such as digital marketer, marketing analyst, paid search manager, and more. Also, understand how Google Ads can be used for personal endeavors, and what kind of salary one could expect from a career in this field.

Key Insights

  • Google Ads is a powerful online advertising tool that allows for targeted advertising and quick reach of your desired audience.
  • Professionals such as Digital Marketers, Marketing Analysts, Paid Search Managers, Social Media Strategists, and Marketing Managers can greatly benefit from Google Ads skills.
  • In the United States, professionals with Google Ads skills can earn an average base salary of $55,000 annually.
  • Google Ads can also be utilized for personal uses such as kick-starting a small business, growing a non-profit group or driving traffic to a blog or YouTube channel.
  • Google Ads is a cost-efficient advertising tool, allowing you to start with a minimum budget and adjust as your business or initiative grows.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive training in Google Ads, providing an opportunity to gain these skills either in-person or online.

Google Ads is Google’s paid advertising platform. It is a powerful tool that can help companies or individuals identify a target audience, create specific ads to be delivered to that audience, drive web traffic, and increase sales. If you are unsure that learning Google Ads is right for you, consider reading on to learn more about the myriad uses of Google Ads tools and techniques. Not only will learning Google Ads open up a number of new career opportunities, but it also has a lot of potential personal uses.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform that lets you reach your target audience more quickly than organic search. Google Ads creates highly targeted advertisements to reach your target audience and provides analytics to measure your success. Use Google Ads to promote a business, product, or brand by choosing the keywords most likely to increase traffic and greater revenue. Google Ads also has a low barrier to entry. You can start advertising for a minimum amount and build as your company grows. 

Read more about what Google Ads is and why you should learn it. 

Professional Uses for Google Ads

Digital Marketers use organic search (SEO) and Pay Per Click advertising to market goods and services. If you work for a small company, you are more likely to use both SEO and Google Ads in your job, while employees of larger companies tend to have more specialized responsibilities. In the United States, employees with Google Ads skills earn an average base salary of $55,000. These jobs include Digital Marketer, Marketing Analyst, Paid Search Manager, Social Media Strategist, and Marketing Manager.

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers use many tools to promote and publicize products, services, and ideas on the internet. Google Ads lets Digital Marketers determine what users will likely be interested in their message and send advertising directly to them at the top of Google’s search pages.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analysts use tools like Google Ads and Google Analytics to collect data to determine if a business is targeting the right audience, choosing the most effective keywords, and spending enough on advertising. Marketing Analysts create reports and present the results to the marketing team and stakeholders.

Paid Search Manager

A Paid Search Manager oversees a company’s paid advertising on search engines like Google or Bing. The Paid Search Manager uses Google Ads to design a paid ad campaign by determining a target audience, choosing keywords, and writing or creating a display ad. Another responsibility of Paid Search Managers is to place and update bids, test and change keywords, and keep track of results.

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Strategists use free organic search, social media ads, and Google Ads to create digital marketing campaigns to attract followers, build brand awareness, and sell products. Pay Per Click advertising with Google Ads works quickly and can be a way to get an online business off to a good start before organic search marketing takes effect.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers head up the marketing team and oversee the different parts of campaigns. They usually start as Digital Marketers and some as Paid Search Managers. Marketing Managers need to be familiar with Google Ads to understand the results of advertising campaigns.

Other Uses for Google Ads

While many people use Google Ads as part of their different marketing jobs, paid advertising is helpful to people outside a profession. You can use Google Ads to kick-start a small business, increase membership, make the public aware of an event or issue, and drive traffic to a website. Here are other ways to use Google Ads even if you aren’t a Digital Marketer.

Sell Goods and Services

Not only is Google Ads a valuable tool for businesses, but entrepreneurs and hobbyists can also use it. You can set a low limit for ads, so it doesn’t cost much to get started with paid advertising, and you can increase your advertising budget as your business grows.

Promote a Business or Organization

If you belong to a non-profit group, like an arts organization, church, synagogue, or animal welfare group, you can use Google Ads to spread the word about your mission. Paid advertising can help you grow your membership and build your group faster than social media accounts. 

Raise Awareness

Paid online advertising can also inform people of an event or issue and gain support. This is an advantage, especially if you don’t have much time to inform people about an event or an important meeting. Getting started with Google Ads doesn’t cost much and can be covered by grassroots donations.

Increase Website Traffic

One of the things Google Ads does best is to increase traffic to a website. If you write a blog or have a YouTube channel, Google Ads can help you drive traffic to your website, increasing readers or viewers. Paid advertising works with organic search to build a following and attract fans.

Learn Google Ads Skills with Noble Desktop

Key Takeaways

  • Google Ads is a paid online advertising platform that lets you reach your target audience more quickly than organic search. 
  • Digital Marketers use organic search (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising to market goods and services. Some professions that use Google Ads skills are:
    • Digital Marketer
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Paid Search Manager
    • Social Media Strategist
    • Marketing Manager
  • Other uses for Google Ads:
    • Sell goods and services
    • Promote businesses and organizations
    • Raise awareness
    • Increase website traffic
  • Get comprehensive Google Ads training through Noble Desktop, either in-person or online.

How to Learn Google Ads

Master Google Ads with hands-on training. Google Ads is a digital platform used for bidding on paid advertisements to drive search traffic to a website.

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